Chapter 10 - The Blarney Stone:

Eddie did not sleep that night.

The night consisted of him tossing and turning; his thoughts racing back and forth between Jane and Lily. He did not understand why or how this was happening and he never imagined it would. Despite the fact that he would always have some sort of strong attachment and connection to Lily, because of their long and intense history, he never thought that this situation would force his deep feelings for her to rekindle. Plus, the thunder and raindrops from last night's storm probably do not help him fall into a deeper slumber.

Eddie could not help but wonder if Lily was having the same problem.

But, as he stumbled out of his bedroom, with dark circles underneath his tired, bloodshot eyes and his already bushy hair in complete disarray, and saw Lily sitting at the kitchen counter looking as fresh as a daisy, he pushed aside the thought and deemed it as impossible. Lily could never feel the way she once did about him, especially after ending their relationship that way that he had and treating her the way that he did over the past eight years. And if those feelings were somehow buried deep inside of her, he knew that Lily could never forgive him enough to actually act on them. Plus, Lily held herself up in the highest respects; she would never act on romantic feelings for a man who was engaged to another woman, no matter how strong or deep they were.

"The kettle is full hot tea, though I don't know how hot it is, and there's some toast for you in the toaster," said Lily, not looking at him or taking her eyes off of her notebook. She had her glasses on again and Eddie partly wished she would wear them all the time; like she used to when they were kids. "Get dressed quickly. We have a lot to do today."

"Alright," grumbled Eddie as he quickly shoveled the toast into his mouth. He poured himself a cup of tea and chugged it quickly; it was actually rather cold, before going into his bedroom to change.

"Should I pack anything?" asked Eddie while he pulled a comfortable polo shirt over his head. He heard Lily give a sigh of frustration.

"I have everything we need in the beaded bag!" she said impatiently. Eddie bit his lip, immediately feeling stupid. Lily had been doing this for years; of course she was prepared! After changing and making sure that his bushy hair was tamed, he walked into the kitchen to see Lily taking off her glasses and placing them, along with the notebook, into the beaded bag. She caught sight of Eddie and cocked an eyebrow.

"Awfully dressed up for a kidnapping case, wouldn't you say?" asked Lily dryly, clearly making fun of him. Eddie narrowed his eyes at her but the comment lingered in his mind. Why had he gotten dressed up; to impress her? That was stupid; Lily was far from being anywhere remotely impressed with him. He shrugged. Lily continued to ignore him and grabbed a jeweled piggy bank that Jane had made for him once. It was positively the ugliest thing that Eddie had ever seen.

"I transformed this into a Portkey," explained Lily. "It should take us right to the Blarney Castle in Ireland. One of my former co-workers will be meeting us there. He moved to Ireland to work in their ministry a few years ago."

"Next time ask before you turn one of my gifts from Jane into a Portkey," snapped Eddie. He was not sure why he was suddenly snapping at her for turning that disgusting thing into a Portkey; he did not particularly like the piggy bank. In fact, Eddie more or less hated the gift; he just wanted to push Lily's buttons which he successfully did as Lily glared at him and tightened her old on the piggy bank.

"Considering it was covered in dust and sitting at the bottom of the hall closet," snarled Lily, "I didn't think it mattered." Eddie ignored her comment and continued to bombard Lily with questions.

"And I thought we were traveling by plane. Y'know…Muggle style."

"We were," started Lily, "but the kidnappers seem to be able to follow us no matter how we travel. So I think its best that we just travel quicker in order to save time so we can find Jane quicker."

"Why not just go straight to the Blarney Stone?" asked Eddie. "Why the Blarney Castle?"

"I'd prefer if we didn't just pop in," said Lily. "If we are able to approach it slowly, I'll have time to assess what is going on and make sure that we do not walk into another dangerous trap like we did with the tomb of King Tut." Eddie paused for a moment and simply nodded. He did not say anything because he could not. Everything Lily was saying made perfect sense. He just simply watched her as she zipped up her sweatshirt and threw the chain of the beaded bag over her shoulder.

"You ready?"


"On three…one…two…three!"

Lily and Eddie each touched a side of the jeweled piggy bank and the familiar feeling of twirling and their stomachs falling out of their bodies took over. Lily closed her eyes tightly and before she knew it; they were landing on soft, damp grass with a strong smell of salt and sea rising through the crisp, morning air. Both of them jumped to their feet and Lily immediately looked around. They were standing in front of a stone castle and Eddie felt a shiver go down his spine. He suddenly had a bad feeling…not a feeling like they were in danger…just a bad one. Lily was still looking around, squinting. Her eyes settled on a young, handsome man who was waving at them in the distance and she beamed before running over to him.

"Maddox!" she called out cheerfully. Eddie raised an eyebrow and felt his nails dig deep into his palms as the man embraced her. Maddox was tall and rugged, with jet-black hair that glared blue in the sunlight and fell casually into his violet eyes. And those violet eyes absolutely lit up when he saw Lily and his smile showed off dazzling white teeth. Eddie ran a hand through fiery red, bushy looks and knew that, looks wise he was no match for this Maddox character.

"Lily petal, how are you?" he said pleasantly as he hugged tightly. Eddie cringed at the nickname, as Lily used to hate the term, 'Petals.' However, it did not seem to bother Lily in the slightest and that made Eddie's stomach completely drop.

"Busy," she answered honestly. She turned to Eddie, who did not fail to notice that Maddox had not removed his arms from around Lily. "Ed, this is Maddox Belmas. Maddox, this is Ed Weasley. I am working on his case."

"Right, Lily petal told me all about your fiancé," said Maddox as he reached out to shake Eddie's hands. Eddie gripped it as tight as he could but it did not seem to faze him. "I am so sorry for what has happened to her. If there is anything I can do, please let me know." The worst part was, he actually sounded sincerely sorry over Jane's kidnap. Eddie figured that this should make him hate Maddox less, but it only made him hate him even more.

"Not that you need my help," said Maddox, throwing a playful arm around Lily and ruffling her hair. "You've got the best of the best working on this case! She'll find your fiancé in no time!"

"That's what I'm paying her for," said Eddie coldly. Maddox's smile immediately faltered and he gave Lily a concerned look. Lily just narrowed her eyes at Eddie before turning back to Maddox.

"Just, go get your wand and we'll meet you over there," said Lily sweetly. Maddox nodded before turning around and walking in the northern direction. When he was out of earshot, Lily rounded on Eddie with her eyes narrowed and a horrified look on her face.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" she snapped angrily.

"What?" asked Eddie defensively, his eyes going wide.

"Why are you being so cold and rude?" asked Lily, her face going red with anger. "You're bloody lucky he is damn well helping us."

"I don't need your bloody damn boyfriend's help!" growled Eddie, his own face going red. "Besides, I thought you were 'the best.'" Eddie was now taunting her and Lily could feel her temper rising to the surface. "Why do we even need his help?"

"Because I know nothing of the magical contents of the Blarney Stone," said Lily impatiently. "The last time we went into a rune with magical contents, we almost died. Maddox used to be my partner in the Auror department and transferred to Ireland to work on these ruins about a year before I became Mistress. I trust him. Plus, he's very talented and will be able to help us without getting into any trouble."

"I'm sure he was your partner in many ways," snarled Eddie sarcastically and suggestively. Lily's eyes widened ferociously, pulling out her wand and pointing it directly at his chest.

"You watch yourself, Edward Weasley," she growled menacingly. For a moment, Eddie had finally come to understand why she had been the witch destined to defeat Voldemort; why she had become such a famous Auror and why she had been elected Mistress of Magic. Eddie had never seen anyone look so angry…so menacing in all of his life. A green fire was blazing dangerously in her eyes and it frightened him. For the first time, he feared Lily. He simply gulped as she continued. "I'll throw you off of this case so fast that it will make your head spin! Maddox is my friend and former partner. He is helping us. You best show him some respect. I am also the Mistress of Magic…you best show me some respect as well. Is that understood?" Eddie did not say anything; he did not even nod. But, he did not have to. Lily saw the fear in his chestnut brown eyes before lowering her wand and following Maddox in a northern direction.

Eddie followed her hesitantly with his hands in his pockets. She had already reached Maddox and was in an intense, yet animated conversation with him when Eddie finally caught up with her. He did not say anything, nor did Lily or Maddox pay any attention to him.

"So, what did you find out?" asked Lily, taking out her glasses and notebook. Maddox saw her antics and laughed.

"Still taking notes, huh Lily petal?" he asked with a charming, lop-sided grin that made Eddie want to gag.

"It hasn't failed me yet, Maddox," said Lily simply, though a smile was playing at her lips. "I hate to rush this reunion but we do need to find his fiancé as quick as possible. So you need to tell me; what have you found out?"

"Always cut right to the chase," said Maddox. Lily gave him an exasperated look. "Alright, alright…the both the Blarney Stone and the Blarney Castle were built by Muggles so they have no magical beginnings or secrets. I'm actually kind of surprised that the kidnappers wanted you to come here…especially with so many magical landmarks out there."

"All of the clues pointed here though," said Lily reasonably with a shrug. "Maybe our kidnapper is Muggle-born."

"Could be," said Maddox, also shrugging. "But, there should be no surprises when coming across the castle or the stone; unless the kidnappers have set up a surprise for you both. But, I had a few Aurors search the castle and the stone. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary."

"Nothing will be out of the ordinary until Ed and I enter," said Lily bitterly. "They seem to be tracking us somehow so there is no doubt that we will meet some kind of obstacle."

"Then I insist on going with you two," said Maddox firmly. "And you will have no say in the matter, Lily petal. I will get a few other Aurors to accompany us as well."

Eddie rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. He knew Lily would object to Maddox and his Aurors going with them to the Blarney Stone. Lily hated being overprotected; especially by men. Eddie knew that much about her and was astounded that an old partner that worked with Lily for many years did not know that. He stood there, smiling cockily, waiting for the sure explosion that would erupt from Lily, but to his surprise, his horror, Lily merely smiled and thanked him for his generosity.

"Close your mouth, Weasley," muttered Lily dryly as she followed Maddox as he summoned two of the several Aurors that had accompanied him. Maddox insisted that he take the lead with Lily behind him, Eddie in the middle, with the other two Aurors bringing up the rear. Eddie complained about having to stay in the middle but since he was the only one without any kind of Auror training, it was insisted.

Using impressive and complicated spells, Maddox and his fellow Aurors, known as Bartholomew (whom everyone called Bart) and Jerome, the two managed to somehow close off the Blarney Stone and castle from Muggle tourists and placed Confundus Charms on all of the guards so that they would abandon their posts for a number of hours so that the four wizards and one witch could complete their mission.

Entering the castle was far much easier than entering the tomb of King Tut, which unnerved Lily. As they roamed the stone corridors of the castle, looking for any kind of danger or clue, Lily could not help but think how clear it was, especially to her that the kidnappers were not going to make getting Jane back easier for her; they were giving her riddles to solve and obstacles to overcome when she figured out what the clue was and then came to it. So, why had they made getting to the Statue of Liberty and the Blarney Castle so simple? But, it had been almost impossible to get into and then escape King Tut's tomb?

Then it hit Lily.

The Statue of Liberty and the Blarney Castle and Stone had no magical properties, while King Tut's tomb was the final resting place for one of the most powerful and youngest wizards in wizarding history. There would be no immediate danger and she instantly told Maddox about her theory.

"It's possible, but I'd rather be safe than sorry," he said simply, and he ordered Lily and Eddie's continued protection while they searched the castle.

Eddie felt like they been there for hours and he found himself getting angrier and more frustrated with Lily and Maddox's playful bickering, bantering, and flirting. Even though Lily claimed that they had been partners in the Auror Program and nothing more, Eddie could not help but suspect that Maddox had stronger feelings for Lily than just as an Auror partner and it sent hot flashes of rage through his cold veins. It made him want to charge Maddox and punch him square in the face. But, he knew that Lily would not appreciate or approve of his and this would not earn him any brownie points with his former best friend; so, he decided against it and followed orders, though made it clear that he was not happy to do so.

Out of nowhere, Lily let out a loud, irritated sigh that echoed off of the stone walls of the castle and stopped dead in her tracks, causing Eddie to bump into her and nearly knock her over. To his dismay, Maddox stepped forward and caught her before she hit the floor.

"Thanks Maddox," she mumbled hastily, taking a step away from him. "I appreciate your help but I think we're getting nowhere here."

"What do you mean?" asked Maddox curiously, raising an eyebrow. Eddie shot him a look and then turned to gaze at Lily intently.

"I just don't think we should be searching the castle," said Lily slowly, as she gazed at the corridors with squinting, pondering eyes. "The riddle mentioned a kiss…I think we should be searching the Blarney Stone. I mean, don't most Muggle tourists usually kiss the Blarney Stone?"


"Then, I'd like to go take a look at that," said Lily, nodding firmly. Eddie had known her long enough to know that the look on her face told Maddox that there was no room for argument. Unfortunately, Maddox had now been blessed with the same knowledge and had tried to talk Lily out of it; insisting that they continue to search the castle, as it was safer. But, Lily merely shook her head with closed eyes.

"There's no negotiating here, Maddox. Ed and I will go to the Blarney Stone with or without your help and your permission."

"Lily, you don't have the authority," started Maddox but Lily whipped out her wand and glared at her former partner. No one noticed the smug look on Eddie's face.

"I wasn't asking for your permission," said Lily, almost hissing. "You're interfering with my case, Maddox. Do you remember what I do to people who attempt to do that? Now, I suggest you either help me or get the hell out of my way!"

"There's no reason to get so hostile, Petals," declared Maddox, taking a step away from Lily with hands up in defense.

"You of all people know how passionate I can get about my work," Lily accused coldly, still glaring at him. Eddie could almost feel the chill radiating off of her and it sent shivers down his spine.

"True…" started Maddox slowly, "though I can't say that I've ever seen you this…passionate about your work." With those words, Maddox glanced long and hard at Eddie with narrowed eyes. Eddie gulped and found his heart beating hard against his chest. It was not his words that frightened and consumed him; it was the meaning behind them. That Lily was not passionate about the case, but who was involved with it.

"Well, I suppose you can say I've come to take my job seriously," said Lily as she pocketed her wand and turning to look back at him with irritation written all over her soft features. "Now, are you escorting Ed and I, or not?" Maddox sighed and ran a hand through his soft, black locks. Eddie rolled his eyes, but only inwardly wishing that he could do the same with his own bush of fiery.

"Fine, let's go," said Maddox with a defeated sigh.

With that, the crew of the five magical beings immediately went to the Blarney Stone.

"Does it have to be so bloody cold?" shouted Eddie through the cold Irish winds as he wrapped his cloak tighter around himself. Maddox, Bart, and Jerome all shot him dirty looks while Lily rolled her eyes.

"It's not that much colder than it is in England, Ed," mumbled Lily impatiently. "Suck it up or I'll send you back home and I'll solve this case myself." Eddie groaned and did not say another word; instead he decided to mumble incoherent words under his breath as he tightened his hold on his cloak, trying to warm himself up.

"Ginger has a point though," said Bart, also rubbing his hands together to try and keep them warm. Eddie gave him an inappropriate hand gesture, which Lily and everyone else decided to ignore. "We've been standing in front of the damn stone for hours and nothing has happened. Are you sure you got the riddle right?"

"Positive," said Lily, her voice unwavering. She was staring up at the sky and scanning it, as though waiting for something. Eddie knew that she was searching for the midnight, black owl that always bright them letters containing some new information, or the next clue.

"Maybe you're not as brilliant as Maddox let on," said Jerome coolly. Lily shot him a look and was about to open her mouth to retort when:

"She's not brilliant," hissed Eddie, glaring at the Irish Auror, "she's better than brilliant." Everyone stared at Eddie wide-eyed, including Lily. For a while, no one spoke and the red head immediately felt his cheeks start to match his hair.

"Funny," said Jerome, glaring at Eddie. "I got the impression you could not stand the woman." Eddie his opened his mouth again but Lily managed to interrupt, trying to be peacekeeper for a change.

"Listen," said Lily, stepping in between the two. "I think I know why nothing is happening. Maddox, Bart, Jerome, you three need to leave."

"Excuse me?" asked Maddox sharply, stepping forward. Lily turned to him and stood her ground.

"I think that nothing will happen unless Eddie and I show up at the landmark, the answer to the riddle, alone," said Lily reasonably.

"But what if something happens?"

"Eddie and I can manage," said Lily reassuringly, laying her hand on his forearm in a comforting manner. Once again, a fire started blazing in Eddie's chest; a fire that he had not felt in years. In fact, it was a fire in his belly that he had only felt twice in his life; the first time was when Lily was Asher's girlfriend and the second time was when Lily had agreed to go on a date with Hart Rosenbell in their seventh year at Hogwarts. It was a fire of jealousy and it made Eddie feel nauseous; wishing that she would comfort him in the same manner that she was comforting Maddox. After all, it was his fiancé who had gone missing, was it not?

"If you're sure…" said Maddox uncertainly, eyeing Eddie up and down, as though suggesting that he was not worthy enough to fight beside someone like Lily. Lily nodded firmly and reassuringly again.

"I'm positive." Eddie was shocked at how firm she sounded in her decision and it made the fire in his stomach diminish slightly. "If it makes you feel better, if nothing happens in an hour, Eddie and I will meet you back in the castle. Even if do hear or get something, I will let you know. Is that a deal?"

"It'll have to do," said Maddox with a defeated sigh. He leaned in and tenderly placed a kiss on Lily's cheek. "Be careful, Petals." Lily beamed up at him and pinched his cheek playfully.

"I'm always careful," she said with a laugh. Maddox rolled his eyes and shook his head amusedly before demanding that Bart and Jerome follow him. They wandered off into the far distance and Disapparated, no doubt back to the Blarney Castle. Once they were out of earshot, Eddie turned around and looked at Lily anxiously.

"He seems rather fond of you," he said accusingly. Lily raised an eyebrow.

"He's just fond of the veela in me," she said, shaking her head. "Like most men. Maddox may have been my partner, and a great one, and I trust him. But, he's still a man and therefore, tends to think with the wrong head."

"Lily!" For some reason, Eddie felt himself blushing severely.

"What?" snapped Lily defensively. "You know I'm not saying anything that's not true!"

"Still, I don't want to hear you speaking like that!" retorted Eddie, inwardly praying that his blush would just calm down. Lily rolled her eyes and continued scanning the sky again. When Eddie finally regained his composure and went to stand beside Lily, and looked up at the clear night sky as well. If it had not been so awkward and tense between the two of them, and if Eddie had not had a fiancé, it would have been a very romantic moment.

Eddie shook his head and tried to shake away any so-called romantic thoughts of Lily; she would not allow such actions and emotions. And he was finally beginning to understand why. After all, he was the one that claimed that he loved her and wanted to marry her someday. But, almost losing Lily, almost becoming a father, and her joining Auror training, he was not sure what to think. Their future had become like nothing he had imagined and he abandoned it because it did not turn out the way that he had wanted it. In short, he had abandoned Lily and her broken her heart before moving on with his life. And he only came in contact with her again when he needed her help; it was almost like Eddie was using her and he suddenly felt guilt consume him. He never did find out how Lily had taken his departure. Lily had always been so strong and he had just assumed that she went on with her life like nothing had ever happened between them. But, judging by her behavior and her treatment of him, he had, in a way, destroyed Lily.

Eddie sighed, wanting desperately to apologize for putting her through everything that he had over the course of the years. But, he knew that this was not the appropriate place or time. Instead, he settled for stuffing his hands into his pockets and turning towards Lily again.

"I think you may have been right," he stated. Lily looked at him with raised eyebrows. "About your theory; about why we were attacked at King Tut's tomb, but not at the State of Liberty or here. These are famous Muggle landmarks; they can't be touched."

"Thanks…I think…" said Lily, giving Eddie a bemused look. She turned to look at the sky again before Eddie interrupted her thoughts, desperate for more contact with her.

"So, you really think something will happen or that another riddle will appear if you and I are alone?" asked Eddie, his voice strained.

"It's the only explanation I can think of," said Lily with a shrug, turning to him. Eddie was surprised to see that there was a certain sparkle in her emerald green eyes; a sparkle he had not seen since they had been together as a couple. It made his heart flutter and he could not stop himself from beaming down at her. They grinned at each other for a moment before Lily turned to look back up at the sky.

"Eddie?" Lily called out, breaking the silence and startling him. Eddie was surprised to see her looking directly into his face.


"Did you really mean what you said before?" asked Lily slowly and uncertainly, as though afraid of the answer. When she noted the confused look on his face, she clarified. "Did you really mean what you said when you claimed that I was a brilliant Auror?" Eddie could not help but think about how endearing she looked. It made him miss the insecure Lily that he had fallen in love and now he knew why; she looked absolutely adorable when she was unsure of herself.

"Absolutely," claimed Eddie, without any hesitation. Once again, the two beamed at each other and he bravely reached out to take her hand. Lily stared down at their joined hands wide-eyed and Eddie could hear her breathing had increased drastically. Eddie squeezed her hand gently and instinctively pulled her close to him. "You are brilliant, Lily." At these words, Lily knew that he did not just mean she was brilliant because she was an Auror.

She adamantly refused to look away from their joined hands until Eddie whispered tenderly to her: "Lily, I…"

"Don't, Ed…"

"No, you need to hear me out," he said urgently. "I…I'm really not sure how to say this…"

"Then don't say it," snapped Lily angrily, pushing him away. "I don't want to hear it."

"Lily, please…please stop pushing me away from you," said Eddie desperately, taking another step closer to her as she took another step back. "You used to confide in me…"

"Yes, used to! Exactly!" bellowed Lily angrily, raising her fist. "Before you decided to turn your back on me and everyone else you loved and run away like a coward! Give me a reason why I shouldn't turn my back on you? Give me a reason why I should trust you when you looked me in the eye said you didn't want me in your life anymore?"

"How…I…I never said something like that!" retorted Eddie incredulously.

"You didn't have to say it!" Lily was now screeching like a distressed owl. "Actions speak louder than words, Weasley and when you didn't bother to contact me or any of us and ignored us when we tried to contact you…I think that said enough!"

"Lily there is absolutely no excuse for what I did," said Eddie softly. His voice was so surprisingly soft that it startled Lily, considering she was screaming at the top of her lungs and furiously at him. "But, maybe you should know that, despite how much I missed my family and our friends, you were all I thought about."

"Oh, don't even go there," hissed Lily in a warning tone, taking another step away from him, as though he were something that could harm her. "Don't you dare go there! I don't want to hear your lies! You have a fiancé; whom you…we are trying to save! How could you lie about something like that?"

"Because it's not a lie," whispered Eddie. "You know, Lily, you didn't try and make an effort to contact me either. You're the only person who didn't try and contact me when I was in America…ever…"

"You're not going to turn this around on me, Weasley," snapped Lily, glaring at him. "I didn't contact you because I was protecting myself."

"From me?"

"Something like that," whispered Lily, suddenly very interesting in her shoes. But, because she was looking at the ground, she was not able to back away when Eddie advanced on her and used his forefinger to lift her chin, forcing Lily to look into his, warm, chestnut eyes.

"I'm sorry Lily," he whispered tenderly, causing Lily to noticeably shiver. "I…I'm not going to lie to you…"

"That'll be a first," Lily mumbled harshly and sarcastically.

Eddie ignored her comment. "I thought that I could forget about you when I got engaged to Jane. But since you have come bursting into my life, you…my feelings for Jane are nothing compared to the feelings I once felt for you…that I still have for you. Lily…you were my best friend and I've never met anyone who I can relate to and confide in like I do with you. Even now, after so many years of silence from you, I still find myself yearning for your company…and your touch. This confuses me, Lily because I thought these feelings had long since disappeared but…" his voice trailed off.

"Bloody hell, why is this so difficult?" he nearly shouted, but he held on to Lily, determined not to let her go. "When I saw you flirting with Maddox, I wanted to punch a wall and I felt something that I hadn't felt since you dated Asher and Hart Rosenbell. That just proves to me, Lily, that my feelings for you have not changed and I don't think they ever will…

"Lily…I…I think I'm still in love with you and…I need to do this…just one more time before you hex my bits off…"

Without waiting for a response or even a reaction from Lily, Eddie leaned and pressed his lips to Lily's, kissing her for the first time since before the final battle during their seventh year at Hogwarts. Despite how long it had been, to Eddie, he moving his lips against hers was like coming home again. Even if Lily was completely stiff and nonresponsive due to obvious shock over Eddie's actions, kissing her was pure bliss.

When Eddie pulled away, he looked directly at Lily's face and saw that she had never closed her eyes. In fact, she looked absolutely horrified; her eyes were widened in horror, fright, and confusion. Her lips resembled that of a fish, her skin was absolutely pale and sickly looking, and her fists were clenched tightly at her sides. Eddie bit his lip, waiting for the hex or the fist that was sure to hit him at any time. But, at the same time he could not help but wonder if Lily had felt anything that he had felt during that kiss. She had been on guard with him since he had stepped his foot back into her life but that told him that maybe she had buried his feelings for him a long time ago. Could that kiss somehow unleash them again?

But, before Eddie could contemplate his feelings and Lily's reaction any further; and before Lily could raise her fist and punch Eddie square on the jaw, the pair was interrupted by the arrival of a black, midnight owl, so black that it blended in with the night sky, hooting impatiently and flying towards them with a scroll attached to its leg.

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