I don't own Doctor Who or anything associated with it. I will take the blame for an over active imagination. This is another group of stories set in The Colour of a Rose Series. I hope you enjoy, and it's only because of reviews that this grew as big as it did. Thankyou.

The Colour of a Rose Series

By Any Other Name

A solitary figure huddled on the sand, blanketed by the cold mist, dark clothes a study in contrast to the muted greys that colour the landscape. Sitting as still as the giant boulders scattered along the ragged coastline, the only other telltale sign of the lone individuals presence, a trail of footprints marking the path taken.

Thick, colourless clouds stretch towards the horizon, effectively muting any light, instead bathing the world in flat shadows, a bland, achromatic scene of calm wildness. Roiling waves crash over each other in their haste to stretch beyond the fringes of the shoreline, straining to push the boundaries further than the one before. The tumultuous roar a background hum that silences all nearby, yet becomes a steady, reassuring, hypnotic murmur defying time.

Sorrow filled eyes stare blankly out over the vast expanse of ocean. A stony outward appearance belies the inner turmoil raging like a tempest, memories swell like waves assaulting her mind, mirroring the power of nature she views before her. A trail of tears washes down her cheeks unheeded, dropping to the ground, their passing is hidden quickly by the sand as it soaks away the moisture.

Movement draws her eyes like a magnet. Another lone figure, with short-cropped hair half hidden by the black hoodie.

A sharp intake of breath as she dares to hope.

Too broad, a bit shorter, rounder face, and her hopes are dashed quickly. She returns her gaze to the open water, now willing the stranger to continue on.

The man follows the edge of the shore, mindless of the water gently sloshing over his white trainers, and slowly dampening the bottoms of his grey sweats. Hands thrust deeply into the pockets of his black leather jacket complete the ensemble, and his eyes seem focused forward, as he saunters past.

Just as she begins to relax, he stops, turns towards her, and takes a few hesitant steps her direction.

"Go away!" Her mind screams at him, yet her face reveals no emotion. As the distance lessens, his steps grow shorter, seeming unsure of his actions, he hesitates.

"If you'll forgive me, miss--" His melodic baritone voice distinguishes itself against the background of nature, and she ignores his inviting question.

Undisturbed, he continues. "I've seen you here the last few days. Is everything alright?" He sounds almost apologetic.

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, filters quickly through the many answers she could give him, then slowly lifts her face to study his. A shiver courses through her as she glimpses a familiar, ancient reflection in the brown orbs, his warm inviting smile makes her feel slightly ashamed.

"Just waiting for a friend." She manages to tell him softly.

"Ahh." He glances around, expecting another figure to appear.

Rose involuntarily sniffles at the comical response, reminding her vaguely of another, and wipes her face.

"Would you mind if I give you this?" He asks timidly, while reaching a closed hand towards her, then uncurling his thick fingers to reveal a bright pink, tear-drop shaped bud, wrapped in delicate green leaves, resting in his palm.

Extending her hand warily, she lifts the exquisite bud gingerly from his hand.

"It's a rosa acicularis, well, the scientific name. Also known as prickly rose, arctic rose, or wild rose." He hastens to assure her.

A sob escapes, and she bites her lower lip. Warm memories flood her, as a fresh shower of tears began to fall, and her heart cries out in painful loss.

Gently grasping her wrist, he pulls her to stand in front of him.

"I, I'm sorry. I just miss him." she hides her face in her hands, the bud brushing against her cheek.

He steps forward, arms embracing her in a tender hug, murmuring comforting words. She leans her head against his chest, and hears the unmistakable sound of two heartbeats.