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Steel Pier Dance Marathon in the Marine Ballroom

Begins Saturday August 12, 1933 at 9:00pm

Cash Prize of $2000

Official Rules:

1. All of the entrants competing must be pronounced physically fit by the Official Medical Board who will be in attendance at all times throughout the contest. Teams may be backed by a City Chamber of Commerce. Ballroom or business enterprise.

2. Changing of wearing apparel will be allowed during the rest periods only. Contestants who do not keep fully dressed in accordance with the regulation are subject to disqualification.

3. No changes of partners will be permitted. When one member of the team withdraws or is eliminated, the other will have 24 hours to find a new partner. If no partner is found, the contestant will be disqualified.

4. Contestants are required to dance 45 minutes and rest 15 minutes every hour. The rest period must be taken simultaneously by all dancers desiring to take advantage of the rest period, but teams are permitted to dance on without taking the rest if they so desire; but if the entrants do not take the rest period this does not permit them to add the 15 minutes to the next rest period.

5. The rules do not require entrants to be dancing, as long as they are in the dance position and moving. Should partners separate while on the floor, the floor manager is instructed to give them a one-minute warning. Failure to then be in position will result in the team being eliminated.

6. Any contestant exiting the dance hall will be immediately disqualified.

Rules and regulations will be strictly enforced by the referee.

Expert masseurs, masseuses, hairdressers, tonsorial artists, manicurists, chiropodists, and other attendants for the comfort and need of the dancers will be in attendance at all times.

Waltz, fox-trot, two step, and ten-minute sprints for cash prizes will be staged throughout the contest.

Audience members may throw coins on to the dance floor for their favorite couples. Any coin thrown belong to the person or couple who grabs it first.