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He's been trying to ignore her. Really, he has. After all, she isn't going to be accepting his advances any time soon, so why not just give her a little time to cool off?

One of his more relatively sane ideas, but it was working so far.

Until today in the Heads Common Room. They were both in there for various reasons – she was studying; he was procrastinating and writing notes to Sirius on enchanted parchment. It was then that he noticed her rather odd habit.

She sucked her finger.

Not her thumb, of course – how stupid was that? Her little finger. For Merlin's sake, did it even have a name? To one who didn't look to closely, it looked like she was simply biting her fingernail, but in a moment of complete honesty with himself, he was looking closely.

Okay, staring. Whichever term was preferred. But still. How many people suck their fingers? It was inserted halfway into her mouth, as she stared at an essay with her brow furrowed.

He felt that it really was not normal. And it really should not have him feeling the way he was feeling. It was simply her finger. Just that. Her finger was in her mouth – there was nothing sexual or otherwise in the gesture.

But, as always, every little thing she did had him enraptured. It was surely not healthy. He could go and snog a random passerby (of the female gender, thank you very much), and not get the same butterflies-multiplying-rapidly-in-his-abdomen type feeling.

"Potter, what are you staring at?"

She's looking at him with the ever-so-familiar look of irritation gracing her face. Despite himself, he feels his face heat up. Why does she always have to bloody notice?

"Your finger," he answers truthfully. She looks at him oddly for a moment before shaking her head, as though saying, I don't want to know.

And that's all well and good, because he doesn't know himself.

Author's Note: Meh, I'm in love with italics. Get over it. And this is for Cuban-Sombrero-Gal, because until just before I starting writing this, it was going to be R/Hr. So here's a bit of Lily/James-ness for ya.

(And yes, that isn't a word, but it rolls so delightfully off the tongue, doesn't it?)