Chief Quimby's POV

By Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla: Oooh, my first (and probably only) Inspector Gadget fanfic, and nonetheless, a one-shot. Why? I LOVE Inspector Gadget, but thus, I cannot bring myself to write fully about this great classic character, and his awesome cartoon (which is WAAAY better than the things on television we have now, save Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, Viva Pinata, and the Simpsons). Well, I guess it's time for me to wrap things up with these author notes, and let you folks out there enjoy the point of view of the character, Chief Quimby...oh, may you get some respect despite the fact that you explode from those letters! (wipes tear from eyes)

Disclaimer: We don't own anything Inspector Gadget related. That all belongs to DIC. Yeah, sue me.

Oh, well what do you know. Some people actually care for me. They actually care for ME, the once-great Chief Quimby who's been brought to shame because of those...darn exploding letters! And of course, Inspector Gadget...but what am I to say? Inspector Gadget's a good fellow, but when he ALWAYS tossed those letters back into the trash bin...

And then BOOOM!! I blow up...and somehow I manage to come back in the end, clean as ever, as if there was no explosion.

But do you folks out there know HOW MUCH PAIN I WENT THROUGH AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!?

But of course, you wouldn't care because you completely forgot old Chief Quimby, and LOVED Penny even more than me...sure, Penny's a smart and sweet girl, but why can't they understand that I help out most of the time?

Maybe if I actually did something else other than give Inspector Gadget the troublesome letters, then I would be better respected. But do you think the folks at DIC would listen? Nooo...

Well, you know what? I'm sick of exploding all the time by those stupid letter. I'm going to do something with my life!


Chief Quimby