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He couldn't feel anything. Something in the back of his mind told him that that wasn't a good sign, but he had already learned that he couldn't trust his thought nowadays. It was a strange thing, feeling your body fall as if you weren't apart of it anymore, but maybe he wasn't. He could have fallen into darkness again. Maybe that would explain why he could no longer see anything…


What was that? He tried in vain to open his eyes to view whoever was talking to him. It was no use. They felt as if they weighed two tons. Sleep was beckoning to him, and he desperately wanted to just lay back and drift away. There was just too much noise.

"Jaden! Please hang in there!"

He wished that this person would just be quiet so he could sleep. Didn't he deserve that for reviving all the souls that had been destroyed on his orders and by his own hand?

"Don't Jaden, don't leave us, please!"

He wasn't going anywhere. Why was this person over-reacting? They reminded him of someone he knew… a friend perhaps? Wasn't his name Syrus?

"Jaden Yuki, you cannot die now!"

Die? Is that what is happening to me? Did I use up all my energy to open the gate?

"My king, please open your eyes and show us that they have not turned!"

King? I'm no king. Haou is the king. Haou… My eyes aren't his anymore! With a great effort, Jaden opened his eyes just a tiny bit. He saw two woman standing over him, one dressed like a nurse, the other was holding a trident and had three little fairy creatures near her head. The rest was lost in the brilliant red-white light of his gateway that should have sent them where ever they believed their home was. So why were they here by his side? When did he fall to the ground? He closed his eyes again; unable to keep them focused anymore.

"Haou hasn't taken him away from us yet," the nurse-spirit said as his eyes closed. "But he may have just destroyed his heart… I don't know if I can heal this wound."

I'm wounded? Haou… I was in the gate, watching over everyone's revivals… Yubel, Neos, Kuriboh… Wait, I remember!

He had been standing in the center of the vortex, watching his friends come back to life because of his spirit and then watching their sleeping forms return to home… some of the spirits lingered before departing, waiting for family or just thanking him quietly.

"You have to try! Please, he can't die! Not now! Not after all he's been through!"

He had felt the familiar sinister darkness before anyone else, he had acted upon instinct, drawing power from Neos, Yubel, and Winged Kuriboh who all held his hand and were glowing along with him. They had sensed his actions, but were confused because they couldn't sense Haou's presence. Then he remembered a dark vortex of energy slamming into him, red liquid clouded his vision and then he briefly felt razor sharp claws punch into his chest… but then he released his energy, crying out to everyone to leave before the gate collapsed… he had fallen as his spirit partners faded away as his energy escaped, leaving them unable to keep in solid form…

"I have to try," the other female agreed. "But without his guidance, this place could fall apart at any second."

"Then hurry!"

"Try and keep him conscious, Maiden of Aqua, if he falls into unconsciousness, we'll lose him completely!"


Here she said something Jaden couldn't catch, and the next thing he knew, something very cold and wet splashed against his face and cooled him off.

"Can you control that to cleanse his cuts? That would help me a great deal."

The other lady must have nodded, because the next thing he knew the dampness spread towards his chest, and then he couldn't feel it anymore.

"Thank you. Leave Jaden Yuki to me now."

Suddenly, all of the feeling came roaring back, the fire that ran through his veins and the ragged hole where his heart was. The poison that ran through his damaged heart, emitting from his own darkness, threatening to swallow his soul, mind, and body and leave the others for the deep fiery depths of hell… The pain was unforgivable; it obliterated all other thoughts and now all Judai could focus on was that he was dying. He was dying a hero's death. He was dying from pain and a broken heart.

"Jaden Yuki! Hold still! Maiden, restrain him before he hurts himself!"

Strong, cool hand wrapped around his wrists and prevented him from the thrashing that he had unconsciously been doing. He writhed and heard an ear-splitting, chilling inhuman scream that he had heard after Axel and Jim had saved him… Haou's screech that happened when Jaden had regained control of mind and body and Haou lost… It came from his mouth, confirming his worse fears. Haou really was a part of him. His darkness was Haou. He was a killer. This pain was the pain of all of those he had hunted and killed cruelly… of his friends that had been murdered by his hand… of all the families he had torn apart and the world that he had lead into darkness.

"Jaden!" an astonished voice cried.

"Jaden Yuki?! Hang in there! Don't let Haou take control! Fight him, Jaden Yuki!"

He thrashed around fiercer and with more venom now as the pain threatened to overwhelm him. He could no longer feel the water on his face or the woman kneeling over him. Something sinister was flowing into his mind, ripping him apart at a place that couldn't be reached.

"The gate! The gate is dissolving!"

"That doesn't matter! My true home is by his side now! I can't let my true king die!"

"Jaden, if you can hear me at all, if you can still be saved, use my energy to transport us all to your world, your home. Let us save you as you saved us."

He heard her, but he couldn't do anything. Every last ounce of strength he had was being sucked into the void in his heart and mind. His spirit was leaving him… at least his body would be returned home so that his friends wouldn't come into this world again to try and save him… and all of this mess would start over again. No. They would have solid proof that he was dead and beyond saving because he would be back in his home world where death couldn't be reversed. The only thing he worried about was what they would do because he was dead. He had fallen into darkness of heart because of their deaths, so would they do the same because of him? Would he tear them apart himself by his own darkness? By Haou's ways?

"I'm not you" he hissed through clenched teeth. "I won't…"


"What did he say?"

"'I'm not you', Jaden, fight Haou! Fight!"

He pulled his last bit of strength from the deepest part of his soul to move the gate… to bring them home. To prove that he wasn't dark. This time, he wasn't going to give into Haou's presence. This time he would fight. And he would die fighting if he had too. He didn't want to hurt his friends anymore… Haou's dark grip tightened and Jaden felt every muscle in his body go into spasms before everything was obliterated completely by the pain. Now he had only one thought running through his I'm not you, I won't give in!

The females said something, but this time Jaden couldn't hear it. Everything was lost to him, words had no meaning. All that was left was sorrow and darkness…