The Love No One Expected

Ginny was sitting quietly to herself reading in the common room. When some people came through the portrait hole. It was Ron Weasley, her dorky brother and his best mate, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger. They looked like they were discussing the TERRIBLE teaching and toturing of Prof. Umbridge. But then they saw Ginny and said hi to her and kept on walking. "Figures." Ginny thought to herself. I'm just Ron's little sister. I'm invisible. Ginny had the BIGGEST crush on the boy who lived. At least she did she was trying to get over it by reading or practicing her quidditch or doing something to distract herself.

Then one day she heard about the D.A. (Dumbledore's Army). She also heard Harry was teaching it. So she thought to herself well I can get better at magic and spend time with Harry. So she went and signed herself up. The next day they went to their first session. "Okay guys, today we are going to be working on defensive spells." Said Harry. So they all started on stunning and hexing each other and working very hard. "Okay guys, you've done very well so I think we're going to rest for today we'll meet tomorrow at 4:30 ok?" asked Harry. "Ok." Everyone replied.

The next morning Ginny got up for class. She sleepily opened her eyes and looked at her alarm clock she realized she overslept!! She immediately got up and washed her face, brushed her hair, and threw some clothes on. She raced down the stairs of the girls' dormitories and went straight out the portrait hole. First, she had Charms so she was heading for that when suddenly she ran into something or should I say someone. She fell but before she could land on the floor a strong pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her up.

She looked up and noticed it was Harry. Her heart immediately started to race and she couldn't think of anything to say. " Are you ok?" he asked. She finally had the sense to put words together. "Umm yeah I'm fine thanks I'm sorry I knocked you over I slept threw my alarm and was racing to class I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She said very quickly. "Ginny, Ginny, calm down it's fine I've had worse than a pretty girl knocking into me." Replied Harry. "Oh my god, did I just say that out loud?!" he asked himself in his head. Ginny's eyes went HUGE!! She couldn't believe Harry actually said that to her!! To her Ron's baby sister. Maybe he doesn't think I'm invisible.

Finally, she replied to Harry, "Ha ha thanks um I better get to class before I get yelled at more for being late." "Oh, yeah I'll talk to you later Gin." Replied Harry. "Gin?" she asked smling. He smiled back. "Yeah I thought I could go for a nickname." "What do you think?" asked Harry. "I like it." She replied blushing. "Talk to you later." "Yeah, definitely." Replied Harry. She looked at him with one eyebrow cocked up and then he corrected himself. "You know since we have the D.A. tonight." "Oh, yeah." Replied Ginny with a little disappointment. "See you." "Bye." Replied Harry. And they walked off.

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