Er... very little to say about this. Just a drabble I whipped up in under 10 minutes - thus exclaiming the garbage quality! Haven't had this many plot bunnies in a while... I'm not actually too pleased with this one, but it's postable material. You can't improve if you don't allow for feedback, right? I'm mostly upset with the ending since it's a bit rushed and choppy, I didn't know how to end it.

Spoiler Warning: Slight spoilers up to volume 2.
Disclaimer: I do not own Spiral - Suiri no Kizuna though gods I wish I did. But then if I did, it wouldn't be half as great as it is, so I guess it's really a good thing.
Word Count: 239

KatYoukai (Chocolate Confection)

Usually, it was Hiyono that started their conversations, although occasionally, Ayumu would be the one to do so. That, he had explained once, was because most of their discussions were meaningless anyways, earning him a punch in the back of his head. In any case, that was why she found it a little strange when he asked her one day,

"Do you remember, when I told you everything I do echoes my brother?"

"Of course!" Hiyono responded almost immediately.

Ayumu smirked in that way that was less than malevolent but still managed to irritate her nonetheless and said, "And how even the girls we like are the same?"

"Yes, yes—" She paused. What was that? "Wait… what?"

He pressed on, not paying attention to what she said, "Aniki would never like a girl like you; loud, obnoxious, and scary to boot. Always vying to be praised and violent too! Not to mention plain and so not cute at all—"

"You--!" What the hell was that? Hiyono wasn't sure if a hundred punches would even things out. "And after all I've done to help you, Narumi-san, not even a word of thanks--"

"Yes, I suppose you're right. I do owe you thanks…"

"Quite indeed. After all—"

"…Because it's really thanks to you that I've finally found an area where I differ from Aniki…"

Wait a second… he couldn't possibly mean… "…eh?"

Well… maybe just one punch would suffice after all.