A "Kim Possible" fanfic

by Erin Mills

Characters ©2007 Disney

The screams of rage and exertion grew louder as the two young women fell from the roof of the building and into the piles of garbage in the alley below. The redheaded teenage girl in the purple top and black flared pants landed in the dumpster, the lid slamming shut once she hit, while the older, blackhaired woman in the green and black jumpsuit, managed a not as soft landing in a pile of old cardboard boxes and garbage bags.

Shego was the first one to her feet. She flared up one of her fists, enshrouding it in a green bioplasmic energy field. She strode over to the dumpster and placed her unpowered hand on the lid.

"All right, Kimmie, time for more pain!" she crowed, flinging the lid open. She reached in and pulled out the teen hero she had fought many many times before.

Kim Possible's expression was dazed as Shego hauled her out of the dumpster. The two had been fighting for quite some time on the Paris rooftops,and the exertion, coupled with the fall had rung her bell slightly.

Shego clicked her tongue. "Awww, don't pass out on me now, Kimmie, we're just getting started."

Kim brought her feet up and kicked Shego in the stomach. The supervillain huffed as the air was forced from her lungs and she dropped Kim, who scurried down the alleyand got to her feet.

Kim forced her tired limbs into a fighting stance, as Shego rose to her feet at the other end of the alley. The villainess turned towards Kim, hands glowing, and she took slow, deliberate steps towards her nemesis.

"Okay, now I've put up with a LOT of shit during our fights, Kimmie," Shego said in a dangerous tone of voice. "But THAT was just plain DIRTY."

"Like you wouldn't do the same thing." Kim snorted.

...she's boring, she's whining, turn her over to me and she's dying...

"Shut up." Kim whispered fiercely. Down the alley, Shego growled.

"Look who's getting bossy all of a sudden!" With that, Shego leaped into the air and brought her fists down towards Kim's face. Kim crossed her forearms in front of her face to block the strike. Shego screamed and brought her hands down on Kim's forearms, her momentum causing the two of them to collide and roll down the alley once again.

They stopped rolling, and Shego took the opportunity to pounce on Kim and pin her to the ground. Shego grinned as Kim writhed underneath her, trying to escape. She brough her clawed fingers down towards Kim's closed eyes.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this..." she purred. Suddenly, Kim stopped writhing and Shego bllined as she felt some sort of...shift...underneath her. She shook it off and turned her attention back to Kim's eyes.

Which were open, but something was off. In the dim light in the alley they looked...

"Purple?" Shego asked. Her question was answered with a swift knee to her groin, which, despite commonly held male belief, HURTS. Shego yelped and rolled off Kim, trying desperately to not grab the area the pain was radiating from.

That pain was quickly replaced by a new one as a hand grabbed Shego's hair and began draggin her down the alley. Shego tried to get purchase on the ground with her feet, but the owner of the hand was too strong for her. She flared up one hand and fired a bolt at the hand.

The hand loosened it's grip just long enough for the bolt to shoot past, but then, Shego suddenl;y found it aroudn her ankle. She had very little time to ponder this sudden change when she was flying through the air. She slammed into the wall of the alley face first and fell to the ground, blood flowing form her nose. She got into a sitting position and dabbed her nose with her fingers.

"Jeesuds, Kim, I think you broge it!" Shego said, her nose clogged with drying blood.

"Awww," came a dark, husky, but familiar voice. "Did I do that? I'm so sorry."

Shego looked up at the source of the voice andf frowned in perplexment. It LOOKED like Kim, but something was off. She looked taller, thinnner, and her hair seemed darker, and slightly different.

"Kimmie?" Shego said uncertainly. She felt an unfamiliar sensation creeping up her spine. For the firs ttime in as long as she could remember, Shego was afraid.

The girl who looked like Kim crouched down next to Shego. She placedf a hand on Shego's shoulder and gave the villainess a downright satanic grin.

"Because," the girl continued, "I meant to do THIS!"

Shego screamed in pain as she felt bones snap in her shoulder and muscles stretch in ways they weren't designed to. She felt fingers in her hair and the pain returned as her head was slammed into the brick wall behind her. Green stars burst in front of her eyes, and she felt her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head.

"Oh, no, no." came the girl's mocking voice. The girl Shego knew for a fact was NOT Kim Possible. "Don't pass out on me now, Sheggie, we're just getting started!"

There was another crack, and Shego began screaming again.

At least, she did until the girl decided to work on the soft tissue.


Ron Stoppable entered the alley a while later at full speed. He had promised Wade and Kim, that Kim would never be left unsupervised during a mission during the last three months, and thanks to Drakken and his army of robotic chiropractors, Kim and Shego had gone off on their own. Fortunately, Wade had set up a GPS signal from the Kimmunicator to his cell phone, so the only thing tha thad delayed him was finding his way through the streets of Paris to where Shego and Kim had last been traced.

"I swear, is it really so hard to lay out a city in a grid or something!" Ron whined out loud as he turned into the alley. As he entered, she saw the female form lying on the ground in the middle of the alley.

"KP? Is that you?" he asked, frowning. He cautiously made his way towards the woman on the ground. It wouldn't be the first time SHE had fooled him by acting hurt.

As ron got closer and his vision adjusted to the minimal light in the alley, he realized that the woman wasn't...her, and it wasn't Kim either.

Ron fought not to throw up and knelt down next to Shego's body. He forced himself to feel for a pulse, taking care not to disturb her too much. The pulse taking proved to be unnecessary, as Shego let out an inarticulate moan as soon as Ron touched her. Shego twitched and jerked on the ground, limbs flailing uselessly and in ways they weren't supposed to bend.

"Shego! Stop!" Ron cried. "It's me! Ron!"

Shego stopped moving and one eye slowly opened, peering out from under swollen lids. Ron sighed in relief.

"She's gone, don't worry, she can't hurt you anymore. I'm going to get you some help. Just, try not to move too much, okay?"

Shego's hea dmoved in what Ron chose to believe was a nod. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Wade's number. As it rang, he glanced aroudn the alley, and cursed as he saw the Kimmunicator lying on the ground just behind Shego. Ron picked it up and turned it on.

The oval screen lit up with a note:



Ron's teeth clenched in agner, and he pocketed the Kimmunicator as he heard the line connect.

"Wade?" He asked.

"Yeah, Ron. Did you find them?"

"Scramble this line, Wade." Ron said, looking around the alley, hopeing that SHE wasn't stilla round.

There was an electronic beep on the line, then Wade's voice returned. "We're secure."

"She's gone, Wade. I need an ambulance here now. Shego's hurt. Bad. Really bad, Wade. "

Ron heard the sound of keys clacking" Paramedics are on their way, Ron. Should be there in three minutes."

"What about GJ? You know they're going to be listening into the police switchboard." Ron countered.

"They're holed up ont he other side of town. It'll take them at least five to get to your location. Where's Kim?"

"She's...out. Probably happened some time during the fight." Ron reported. "It was HER. She beat the crap out of Shego and then some, and she ditched the Kimmunicator."

"Damn." Wade said. "All right, I'll see if the back up homing device is up and running. With a little luck she hasn't spotted it yet."

"She said she hadn't broken the rules, but Kim isn't going to be happy when she gets back."

"IF she gets back." Wade replied.

Ron sighed again, and pulled out the capped syringe he had in his pocket. "She'll be back. One way or the other. And when she does come back...Faye's going to wish she'd never been born."

Ron's head snapped up as he heard the sound of sirens coming closer. "The medics are here, Wade." he said, pocekting the syringe. "I'm gonna make sure they help Shego, then I'll call back. Find her, Wade. Please."

"Don't worry, Ron. We'll find her...both of them." Wade promised. Ron nodded and clicked his cell phone off. He kneeled down next to Shego.

"The paramedics are here, Shego. Don't move unless you have to, okay?"

Shego moaned weakly, as the headlights illuminated the form. Ron stood up and waved his arms. "She's over here! Hurry!"

The paremedics set to work immediately. Ron frowned as he watched them work on Shego and try to move her to a stretcher. Shego screamed again, and it was quite clear that she was going to be hospitalized for a very long time. As Ron saw the agonized expression on Shego's face, he felt the anger and panic rising in his throat again.

We're going to find you, Faye, and you will regret EVER messing with Kim...or any of us.