Three Months Ago...

The high speed lab mixer slowly came to a halt and a chime sounded, signaling the end of the cycle. Crimson liquid began flowing from the bottom of the mixer into the glass pipette attached to the base of the mixer. Dr. Amy Hall, known to the world at large as the rogue geneticist and overenthusiastic Cuddlebuddy collector DNAmy, giggled as she opened the valve on the pipette and drained the crimson liquid in to several vials designed for a hypogun. Behind her, thousands of animal eyes watched form their cages as she worked.

"Well," She said, holding one up to the light, "It's not quite complete yet, but at least I've got the original formula. Now, if it works, we'll be halfway there!"

She took one of the vials and inserted it into the hypogun. She then walked across the lab to a cage of ferrets that was sitting on a workbench. The ferrets bounced and chittered as Amy approached. Amy grinned.

"Yes, Mommy's glad to see you too." She cooed as she opened the cage. The watch on her wrist immediately got the ferrets' attenion and the rodents began nipping at it and wrapping themselves around her arm. She giggled again and grabbed one and pulled it out of the cage. She held it gently, but firmly.

"Okay, I don't think this will hurt." she said to the ferret. She raised the hypogun and prepared to pull the trigger.

And at that point, Kim Possible crashed through the skylight of the warehouse laboratory and kicked the hypogun out of Amy's hand.

"All right, DNAmy, drop the ferret and put your hands on your head!" Kim said firmly, glancing around and noting the eldery leather bound notebook on one of the benches. "The British Government is very interested in getting their property back."

"Kim Possible!" DNAmy screeched. "Why do you always have to show up and wreck my fun!"

"Because it's what I do." Kim answered. "Now, are you going to come quietly or do we have to do this the usual way?"

Amy didn't reply but threw a lever, revealing the giant mutant tarantuhua hidden inside her "genetic zipper" machine. The eight legged, dog headed monstrosity yipped ominously as it scuttled across the lab towards Kim. Kim's eyes widened.

"Oh THAT is just wrongsick!" she said. At that moment, Ron Stoppable landed on the floor next to her face first.

"Owwww," he said, getting to his feet. "I really need to remember to ask Wade for more grapple cord. I'm always running--THAT IS JUST SICK AND WRONG!" Ron interrupted himself as the Tarantuhua began growling ominously.

"Focus, Ron!" Kim snapped. "You get the other animals out of here, I'll deal with Fido."

"I'm on it, KP." Ron dashed across the lab towards the master cage release switch, but was taken down by an impressive flying tack from DNAmy. The two rolled across the lab floor and crashed into the wall.

"You are not going to let my sweet little friends loose!" Amy said angrily, slapping at Ron with her hands. "I'm so tired of the two of you ruining everything. I swear, if only you were..."

Amy's voice trailed off and she got an evil grin on her face. She got up off Ron and began running for the hypogun laying on the floor. Ron got to his feet, noticed where she was headed and quickly threw the release switch.

The cage doors opened and a herd of everything from stray cats and dogs, to otters and ostriches began dahsing madly through the lab. Ron looked at the chaos he hadwrought and looked down into one of his leg pockets, where his pet naked mole rat Rufus lived.

"What do you think, buddy? Too much?" he asked. Rufus popped his head out of Ron's pocket, glanced at the scene and then up at Ron.

"Way too much!" he chittered.

Meanwhile, Amy had reached the hypogun and was holding it up in triumph. "Ooooh, this should be interesting. I wonder if Monty and Dr. Drakken would be interested in seeing this--AIIIGH!"

The "AIIIGH!" came as Amy suddenly found herself buried in hundreds of lemmings, guinea pigs, gerbils, and other rodents making a mad dash to escape the lab. The hypogun flew from her grip and into the air, bouncing off one of the walls.

As all this was going on, Kim was busy trying not to get bitten by the giant chihuahua head or the spear-like hairs of the tarantula body being hurled at her. She leaped onto one of the many computer terminals surrounding the room and pulled her grapple gun form the holster on her leg. She took aim and fired the hook into the ceiling.

"If it worked for Luke Skywalker..." she said, before kicking off and swinging down towards the tarantuhua. The mutant monster snapped at Kim as she swung down and around its legs. The tarantuhua tried keeping up with the swinging teenager, but couldn't negotiate its legs fast enough to keep up. In just a few short seconds, Kim had landed on the floor, with the tarantuhua's legs wrapped in the grapple cable.

"Bad dog spider thing." She said, grinning, then thumbed the grapple gun to "retract" and pulled the trigger. The cord tightened rapidly, drawing the legs together. The tarantuhua howled as it lost balance and crashed into a series of work benches. The giant mutant whimpered and was still.

Kim grinned again and holstered the grapple gun. She turned to see DNAmy get buried by assorted rodents. She stifled the urge to laugh.

There was a clanging sound, and then she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder as the hypogun bounced off the wall and connected with her. There was a hiss and the liquid inside the gun injected into Kim's body. The gun slipped off Kim's shoulder and clattered to the floor.

Kim frowned, and looke dover at Amy. "What was in that?"

Amy looked over at Kim and smirked. "Oh, you'll find out eventually. But first.." She held up a remote control and pressed a button on it."

"EMERGENCY DESTRUCT SYSTEM ACTIVATED. TWENTY SECONDS TO TOTAL DEVASTATION." came a computerized voice. Amy giggled madly and began running towards the exit of the lab. Kim pulled the grapple gun again and fired it into the roof. "Ron, get the animals out!"

"Check!" Ron replied. He and Rufus began chasing the animals that were still milling around towards the exit. Kim kicked off the floor and swung towards Amy's retreating form. Behind them,.segments of the lab began exploding. Kim reached the top of her upswing, disconnected the grapple line and flipped down through the air. She collided with Amy and the two rolled out of the lab and down the side of the mountain it was hidden in.

Ron and Rufus followed soon afterwards, chasing the last of the animals out, right as the lab exploded in earnest. The shockwave sent all four of them rolling down the mountainside towards an area where the authorities were convienently waiting for them.

The police took Amy into custody and hauled her off. Strangely, Amy didn't protest as she was taken into custody. As she was placed into the back of a police cruiser, Kim walked up to her.

"What was in that gun, Amy?" she asked, frowning.

"Oh, nothing for you to worry about." Amy answered. "You might actually find it" Amy grinned again and sat back in her seat, and wouldn't say anything further. An officer closed the door and the cruiser pulled away, leaving Kim staring after it, wondering what Amy had been up to.


"All clear, Kim," Wade said over the Kimmunicator. "The scans show nothing unusual. Looks like whatever DNAmy was working on was a dud, or it was just meant to work on the ferrets."

"Well, that's a relief." Kim said. "What about the notebook?"

"That's the bad news." Wade replied. "Looks like it got burned up in the explosion of the lab."

"Great." Kim sighed. "Well, see if you can get us a ride to London. Lord Utterson is going to want an explanation."

"Can do." Wade said. "I'll call you back as soon as it's set up."

"Please and thank you!" Kim said brightly before signing off. She turned to look where Ron and the authorties were sifting through the wreckage of DNAmy's lab. "Any luck?"

Ron looked up and waved a blackened rectangle. "I found the notebook, KP! But, I don't think it's going to be much help to Lord what'shisname." He opened the notebook, and a shower of burned paper fell out onto the ground.

"I hope it wasn't too valuable." Kim said. At that point, the Kimmunicator beeped. "Go Wade."

"I have Lord Utterson on the line. He says he wants to talk to you."

Kim inhaled deeply. "Okay, put him on."

Wade winked out, replaced by a distinguished elderly man with an impressive mustache. When he spoke, his voice was clipped and proper.

"Ah, Miss Possible. Lord Utterson here. I understand you've found the notebook that was stolen from my vaults?"

"Yes, we did, Lord Utterson." Kim replied. "But, um...there's a small problem."

"Problem? It didn't fall into someone else's hands did it?" the nobleman's voice had an edge of panic to it. "I made it quite clear that we needed to get that notebook out of circulation as quickly as possible..."

"No, no!" Kim said quickly. "The notebook's still here, but unfortunately..."

"Yeah, um, it was kind of a casualty of the rescue efforts." Ron said, appearing next to Kim and holding up the remains of the notebook. "Exploding lab, last second escape, you know the drill."

There was a pause, then Lord Utterson let out a sigh. "Well, that's all right then."

Kim blinked. "Pardon?"

"The truth of the matter is, we were planning on destroying it once you returned it to us. We really should have done so when my great-grandfather first acquired it, but I'm afraid our family has always been something of a gang of packrats."

"So, you aren't mad that we didn't get the notebook back?" Ron asked.

Lord Utterson chuckled. "Not at all, my dear boy. If anything, we should pay you a fee for taking it off our hands!"

"That won't be necessary, Lord Utterson." Kim said quickly. "World saving comes free of charge."

"Well, if I can ever be of service to you, my dear, please don't hesitate to call."

"Thank you very much, Lord Utterson. Glad to be of service."

"Have a good evening, Miss Possible."

"You too."

The Kimmunicator screen went dark and Kim sighed in releif and leaned up against Ron. "Oh, thank God."

"Yeah, who knew?" Ron said. "So, now what do you want to do?"

"Honestly? I'm beat. That tarantuhua took it out of me. I just want to go home, have a hot bath, and go to bed. Mind if I flake on the usual post-mission Bueno Nacho visit?"

"No problem, KP." Ron said. "I was going to ask if we could skip it myself. Mom and Dad have another dinner date with a couple of guys from Dad's office, so I need to keep an eye on Hana."

"Figured out how to keep her off the ceiling yet?" Kim asked as the two of them walked towards Kim's car.

"No, but the bungee cords and the harness seem to keep her in line." Ron answered.

Kim giggled and gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. "Just make sure you remember to attach the cords to somethig secure this time. How much more do you owe your parents for the sofa?"

"My next three paychecks." Ron sighed. "Of all the times for Dad to go on a 'personal responsibility' kick. Is not being the older brother of a hyperactive super ninja baby enough?"

"Apparently not, according to your dad." Kim said, deactivating the alarm on the car and getting in. Ron followed suit on the passenger side. "Are you sure you don't want me to come over and help?"

"Nah, you look beat. I mean, DNAmy pulled out all the wrongsick stops with that...thing. You get some rest. Han and I can cope with it."

"Okay, but I'm warning you, once I get in that tub, the Kimmunicator goes off for the rest of the night."

"Pfft" Ron snorted. "Come on KP, I've dealt with her before. How much worse could it be?"




Kim sighed as she sank into the hot water, enjoying the warmth as it seeped into her skin and the scent from the lavender bubble bath she had poured into the tub. She unstrapped the Kimmunicator off her wrist, and set it aside, after setting it to "Emergencies Only."

She leaned back in the tub, rested her head on the edge and closed her eyes. She began breathing deeply, using a Bhuddist meditation technique she had learned during an unexpected layover in Nepal following a mission some years before. She let her mind drift, idly flitting from subject to subject. She felt her mind begin to slip deeper into the warm comforting darkness behind her eyelids and her breathing slowed. Then became slower...slower...slower still...

Who killed Cock Robin?

I, said the Sparrow,

with my bow and arrow,

I killed Cock Robin.

Kim's eyes snapped open and she sat up in the tub, sending water out onto the floor. She blinked a few times, trying to get her bearings. As she did so there was a knock on the door and Kim's mother's voice came through it.

"Kim? Are you alright? You've been in there for an hour."

An hour? Kim thought. She grabbed the Kimmunicator and looked at the time displayed on the screen. Wow, I must be more tired than I thought. Better get out before I drown.

"I'm fine, Mom," she called as she got out of the tub and toweled herself off. "I guess I dozed off."

"Well, okay." her mother replied. "Do you need anything?"

"No, I'm good. I think I'm going to go to bed now though." Kim replied, pulling on her pajamas. She grabbed the Kimmunicator and opened the door, revealing her mother, Anne. "Thanks for the concern though, Mom."

Anne smiled as Kim exited the bathroom. "It's all part of the Mom job description. Sleep well, Kimmie."

"Thanks, Mom. Night!" Kim headed up the stairs to her room. As she entered she set the Kimmunicator back to it's standard mode, in case Wade got a late night hit on the site that needed immediate attention. She pulled the covers back on her bed, climbed in, enjoying the feeling of the cool sheets on her bare feet, turned out the light, and rolled over. In a few minutes, she was sound asleep.

She woke up the next morning in a seedy motel room. As her vision focused and she realized she wasn't in her bedroom, she sat up in the bed, and looked around in panic. Typical seedy motel room. Elderly TV, two beds, particle board dresser and nightstand. She twisted slightly in the bed and winced as a dull pain hit her in the side.

She looked down at herself and saw she was wearing a black T-shirt that she knew she hadn't worn to bed the night before. She lifted the shirt up and saw a large purple bruise that was developing just below her ribs.

Where did I get that from? And how did I get HERE? Wait a I wearing anything besides this shirt?

Kim lifted the covers and saw, with a moderate sense of relief, that she had on a pair of blue panties. As she dropped the covers she saw a pair of blue flared jeans and her socks and shoes on the floor.

She pulled the covers off herself and began putting on the pants. She checked the pockets and let out a relieved sigh as she found her car keys in one of them. As she was putting on her shoes, the phone on the nightstand rang. She hesitated for a moment, then picke dup the receiver.

"Um, hello?"

"Hello," came a choppy recorded voice, "this is the front desk calling, reminding you that check out time is at 11 AM. You have ten minutes until this time. Thank you for staying with us at the Blue Rose Motel."

The Blue Rose Motel. I know where that is. I'm in Lowerton. How the hell did I get to Lowerton?

Kim hung up the phone and finished tying her shoes. She spotted the room keycard on a small table near the door and picked it up. She debated on whether or not to just leave the card in the room and take off. She decided against it, as she had no idea if the room had been paid for or not.

She left the room and made her way toi the office. The desk clerk looke dup as she entered.

"Hi there. Can I help you?" He asked. Kim dropped the keycard on the desk.

"Um, yeah, checking out of room 215?" she said uncertainly.

"Oh, you must be the cousin." the desk clerk said, taking the key and placing it in a box labeled "Checkouts." "She said you were going to come by and pick her up."

"Um..yeah. I guess I am." Kim replied, not understanding what the desk clerk was saying.

"Yeah, she was interesting. I had to cover the night shift last night. She showed up after that brawl at the bar down the road. Figured she was involved in it, since she was limping and all, but she had a grin on her face and said she had a great time, but she needed a place to crash for the ngiht."

"I see." Kim said. Don't say anything, don't show him how freaked you are. "Um, she told me she left her car at the bar, but she didn't say which one. is going to come by later to pick it up."

"Oh yeah, it's the Shamrock Lounge a couple of blocks north of here. Better tell him to hurry, the guy who owns the place hates it when people leave their cars there past 10."

"Thanks." Kim reached into her back pocket for her wallet. "Um, how much do you need for the room?"

"Huh?" The clerk looked perplexed. "Oh. No, don't worry about it, she paid in cash last night for the room. So you're all set."

"Óh, okay. Thanks!" Kim waved and left the office. As she did, the desk clerk watched her and frowned.

"Boy, she must really admire her cousin to dress like her." he said.


As Kim approached the Shamrock Lounge, she saw her car parked in the lot. She also noted the huge picture window in the front of the bar was shattered, leaving only a gaping hole. A burly middle aged man was nailing a piece of plywood over the gaping hole.

Kim quietly made her way to the car, trying not to attract attention to herself. She unlocked the door and was about to get in when the man noticed her.

"Hey, you! You with that nutcase who trashed my place last night?"

Kim looked up at the man. "I'm sorry?"

The owner of the bar walked over to her."That other redhead who was dressed like you. She showed up in that car last night, came in here, got trashed and started a brawl. Broke my window, the jukebox and about a hundred glasses. Who's gonna pay for it, huh?"

"Um, that was my...cousin, sir. I loaned her my car last night, but she caught a cab home. So I came to get it."

"Cousin, huh?" the bar owner frowned. "Well, you tell that cousin of yours that if I see her in my place again, I'm calling the cops. I run a nice quiet joint here and I don't want any more problems, got it?"

"Y-yes, sir." Kim said. The bar owner snorted and stormed back to the window, allowing Kim to ge tin the car and drive off as quickly as seemed polite. As she drove back towards Middleton, she activated the car's inbuilt Kimmunicator.

"Wade?" she asked.

"Kim? Where are you? I've been trying to get ahold of you all morning. Your parents are freaking out!"

"I'm in Lowerton, Wade. Do me a favor, after you put my parents on and I figure out what to tell them, call Ron and tell him I'm going to meet him at his place. Then, check the emergency surveillance video from the Kimmunicator last night and tell me just what the hell happened to me."

"Gotcha." Wade replied. "I've got your parents on the line."

Kim took a deep breath and tried to relax. "Okay, put them on."

Wade disappeared from the screen and was replaced by Kim's parents.

"Kimberly Anne Possible, just where exactly ARE you?" her father said sternly.



"You better brace yourself, Kim." Wade said. "I've got some video from the Kimmunicator while you were asleep last night."

Ron slid closer to Kim in order to see the video on the Kimmuncator's screen. The two of them were at Ron's house, sitting on his bed. It had taken a lot of fast talking, but Kim had been able to convince her parents that she had an appointment to do volunteer park cleanup in Lowerton that she had forgotten about until early that morning. Even so, she'd been given a 45-minute lecture on scaring the living daylights out of her parents and making sure someone knew where she was, and she was sure she had just barely avoided getting grounded into the next month.

"We better find out what happened from this." Kim said. "I don't think they're going to buy my story if it happens again."

The perspective on the video was slightly off, as the Kimmunicator was on Kim's nightstand at the time, but it was enough to see movement as Kim got up from her bed. The scene was in shadow, but Kim's outline could be seen from what little light drifted in from the window.

Ron frowned. "KP, something's not right."

"You're right." Kim agreed, frowning herself. "I don't move like that."

The Kim on the screen stood in front of the window. She seemed to be looking around and marvelling at her arms. She turned away from the window and walked towards the nightstand. An arm appeared in the screen and turned the light on. The video began to shake, indicating that the Kimmunicator was being picked up. There was more movement and then a face filled the screen.

Kim and Ron stared at the face in the screen. The face looked similar to Kim's, but the features were sharper. The face was leaner in the cheeks and the chin slightly more pointed. The eyebrows were thicker than Kim's, and the hair was a much darker shade of red, with a couple of errant bangs flopping over the left eye from the usual wave of hair.

But the most striking feature of the Kim-like face was the eyes. Instead of Kim's usual forest green, the eyes were a startling shade of purple. A purple that almost glowed.

"Hello?" said the girl in the screen. She tapped it a couple of times. "Are you watching me, Wade? Shame on you. What would Kimmie think? I know what I think. And you should be ashamed of yourself, Wadeikins. No more peeping for you tonight. I have other plans. Ta!"

There was an electronic squeal, then the screen went dark. Wade's image reappeared on the screen.

"Who was that?!" Kim demanded. "How did she get in my room?"

"Um, KP..." Ron began. "I think she IS you."

Kim looked at Ron incredulously. "Don't be ridiculous, Ron. Okay, there's a similarity, but that is not me."

Wade cleared his throat. "Um...actually Kim, Ron's right."

"What?" Kim said, looking back at the Kimmunicator screen.

"What?" Ron echoed.

"Kim, I checked the timestamps on the motion detectors you asked me to install in the house after the Diablo thing," Wade began, "no one else came into your room except you, and no one left except her. Plus...well, she's wearing your pajamas in the video."

"ButI didn't start that brawl!" Kim protested. "I went to bed and then I woke up at that motel. I would have remembered going to a bar, much less starting a fight there. She--" Suddenly, Kim stiffened up and began to twitch. Ron frowned.

"Kim, you okay? Should I get your mom?" he asked, taking her by the shoulders. Kim shook her head and began taking deep breaths. After a few moments, she calmed down and looked back at Ron.

"I'm fine." Kim said.

"You're not fine, Kim." Ron said. "You just had a fit and you're changing forms when you sleep!"

Kim looked at Ron. "Look, Ron, I'm not pretending to know what happened, but that is just ridiculous. Nobody just changes into someone else and not have any memory of it."

"How else do you explain what we saw then?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Kim yelled. "If I DID we wouldn't be having this conversation!"

"All right, just calm down, KP" Ron said, taken aback. Kim blinked, then deflated.

"Sorry, Ron, I'm just so freaked out right now. I just want to know what's happening."

Ron slid closer to Kim and pulled her close. "Hey, we'll figure it out. We always do."

"Um guys," Wade said. "Hate to interrupt but we just got a hit on the site. Duff Killigan just took the clubhouse at Pebble Beach hostage."

Kim broke away from Ron and stood up. "On our way, Wade."

"I'll keep checking the video. Maybe I can spot something we missed the first go around."

"Good idea, Wade. Thanks." Kim turned to Ron. "Come on Ron, let's go kick some kilt."

"Booyah!" Ron said, getting up from the bed and heading for his closet.


Duff Killigan was a happy man.

Infiltrating the Pebble Beach Golf Course clubhouse disguised as a janitor had been a piece of cake. A few well hit exploding golf balls filled with knockout gas took care of most of the patrons, and the batches he had hidden aroudn the grounds were keeping the authorities at bay.

And to top it all off, he had the top pro golfer in the world tied up in front of his own press display.

By contrast, Leopard Forest was not a happy man. He had been promoting his new endorsement deal with Titleist and was making a publicity appearance, when a dreanged Scotsman had crashed the press conference and sent everyone to sleep with some kind of knockout gas. And now, he was tied to an office chair and gagged as the deranged Scot marched around, making demands on a cell phone.

"Aye, ye heard me correctly, laddie." Killigan said. "If ye want your champion back, ye'll have twenty million dollars depositied to the account number I've emailed to his agent. And I want it in the next three hours, otherwise..."

The villain turned to face the golfer and grinned. "Well, let's just say I give a new meanin' to the phrase 'hole in one.' Three hours startin' now." Killigan clicked off the phone and turned to Leopard.

"Well, now it's just you an' me, laddie." he said striding over to the trussed up pro. "And there's somethin' I've always wanted ta do." Killigan's grin widened as he walked over to one of the bags of golf clubs set up next to the podium. He selected a 5 iron and held it up menacingly. Leopard's eyes widened as Killigan leaned in close, holding the head of the club up between them.

"Would you say titanium or graphite makes the best club heads for a five iron?" Killigan asked suddenly. Leopard blinked. Killigan took a few steps back.

"No, I'm quite serious. I've been playing this sport for years and I canna figure out whether it's the heads or my stance that's causin' my five shots to slice somethin' awful."

Killigan assumed a golfing stance and took a couple of demonstrative swings. "What d'ye think, laddie?"

Suddenly, the doors to the banquet hall burst open, revealing Kim and Ron. Kim grinned at Killigan's expression.

"I'd say that it'll take a lot more than a couple of tips from a pro to fix your game, Killigan." Kim said. She went into a battle stance as Ron tried to do the same.

Kim's confident grin, however, changed into a frown, as Killigan's expression did the reverse. He pulled a golf ball from the pouch on his kilt and dropped it on the floor. "Oh, I think ye'll find my game's improved, lassie! FORE!"

He swung the five iron and the ball sailed into the archway above the door, exploding on impact. Kim dove to one side and shoved Ron out the archway and back into the hall. The structure of the arch gave way, sending debris flying everywhere.

And a large chunk of the wall down onto Kim.

"KP!" Ron cried.

"MMMPH!" Leopard said through his gag as a flying piece of wood flew through the air and hit him int he face, knocking him to the floor and out cold. Killigan let out a triumphant laugh as he made his way to the rubble of the wall. He held the five iron like a cane and leaned over it addressing the rubble.

"Well, lassie, what d'ye think of my short game now?" he said smugly.

A hand shot up from the rubble, clutching Killigan around the neck. The mad golfer gasped as he felt his windpipe being crushed. A figure clad in Kim's mission clothes rose form the rubble. Purple eyes glittered in the sunlight. Blood red hair flowed from her head. Her mouth was twisted up into a sadistic grin.

"Ach..." Killigan gasped.

"KP?" Ron's voice came form the other side of the rubble. "Kim, are you okay?"

The woman's grin widened as she looked at Killigan's terrified face. "Sorry, Ronnie. Kimmie can't talk right now." She losened her grip on Killigan's throat and he fell to the floor gasping for air.

The woman picked up the five iron and twirled it around like a baton. She took a few steps around Killigan. "Nice club. Good heft. Great balance." She took a stance in front of Killigan and grinned again.

"Now," she said. "Let me show you MY short game..."