The woman who used to be Kim Possible walked merrily along the streets of Pebble Beach, enjoying the novelty of being in a town with a ton of trees and no sidewalks. The nearby ocean roared, as the waves crashed on the rocks that gave Pebble Beach it's name.

Ah, it was a good day, despite the fact that Ronnie had stopped her from offing Killigan. Little Miss Prissy Pants had been knocked out, presumably by the junk that she had found on top of her when she woke up. And then, ah, the freedom.

The freedom to go where she wanted, do what she wanted, and not have to answer to anybody to do it. Kimmie always said she was the girl who could do anything. What a crock that was. While Kimmie claimed she could do anything, she rarely did. And sometimes, she refused to let herself do things that would have been a much more satifying and economic solution all the way around.

And oh, if Ronnie only knew some of the things Kimmie thought after the adrenalin rush from the graduation fiasco wore off...

Just for the hell of it, the woman took a few running steps and turned a series of cartwheels down the road. She could access Kim's memories up to the point where the fist change had happened so she knew that she was able to do quite a few things that Kimmie couldn't. She was faster, stronger, more agile. In short, she could easily take Kimmie in a fair fight.

A laugh escaped her lips as that thought crossed her mind. Like she would fight fair. She rolled out of her latest cartwheel, handsprung into a forward flip and landed back on her feet, continuing her walk. After a few minutes, the trees began to bore her. Good god, this was a boring place. Nothing but trees and golf courses and a few houses. No fun at all.

Although, she was kind of hungry. And what luck, there was a deli up ahead on the road. She reached into the back pocket of Kim's pants and pulled out her wallet, checking the funds. Ronnie had a point, the police were definitely no fun at all, and having to deal with them, just because she didn't have enough for a sandwich. There were a few bills in there.

She dashed across the road and up the steps leading to the deli. She bounded up to the counter and began ringing the bell that was on it. After a few seconds, a bored looking girl in her mid 20's showed up.

"Yes, thank you for ensuring that the bell works." She said in a bored tone of voice. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, give me a big damn sandwich." the woman said.

The counter girl quirked an eyebrow. "Anything in particular you want on this big damn sandwich?"

"Hmmm...roast beef. As rare as you can get it. I want to taste blood when I bite into it."

"Right, one Vampire Special." the girl said. She grabbed a deli roll and began slicing it open. "Cheese or anything?"

"Cheddar," the woman replied. "And go ahead and put everything on it. And a large diet soda."

"Right. For here?"


"Okay, grab a seat, I'll call your name when it's ready."

"Name?" the woman paused. This was something she had forgotten to deal with.

The counter girl looked up at her. "Yeah, a name. You know, the thing your parents gave you when you were born."

The woman's brow furrowed and she felt the urge to leap across the counter and feed the counter girl's face into the meat slicer, turning it into paper thin shreds. Then she remember that would also call the attention of Jonny Q. Lawman and resisted the urge, with considerable regret.

"Anne." she said. It was Kimmie's middle name, and it would do for now until she got one that sounded better. The counter girl nodded and went to work constructing the sandwich. "Anne" went to a table and sat in thought for a few moments, before raiding the Kimmunicator to her lips and tapping a button to record a message.

"Hey, Kimmie, just something I think you should know. I need a name. A good name. And none of that idiotic 'different name, same initials' crap. I want my own name. NOW."

She turned the record feature off and spent a few minutes playing around with the various features of the Kimmunicator, finally settling on playng Tetris while she waited for the sandwich.


beep beep be-beep...beep beep be-beep...

Kim's eyes opened and she realized she was on the floor of a bathroom. She sat up, and shook her head a few times to clear it. When the dizziness subsided, her eyes snapped open.

Oh, crap. It happened again!

The Kimmunicator on her wrist was beeping insistently. She brought it up and clicke dit on. "Wade?" she asked a little uncertainly.

"Kim!" Wade said, appearing on the screen. "Where are you? Are you all right?"

"I'm..not sure. I'm in a bathroom somewhere. Looks like a restaurant bathroom, though. Give me a minute, I'm going to take a look outside and get back to you."

Kim got to her feet, pulling off her gloves. As she did so, she noticed the seams at the fingertips were split, as if somethng had slit them open. She stuffed the gloves into the holster strapped to her right leg, next to her grapple gun, and washed her hands in the sink, splashing some water on her face to get rid of the remaining disorentation.

She dried her hands and face, and opened the door, revealing a hallway leading to a deli counter. She sighed in relief at knowing she was in a public place, rather than somebody's residence. She strightened up and walked out into the main part of the deli. A half eaten roast beef sandwich was sitting on a table, and judging form the taste in her mouth, Kim was pretty sure it was hers.

She picked up the basket and the soda cup and took them over to the trash can. She walked up to the counter, where the girl behind it gave her an odd look, looking down at her clothes then back up to her face.

"Had to take my contacts out." Kim said, noting that the girl was looking at her eye color. "They were itching like crazy. How much do I owe you?"

" already paid." the girl said suspiciously. Kim blinked then quickly regained her composure.

"Oh right. Sorry. Been one of those days, you know? Thanks for the sandwich."

"Yeah..." the girl said slowly. "Have a nice day."

"You too!" Kim said a little too brightly and quickly exited the deli. As soon as she was outside, she called Wade. "Wade? Trace my position and tell Ron to come pick me up."

"He's already on his way. Looks like your...other self didn't go too far."

"What exactly happened?" Kim asked. "I remember confronting Killigan at the clubhouse. I shoved Ron out of the way, and then part of the wall fell on me. And that's it."

Wade nodded. "I hope you aren't too mad, but considering what happened last night, I thought it might be best if I had the Kimmunicator record this mission, just in case."

"Normally, I would be," Kim answered. "But I think this is a seriously weird sitch, so I won't say anything."

Wade nodded and punched a few keys, bringing up the recording. Kim watched and listened as the other her appeared, threatened Killigan, listened to Ron and dove out the window. As the video played, she realized that what Wade and Ron said had to be true. Somehow, she was changing into a different person when she was sleeping.

Someone much more violent and much more dangerous. Someone who liked to hurt people for fun. Someone who, if unchecked, would definitely kill someone at some point.

Someone who had to be stopped.


Ron drove up in Kim's car just as the video ended. Kimlooked up and dashed over to him as he got out and hugged him fiercely. She looked up at him.

"You were right. I AM changing. And I don't like her." she said. Ron nodded.

"Well, until we can find a cure, maybe we can reason with her." Ron replied. "She listened to me about not hurting Killigan anymore, right?"

Kim nodded and broke the hug. "Right. Okay, no problem. We'll just wait for it to happen again and then you can..." Kim's voice trialed off as she noticed the little icon on the Kimmunicator's screen tha tindicated there was an audio file recorded. The twoo teen heroes looked at each other for a moment, then Kim hit the buttons that played the message back.

"Hey, Kimmie, just something I think you should know. I need a name. A good name. And none of that idiotic 'different name, same initials' crap. I want my own name. NOW."

"She wants a name, now?" Kim said quietly.

"Ummmm," Ron said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Maybe we should let her choose her own name. She might not like what we come up with."

Kim's expression hardened. "That's fair enough, because I know she's not going to like a lot of what I'm going to tell her later," she activated the Kimmunicator an got Wade again.

"Wade, do a search in Lowerton for cheap basement apartments, or empty townhouses or something. I need somewhere isolated, and that we can secure up the wazoo. And then, once you've found the place, turn it into every freedom loving persons nightmare. Cameras, motion detectors, the works. And THEN, do some research on high tech, escape proof restraints."

"Oookay, I can do that." Wade said."And, why am I doing this?"

"We're going to need some place where we can babysit the new member of the team." Kim said, sliding into the driver's seat of the car. Ron climbed into the passenger seat and the two of them took off down the highway.