August 2007

Disclaimer: Power Rangers and their affiliates belong to Saban and are used without permission and no money is being made off of this.

Author's Note: And the bunnies keep breeding… started while working on my 3rd fic but after I wrote my 4th… in as many days…

Summary: Set During the "Turbo" Movie – which I had to find and watch. A vignette series of "Missing moments" fics, and 1st person POV observation and introspections. Tommy & Kimberly

Calamity of Errors - Turbo

Vignette 1 - Kimberly's Capture

Her image came on the viewing screen in the Command Center and it was like time seemed to stop.

The image of Kimberly seemed to freeze on the viewing monitor, staring straight at him - through him – looking for rescue as she searched her surroundings. He couldn't breathe; it was like a pressure valve had been closed, preventing him from taking action. He couldn't move, though the overwhelming urge to rush to her rescue urged him to action.

She was a beautiful as he remembered. Her hair hung down to her shoulders, shining blue in the light of the viewer but he didn't need to see the color to know it was chestnut brown, or that her eyes were the color of caramels. He didn't need to touch her to know her skin would still be soft or her body just as fit as it had always been. He didn't need to hear her speak to remember the sound of her voice, or the way it made his heart pound in his chest.

He didn't see the look Kat gave him, or the hurt that shone in her eyes.

Kimberly's image was burned behind his retinas, blocking out all else, the shock of seeing her again having paralyzed him with the inability to act. He'd always wondered what it would be like to see her again, and now he knew

It was like being sucker punched, getting hit with a low blow and being left breathless and paralyzed, unable to move. It was like dying but living all at once. Seeing her was like a breath of fresh air after living on a half-ration of oxygen or like seeing the sun after a major thunder or snow storm. It was pain and pleasure, conflict and peace, his world being shattered only to be reborn all at the same time.

When he said her name it was but a whisper and he was barely conscious of the fact that he had. It wasn't until he forcefully shook himself and Kat's regard finally penetrated the spell in which he'd been lost that he realized what he was doing.

Kimberly didn't belong to him anymore; she'd found someone else and so had he.

But Kat was no Kim and while the look on Kat's face made him guilty enough to identify both Kimberly and Jason unnecessarily. He managed to pull himself together, shaking off the shock of Kimberly's sudden reappearance with difficulty, and turned to the rest of the Rangers to begin planning their rescue.

While no longer a Power Ranger, and no longer his girl, Kimberly was still special to him - would likely always be special to him – and the need to rescue her was no less pressing than it had been in the past. It likely never would be.