Chapter 1: Choices

It was busy at this time of night, typical really for this place. He walked through the gambling tables filled with avid players without pausing, his two silent black panther bodyguards shadowing him. His destination was a pair of ornate doors. As he reached them an expensively dressed male Pharaoh Hound Kantin deliberately stepped in front of him.

"Greetings! So glad to see you visiting my establishment once more. It has been quite some time since your last visit." The Kantin's cultured voice said smoothly.

"Yes. I regret to say business has been keeping me from enjoying the finer things in life." The imposing visitor said drolly.

"Ah yes! I've heard of your recent successes in the business news. So glad things are going well for you. Is there something special you are seeking tonight? I would be honored to supply whatever it is you desire?" The owner offered anxious to please his best customer.

"Hmm...I'm interested in something different tonight. Perhaps you have what I seek?" The powerful male asked cocking an eye at the Kantin.

"You have only to ask, sir and I will try to provide it." The sleek hound said smiling.

"I'd heard rumors that you have retained the services of a handsome hermaphrodite male?" The visitor said coolly.

" have heard correctly, sir. A prize he is indeed, but very spirited and not quite manageable. He has a fiery temper and has not accepted his new life very well." The Kantin said cautiously.

"Good! I do not wish a tame or well trained bedmate. A volatile one provides a more exciting chase and the taking is far more intense than a tame one. That is exactly what I seek tonight. Is he available?" The visitor asked his eyes fairly glowing with excitement.

Your fortune smiles on you tonight good sir. He is indeed available having succeeded in knocking out the last...uh...customer who was with him." The Kantin said with a pleased smile.

"Excellent! Then let us not tarry. Take me to him!" The visitor ordered, his body tense with barely restrained anticipation.

"Please to follow me." The Kantin said turning to open the ornate door and leading his wealthy visitor through.

The noise of the outer area of the club was silenced with the closing of the door. This room was expensively done up in comfortable chairs and couches where there were presently various males and females of various ages sitting or lounging on the floor. Some were dressed in ornate silks and fancy hairdos and others wore barely anything at all, except for a chain here and there attached to body piercings. The visitor barely glanced at the beautiful bounty on display.

The Pharaoh Hound passed through the room heading for a broad, carpeted staircase. He led his guest to an upper floor where many doors lined the richly carpeted hallway. He walked past them to another short staircase at the end. At the top of these stairs was only one door. The door had a heavy lock on it and there was a heavily muscled, gray wolf standing guard. He wore no shirt only pants that resembled Arabian pantaloons with soft pointed boots. He bore a large broadsword that he held across his chest.

"Good evening Nathan, how is our feisty Kat tonight?" The hound asked.

The guard, Nathan, frowned uneasily. "In a foul temper, sir. He hasn't really calmed down since he dispatched the last visitor." He said carefully.

The hound looked at his guest again, "Are you certain you wish to have this fractious bedmate, sir?"

Eyes glittering, the powerful male, said firmly, "He sounds exactly what I wanted for the evening."

"Very well!" The Kantin conceded quietly and signaled Nathan to unlock the door. Nathan did so reluctantly.

"My guards will remain out here. What is the male's name?" The visitor said already moving to the open door.

"He is called Ulysses. Have a good evening sir." The Kantin said politely. As soon as the guest had stepped through the door he closed it.

The visitor ignored the Pharaoh Hound and focused his attention on the dark furred Kat standing in a battle stance on the other side of the room. Not approaching his target just yet, the visitor prowled the room taking it in while casting speculative glances toward the room's occupant.

The room had obviously been beautifully decorated. A huge bed was near one wall with satin bedding in brilliant gold that was in violent disarray, it's many pillows tossed around the room. A small loveseat done in red velvet was against another wall. A table laden with finger foods and drink was nearby and on the floor was a broken carafe that apparently had held wine that was now spilled all over the Persian rug.

" do have a rather destructive nature." The visitor said calmly surveying the damage while closing in on the room's occupant.

The male was indeed handsome. He was dark furred with black, short cropped hair, had a heavily muscled chest, flat stomach, and powerful legs and arms of a warrior. No weakly was he. He was nude except for the gold chains that were hanging from rings pierced through his nipples. The visitor growled at the sight. An hermaphrodite that could breed should not have his nipples pierced. He would see about having them removed. He halted a few feet from the posturing male. The gold eyes stared at him with hatred and flashed his fangs at the visitor in impotent fury.

"Well, my hot blooded beauty, I'm told your name is Ulysses. I'd like this to be an enjoyable evening for both of us but I don't mind if I have to convince you of that. As a matter of fact, I look forward to teaching you to accept me." The visitor said challengingly as he began to remove his expensive coat and tossed it carelessly onto the loveseat while keeping his eyes on the other male.

Ulysses tightened and relaxed his muscles preparing for battle. He eyed the huge tiger tensely. This time he might not succeed in keeping his virginity intact and his mouth went dry.

He'd had no real way of determining exactly how long it had been since his kidnapping though he knew he'd been here at least two weeks. He'd been kept unconscious for a period of time where they had apparently transported him, took his clothes, cleaned him up, and pierced his body. He was placed in this fancy cage and told that he would service clients. He'd made it plain he would do no such thing and that's how he ended up fighting every night.

He had been punished in such a way as to not ruin his appearance but to impress upon him that he had better obey. The pain had been unbelievable but had not gotten him to cooperate so the Kantin had switched tactics. He let it be known that he'd pay $10,000 to the first person who could succeed in having sex with his prized slave. The fact that none had succeeded didn't stop guests from trying their luck and making the Kantin lots of money.

The rest of his time, after the club closed, he'd spent in trying to escape. He was too well guarded and had no clue as to where he was. His so called 'owner' wouldn't speak to him except to issue orders which he systematically refused to heed. He was getting so tired of this and not for the first time, he wished someone would find him. He'd even accept the SWAT Kats if they could just find him.

The huge silver and black striped tiger continued to strip his clothes off in a leisurely fashion while keeping his green gold eyes firmly on Ulysses. The tiger was powerful and well built. There wasn't an ounce of fat on his frame. Feral felt real fear since his arrival here. He shoved his terror aside, it would only hamper him. He had only one chance and that was to get the tiger to injure him so badly that he couldn't use him for sex.

"I have no desire to harm you, my beauty but you will obey me." The tiger said coolly moving to close the distance between them.

"Never!" Ulysses spit out tautly as he shifted his feet and readied himself.

"As you wish." The tiger said simply and moved so fast the dark tom barely got out of the way.

The tiger smoothly spun around and reached out a long arm succeeding in snatching Ulysses by the forearm as he was regaining his balance from the big Kat's initial lunge.

Gasping in shock, Ulysses quickly reared up and launched his feet at the tiger's chest knocking the big Kat to the floor and wrenching himself away. He threw himself over the bed putting it between himself and the tiger.

Grinning wolfishly, the tiger bounced to his feet. "Very good but it will avail you nothing." He purred wickedly as he moved stealthily around the bed.

Shivering in fear, Ulysses jumped onto the bed and nearly got to the other side when the tiger leaped onto the bed as well and tackled the dark tom.

Ulysses felt the air woof out of his lungs as the tiger landed on top of him. Despite being winded he frantically and forcefully rammed his elbows into the tiger's chest and rolled violently to dislodge his unwanted passenger. He was rewarded by the hiss of breath from the tiger and his own body landing on the floor leaving the bed to the tiger.

The tiger recovered quickly as Ulysses scrambled frantically to the far side of the room again, panting to catch his breath. His eyes gleaming with excitement, the tiger crouched on the bed and studied his opponent. He was very pleased so far with the dark tom's fighting spirit.

The tiger leaped off the bed and, once more, padded across the thickly carpeted floor toward his prize. Ulysses' eyes flicked from side to side trying to determine what to do next. The tiger's eyes narrowed with concentration as he tried to anticipate what the tom might do next.

For several nerve wracking minutes they stared at each other until the tiger made one of his lightning moves lunging at the tom. In desperation, Ulysses dropped to the floor and kicked up with his feet sending the tiger hard into the door of the room where the big Kat slid to the floor upside down.

Once more on the other side of the bed, Ulysses heaved for breath and stared at his opponent who, unfortunately was stunned only a little. If he'd been knocked out, the tom knew he could have tied him up, as it was, he watched helplessly as the tiger staggered only a little as he regained his feet and growled at him.

But instead of getting angry and possibly making a mistake, the tiger shook himself out and studied the dark tom with a look of respect. "You are very well trained, some form of the military I wager." The tiger said conversationally.

Ulysses swallowed and refused to talk to this dangerous Kat. He was getting tired, functioning on adrenalin alone and he could feel his muscles shaking with fatigue.

The tiger knew this handsome tom was at the end of his strength. A little longer and he would be forced to submit. His tired body unable to continue the fight. With this in mind, the tiger again stalked his prey. He moved as if to come at the tom from the side of the bed again but when the dark tom made a move to leap the bed the tiger was already there wrapping his arms around Ulysses and both of them slamming down onto the bed.

Ulysses struggled frantically but couldn't find a way to dislodge the tiger. The tiger rolled further over so that the dark tom was under him. His arms kept the tom from elbowing him again and his weight prevented Ulysses from getting enough leverage to use his legs. He was pinned. He sobbed for air and his heart hammered with terror.

The tiger could smell the dark tom's fear, feel his heart beating against his arms.

" beauty. No need for such fear. I do not intend to hurt you." The tiger soothed licking the sweat from Ulysses' neck.

Ulysses couldn't help it, he shuddered and struggled even more. He had been with females and males alike but had never been the receiver.

Keeping one arm and his body firmly on his prize, the tiger snaked an arm down the other's body until he reached his goal. He felt the tom tighten his legs to prevent further contact but the tiger was determined and forced his fingers between the thighs until he was able to touch the dark tom's female mons.

Ulysses gave a wild cry and struggled even harder. The tiger tightened his grip even more and used his legs to pin the wildly bucking Kat. His fingers continued to stroke gently despite the difficulty.

'This will never do,' The tiger sighed to himself. This was something he hadn't wanted to do but he couldn't allow the tom to flail around any more. He opened his jaws wide and firmly grasped the Kat's scruff. Ulysses gave a shocked gasp and found his body going limp against his wishes just as if a switch had been thrown within him.

Not releasing his mouthful of scruff, the tiger now stroked and caressed the clitoris of the dark tom. Ulysses whimpered as flashes of pleasure rushed up and down his body from the tiger's gentle tormenting fingers.

As the tom became wet and aroused, the tiger carefully inserted a finger, thrusting gently. Ulysses moaned and writhed unwillingly, his body out of his control. The tiger inserted a second finger to the accompaniment of the dark tom's panting whimpers.

Taking a chance, the tiger released Ulysses scruff and licked and bit gently the broad shoulders while continuing his finger thrusts. To his pleasure, the Kat helplessly moved his hips in time with the tiger's finger movements. He felt the body under him shudder and tighten then the Kat howled as he orgasmed.

Ulysses collapsed onto the bed and panted his body tingling everywhere. 'Oh God, that had felt incredible.' He thought in shock.

Before he could recover he felt the tiger shift above him. He tried to scramble out from under him but the tiger grabbed him again by the scruff. He gave a whimpering cry as he felt the tiger's hard organ begin to pierce his hot and still quivering channel. The tiger took his time not wanting to injure his prize. Slowly as Ulysses writhed and shuddered, he firmly pushed in then pulled back then pushed in a little further.

He continued this for some minutes until he reached the Kat's thin membrane. With one thrust he broke through it and began a steady thrusting. He released the tom's neck and set a steady pace. Ulysses groaned and tightened around the intruder but it only made it feel even better. As the tiger picked up the pace, Ulysses whined as his body got hotter and hotter. It felt soo good and the tingling got stronger and stronger until his whole body clenched and spasmed. He cried out wildly drowned out a moment later by the tiger's roar of completion. The two sweating bodies collapsed to the bed and lay limp heaving for breath.

For long minutes only the sound of their harsh breathing filled the room. The tiger recovered first and rolled to his side taking the tom with him. Cuddling him in his arms, the tiger gently licked the sweating face.

"There now! You see that wasn't so bad was it." The tiger said soothingly.

Ulysses felt incredible and sore then a wave of humiliation struck and he struggled to get free choking with fury and tears of loss.

The tiger tightened his grip and said softly, "Now, now don't take on so. I realize your pride and sense of self has been badly shaken. It is not my intention to make you my slave but I do have a demand to make and you will listen so stop this useless struggle and tears." The tiger said firmly.

Ulysses swallowed his pain and tried to still his anguish enough to listen to what the tiger had to say. He really didn't have a choice.

"That's better. My name is Shakil Kamau and I am here on business. Rumors had reached my ears about an hermaphrodite that could breed having been recently acquired by a certain high class establishment for the wealthy. For some time now, I have been searching for a mate but I was not interested in females, such deceitful creatures. But my predilection for males would not grant me an heir required by my clan so I began a search for someone like you. For the price of your freedom, I wish for you to be my mate. I will treat you with the respect due a warrior but I demand your time in my bed and the breeding of an heir. If you refuse, you will remain a prisoner here never seen by your family again and forever used by others. The choice is yours." He finished eyeing the tom quietly.

"What kind of choice is that?" Ulysses gasped in shocked anger.

"The only one you have." Kamau said bluntly.

Ulysses pushed at the tiger and the big Kat willingly let him go. Rolling away and getting off the bed, he walked over to the loveseat. Sitting down carefully, he stared at the tiger. He felt anger, pain, sorrow at the loss of his virginity and now his freedom. Even if he agreed to the tiger's terms he would still be a prisoner. Though free to go home, he would still have to honor his deal to breed an heir. He hadn't even thought about having kittens and now he would be required to do so not for love but duty. That hurt more than anything else the tiger could do to him. He had hoped for a family one day and now that was gone.

He felt hopelessly lost. If he refused, he could continue to try to escape but until he did he would have to fight every day and possibly lose again and become pregnant and not just once but many times if he didn't succeed in escaping very soon. The horror of that threat was even worse than the tiger's. He closed his eyes in real emotional pain. He had to face reality. He'd been missing two weeks that he knew of and no one had found him. He had no choice if he ever wanted to go home again.

He swallowed hard. "Alright you win." He said bitterly.

"Excellent!" Shakil Kamau said approvingly. He got up from the bed and went over to the distraught Kat. Reaching down a paw he tipped the Kat's face up. "I promise I will be good to you. Just give it some time. If it had been my choice, I would have preferred to have courted you but that was not fated to be, still I would not have you broken. I love spirited creatures and I expect you will breed truly spectacular kittens. Now I will get dressed and see to your release and some appropriate clothes." The tiger said softly rubbing his fingers gently against the tom's chin. "Oh, and those abominable piercings will be removed as well." He added in distaste.

He released the tom and began to dress. Ulysses felt limp and lost. He sat unmoving while the tiger finished dressing then went to the door and knocked to be let out. Kamau glanced back at the forlorn figure and sighed. He may have won his prize but it would be a long time before he ever won the beautiful tom's heart.