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Warning: yaoi, pedo-Sasuke (hahahaa), child abuse, and other unsavory occurences

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Uchiha Sasuke stared at the undulating grey mass of clouds that covered every inch of sky stretched out over the unnaturualy empty streets of one of the business districts of Tokyo's Chiyoda ward. It was a very odd day, this kind of weather in July. Even the news hadn't predicted the sudden storm.

Yet it wasn't just a random day. It was the 23ed, the day that marked Sasuke's 24th year of life. His family, which consisted of only his elder brother Itachi and a friend of his dead parents, Hatake Kakashi, planned on making a big deal of it, but Sasuke had quickly put a stop to thier plans of any sort of celebration.

One more year of life didn't mean much to the youngest of the Uchiha clan. For Sasuke, life had been planned out from the day he was born to the day he died, with no side tracking. His life was one boring repetitive day after another.

That wasn't going to change anytime soon.

It took Sasuke ten minutes to walk out of his office, take the elevator down thirty floors, and unlock the door of his black Acura NSX. A peresent from Itachi three years ago. Sasuke had a feeling Itachi had meant it more as a show of power that he could in fact obtian such a machine then a loving gesture.

Rain had begun to patter down on the windshield as Sasuke drove through the empty streets. It was a little sad, acctualy, that he was now twenty-four years old and had no social life to speak of, had no girlfriend (perish the thought), and had only two or three friends. All he had was his Family owned multi-billion dollar company that he inherited and now shared with Itachi, his rediculousely expensive house, his car, and his good loo-

"Holy shit!!"

Sasuke gripped his steering wheel and floored the brake, swerving violently on rain slicked asphalt. The rain was harder now, and visibility was low, but he was highly releived that whatever had ran out in front of his car just now, he hadn't hit.

What in the hell was that anyway?!

Sasuke opened his car door, stepping out into the rain, his black, spiked hair immediatley getting soaked through and his bangs sticking against his face. The air and water combined was freezing, making Sasuke clutch his suit jacket closer to his body. His onyx eyes squinted through the downpour, searching the road.

There was a bundle in the middle of the road, like a large pile of dirty white rags. Sasuke would have dissmissed it exactly as such, and driven off, but instead he just stared, squinting through the rain. And then...

The pile of rags moved, and a small whimper that he could only barely hear through the pattering rain was emitted.

'Oh god... please let that be some animal...' Sasuke begged whatever deity controled fate as he ran through the rain and kneeled next to the object.

To Sasuke's horror, it wasn't an animal, nor was it just a pile of rags.

"Shit... shit shit shit!!" he cursed out loud apon seeing that it was in fact the frail body of a child. This was not the turn of fate he had in mind.

All that Sasuke could tell as he gently and hesitantly lifted the child up, was that the kid was most likely a boy . The short spikes of most likely dark brown hair was flattened to the boy's strangely scarred face, but Sasuke couldn't be sure with the lack of light and the blur of the rain in his eyes. Regardless, he ran back to his car with the clearly injured youth, feeling the boy's very light body shake from the freezing temperature.

Sasuke sat in the empty hospital waiting room, staring at white linolium floor. His body felt uncomfortably damp, his body heat returnng and creating an unpleasent muggy feeling. No sooner had he pulled up at the hospital and ran through the emergency room door that the small boy had been carted off, half a dozen doctors and nurses rushing him off to (probably) some operating room. Sasuke was left to fill out paper work he had no idea how to fill out.

The boys name was left blank, his age, pretty much everything. In fact, the only thing Sasuke could say for sure was that he was a boy, young, with dark brown hair and strange scars on his cheeks that he only got a glimps of in the flouresent lighting of the hospital. Truth be told, the kid might have even been a girl, as he was so frail and sort of looked like one. Hell, Sasuke had only assumed that he was a boy from his short hair. But maybe the kid was a girl.

But the biggest hint the kid gave off was his finacial status. Obviousely he was poor, and probably lived with a family that had little or nothing to their name. Surely the kid's parents would freak out over the medical bills, but Sasuke immediately planned on paying for anything that was needed. Not only was this becuase he could afford it, but also because it was mostly his fault. God forbid they were the type that fancied to sue.

"Uchiha-san?" A pink haired nurse said softly, walking into the room while holding the door open for a very large busted blond doctor.

"Ah." Sasuke stood up, nodding his head to the two women. The blond doctor nodded back, surveying the Uchiha with calculating amber eyes.

"I'm Dr.Tsunade. This is Haruno Sakura. You the boy's father?" she asked. Sasuke shook his head, but mentaly noted that he was correct in assuming the kid was male. Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"Really? I didn't think you two looked alike, but I thought maybe he resembled his mother. So who are you to him then?" she said.

"I was the one driving the car that hit him." Sasuke responded. Sakura gasped a little and Tsunade placed her hands on her hips.

"Is that right? I suppose you'll be footing the bill then, correct?" she asked with a tone that suggested almost as if Sasuke had no choice.

"Of course. His parents don't have to pay for anything." he replied. Tsunade waved a hand around.

"They wouldn't pay for anything anyway. He told us before he went under anesthesia that he had no parents or guardian. He was so worried acctualy, telling us that he doesn't have much money, but we can take what he saved up. Although, 500 yen wont do us much good." she informed the slightly shocked business man.

"He has no parents?" he repeated.

"Thats what he told us. But money is only the less important reason I came out to speak with you. The boy's injuries." Tsunade started. Sasuke nodded, and Tsunade in turn nodded to Sakura before walking off. Sakura bowed and opened the door she had just walked out of.

"If you'd follow me, please, Uchiha-san." she asked, holding the door open. Sasuke followed after her, ignoring her frequent shy blushing glances. He had no intrest in this woman, and found that he was far more interested in the boy's condition then anything else at the moment. It was odd, how he had little curiosity before he found out that the child had no parents.

"This is his room, Uchiha-san. He should still be asleep, but if he wakes up, please inform either myself or the Head Nurse, Shizune-sensei. If you'd like, I can stay with you while-"

"No need Haruno-san." Sasuke interupted the pink haired young woman before she could make a fool of herself. Sakura blushed and looked a little down cast, but nodded and walked back down the hall. Sasuke stared at the door, fingers on the handle before slowly sliding it open.

His breath caught in his throat.

The boy, which now that Sasuke could see him more clearly, was quite cute. He looked about 10 years old, but was very fragile and thin, giving off a feminin appearance. The hair Sasuke had thought was dark brown must have been covered in dirt and filth at the time (god forbid it had been blood), as it now was a brilliant golden blonde. His skin was bruised in some areas, yet held a soft natrual tan. His face was peacefull, a few small cuts that looked like they had been healing for a while were scattered here and there on the boys innocent face.

But... what about the three thin scars that lined his each of his plush cheeks? They were cute, like little fox whiskers, if it wasn't so demented that they looked almost like they had been perpously carved into the kid's face.

Sasuke pulled up a chair and sat himself as close to the bed as possible. Soft breaths of air puffed in and out of the blond's full pink lips. Dark grey eyes softend, though Sasuke didn't relize it. He leaned back and snatched up the silver clipboard at the foot of the bed. He read down the list of injuries the kid had sustained (again remindigng him it was his fualt for grazing the innocent little boy).

He was suprised though, that the only injuries was a broken wrist, bruised ribs, and numerouse other bruising patterns. There was a side note, at the bottom, written in femanin handwritting.

'Panteint has sighns of injuries that have been left untreated for an elongated period of time. Damage to vocal chords has been diagnosed that didn't seem to been inflicted by the accident...'

Sasuke frowned and placed the clipboard back where he found it, leaning back in his chair to stare at the boy. Looking more carefully now, he did notice that on the kid's thin tan arms were lined with scars and bruises that were yellowed from healing.

"I have a feeling you didn't get those from playing out in a yard..."Sasuke muttered more to himself then to the little blond. There was a soft rustle of blanket and a tiny groan. Sasuke retracted his hand imediately as though he had been burned. His heart skipped a beat when brilliant blue eyes drifted open to lock on his own dark grey.

"Nnng...Mas..ter...?" the boy whispered. Sasuke frowned.


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