Sasuke huffed, pulling the last bit of luggage into the foyer, wiping his bangs out of his eyes. He flicked on a light switch, then, with a sort of calm satisfaction, took in his surroundings.

The cabin his grandparents had bought years back was still in living condition, save for some dust here and there. The place was small, and furnished simply, but there wasn't need to be extravagant when it was tucked away in such a wooded area. With a sigh, Sasuke turned and went out to the large front porch, looking out through the trees. He frowned, leaning over the thick log railing to look past the ceiling and up at the sky over head.

'You've got to be kidding me with this...' Sasuke bemoaned to himself as the sky grew darker with thick, gray clouds. He thought back to the jacket Kakashi's lover had warned him not to stuff in his duffle-bag, but at the time he had simply explained to Iruka that the weather report had mentioned nothing of rain. The entire drive over had been bright and sunny.

'You'd think I would have learned from experience by now...'

Not bothering to dig through his bags and waste time, Sasuke headed out, following a path that lead off from the gravel drive way and into the woods. As he went along, a bit of the pre-rain drizzle started, and Sasuke sped up a bit more.

"He'd better have not run off too far..." the young businessman muttered, following the heavy sent of wet earth and moss. The trees suddenly ended, and he stood staring out over Chuzenji lake.

"Now, where is he? I knew I shouldn't have let him go running off on his own..." Sasuke looked down both ends of the bank, trying to decide if he should shout, or start searching on foot. The latter worried him, as the light drizzle was starting to turn into scattered droplets.


The Uchiha turned, smiling as Naruto, dressed in the new clothes Sasuke had bought for him a few days after leaving the hospital; fitted black shorts and an orange t-shirt with a popular band's logo that acctually fit him. In retrospect, even Naruto had been dressed for weather that just wasnt happening.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait, I wanted to look for frogs, but I couldn't find any..." The blond said, grinning embarressedly while twisting his shirt nervously. Sasuke could see the slight shivering of Naruto's shoulders, and was reluctantly brought out of his hypnotized adoration.

"Naruto, it's going to rain, we have to get back to the house." Sasuke said, taking the blond by the hand and pulling him back along the path. Naruto smiled in a careless sort of way, even though it was now starting to pour down through the trees. Sasuke frowned, trying to sheild both himself and Naruto from the rain. Naruto smirked, and wasn't having any of it.

"O-oi, Naruto!" Sasuke exclaimed as the teen pulled him into a large spin, laughing at the astonished (and wet) expression on the raven haired man's face. Sasuke smirked, sticking his leg out and tripping the blond to fall against his chest. Naruto's laugher ended with an abrupt sort of 'Eeh!' sound when he was heaved up and tossed over the elder man's shoulder.

"You brat, you'll catch a cold!" Sasuke reprimed in a tone that was trying to be stern as he rushed them both back under the porch awning. Naruto chuckled and squirmed down from Sasuke's hold, rushing to the railing and leaning back out into the rain. Sasuke frowned, coming up behind him.

"Hey hey, you really will catch a cold, you know..." he warned softly. Naruto just laughed, propping his chin up on his palms.

"Its fine like this. Besides, I've never gotten sick before." he replied. Sasuke blanched.

"Thats not really the point..." he thought aloud. Daringly, he leaned over Naruto's smaller frame, wrapping his arms around the teen's slender waist and propped his chin on dripping blond spikes.

"Sorry, I didn't think it would rain. We can go do whatever you want when it stops, alright?" he said softly. Naruto gave a short hum in response.

"Its alright, I really like this kind of weather." he reassured his companion. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. All things considered, Naruto should be traumatized of the rain if he had any opinion on it at all.

"Any specific reason?" Sasuke inquired, twisting the blond around to face him (he had just about enough of the boy's attention being else where). Naruto grinned, big and fox-like with shut eyes.

"I really like it, this rain that Sasuke found me in." he answered, saying something as profoundly rattling as it had been to Sasuke as though it were common knowledge.

Sasuke just couldn't take it anymore.

He threw himself onto Naruto, kissing him with a fierceness that was all too easy to be consumed by. Naruto blinked, momentarily startled, before closing his eyes and reciprocating with equal fervor. Sasuke's hands gripped into Naruto's hair, turning the boy's head to deepen such an overwhelming kiss. His tongue pressed between the other's lips, mapping out every inch of Naruto's mouth. Naruto, though sadly experianced, was timid in his efforts to respond.

Sasuke had no doubts at this point. His hands trailed downward, running down the younger boy's back to grip his hips, pressing their bodies closer together. Naruto gave a drawn out whine, bringing his hands up to grip the back of Sasuke's shirt.

"Nnn... Naruto..." Sasuke groaned as their groins were pressed together and shifted, adrenaline rushing from such fantastic friction. Suddenly, both young men hit the porch deck, their knees having sacrificed support in place of the intense desire saturating their senses. Yet the fact that they were now grinding against each other much more horrizontaly then they had been went unnoticed.

All Sasuke knew was he had a beautifully rain-soaked blond haired blue eyed angelic Adonis writhing under him, and that the skin on his neck was so good it should be illegal. And those sounds; breathy pants and fiery whines and mewls...

It was getting to be more then Sasuke could take.

He sat up, knees on either side of Naruto's waist, and, after several tries of being gentle about it, ripped the orange t-shirt right downt he middle. Naruto cried out, frowning through his lust addled mind.

"Sasuke...! I liked that shirt..." he trailed off, pouting slightly. Sasuke tossed it to the side (where it slid off the porch and into the mud), diving back down for more of the newly exposed skin.

"I'll buy you ten more just like it." he said absently. Any reply Naruto could have come up with was cut off by his own breathy gasp when Sasuke's talented tongue found its way to a pert nipple.

"Nnngh! Sa... Sasu...ke..." Naruto stuttered, his fingers tightening their grip on Sasukes shoulder blades. Though, Sasuke thoroughly ignored him, moving across the boys tan chest to give the other nipple attention, keeping pace with his fingers rubbing up and down over Naruto's chest. This, however, proved less then Sasuke could be satisfied with, and soon his ministrations headed south.

"Sa-Sasuke!" Naruto gasped when cold air hit his heated flesh. Where had those shorts that he had been wearing go off to...?

"Haaahn!" Blue eyes squeezed shut as waves of ecstasy crashed over Naruto's body as he was swollowed by Sasuke's hot mouth, and that damnably good tongue. The blond was at a loss with it all, usure of what to do in such a situation for the first time in his life.

"Sasuke! This..! Ah! I can't...! What are you...uhn..!" Naruto bit his lip as Sasuke gave a particularly languid suck on his member, dark eyes glancing up to inspect the reaction. Naruto's face was flushed red, his panting was getting to the point Sasuke was concered he might have a lung condition. But it was beautifull.

And natrually, Sasuke wanted more.

He released the boy's heated flesh from his mouth's embrace, moving to straddle Naruto, all the while removing his wet shirt and pants. The chilled air rushed over his body immediately, though had little effect when he was hotter then he had ever been at that moment.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered huskily into the writhing boy's ear. " Can I keep going...?" he asked earnestly. Naruto gripped the ground beneath them, his eyes a haze on blue.

"You don't have to ask when I'm already like this..!" Naruto answered, pulling his legs up to wrap around either side of Sasuke's waist. The dark haired man smirked and leaned in, crushing Naruto into a fierce kiss while his fingers trailed downward. Naruto broke the fervet kissing to push against Sasuke.

"Nnn, you dont have to do that, its fine if you just go." he breathed hastily. Sasuke blinked, pulling back.

"I don't want to hurt you..." He trailed off. Naruto shook his head.

"Something like that doesn't hurt me, its fine, just go, please!" the blond urged, gripping tightly to Sasuke's shoulders. The Uchiha bit his lip, deciding to not second guess such a direct order.

With a sharp hiss, he pushed forward, groaning at the unbelievable heat that clamped down on him. Naruto moaned loudly, his breathing quick fevered intakes of air. Sasuke clenched his eyes shut, wanting so badly to move, but he was sure that in this tightness, Naruto would surely feel pain.

"Move... please move..." Naruto begged against his ear, and Sasuke wouldn't refuse him. He shifted, pulling away only far enough so as to push back with abandon. Naruto gave one of his amazing moans into Sasuke's chest, and it was all the elder man could do to keep embarrassing groans withheld.

"Sa-Sasuke! I...! So good..! Ah!" Naruto didn't seem to know what was what, as he was thrust into so tenderly and passionately, his mind fogged in an unfamiliar pleasure.

Sasuke could feel a burning coil tighten in his lower abdomen as he rocked faster with Naruto. He wasn't going to be able to keep going at this rate, being as close as he was.

"Ah!" Naruto gave a sharp gasp as his lover's hand snaked around, gripping him firmly and pumping in time with their movement. Tears or pleasure clouded the blond's eyes, and any words he attempted were swallowed up by Sasuke's greedy mouth as he released.

"Kuu... Naruto!" Sasuke breathed as the tightness around him became too much, and he too, reached his climax, releasing himself deep inside Naruto.

The chilled air was filled with the sounds of panting, deep breathing from the two who laid in a close embrace while the rain fell into the forest floor around them. Far off, the sound of water against water as the lake filled with the uncharacteristic July rain.

Sasuke's breathing finally returned to normal, and he glanced to check on his companion's status. It was an endearing sight, a passed out Naruto. As much as he would prefer they could remain where they were, Sasuke didn't want to sleep out on the wide front porch of the cabin, nor did he want an notified Nikko Park ranger to happen upon them.

With a satisfied sigh, Sasuke stood up with Naruto against his chest, and carried the boy into the far warmer house. After laying the blond down and cleaning off both of their bodies, Sasuke finally pulled himself into bed next to the slumbering youth. Though he was tired, Sasuke stayed awake, listening to the rain falling outside and gently brushing his pale fingers through damp blond spikes.

"This seems... a little too perfect." Sasuke whispered to himself, smiling. A tan hand caught and entwined with his own fingers, bringing them to rest against an equally tan collar bone.

"Remember what I told you about thinking too much? At the rate your going, you'll have Itachi-nii's hair style soon enough." Naruto murmured. Sasuke pinched the blond's ear as punishment for saying such a thing.

"I wonder if I should listen to the one who passed out..." Sasuke drawled, resting his head against his arms, propped up on the head board. Naruto's face flamed pink as he skooted his body to lay against Sasuke's abdomen.

"Th-thats...! I didn't pass out, I was resting...!" he reasoned.

"Haaaah, 'resting' even when I was cleaning off all that c- AGH!" Naruto gave a harsh bite to his abdominal muscle before he could finish.

Sasuke pulled Naruto forward with hands on either side of his face, kissing him softly on the forehead before pulling away. Though it was slightly dark in the room from the lack of sun outside, the dark haired man could still see large blinking blue eyes staring at him. Sasuke rubbed his hand against a scarred cheek, frowning that the marks were now darker then they had been before.

"You'd better not be preparing to apologize for anything." Naruto warned, furrowing his brows. Sasuke smirked, tossing his head to the side nonchalantly.

"Am I getting that predictable?" he asked.

"Extremely. But its not so much annoying as that its not necessary." Naruto responded, tuning on his side while laying against the other man's hard stomach. Sasuke sighed.

"Thats a matter of opinion." he muttered. Naruto laid still for a moment, and it was quiet. There was the muffled roll of distant thunder from beyond the safe cabin walls, and the distinct patter of rain that had yet to cease.

"Every time you say your sorry or get that remorseful look on your face, it makes me think back to what you're troubling yourself over." Naruto whispered against pale skin. Sasuke's eyes dulled, guilt beginning its assault on his heart.

"...I'm... I don't know what to say then."

Naruto smiled.

"To someone like me, everything you've said up to now has been enough. I want to continue in this world, by my own merit, and have you with me, but by you're own choice, not because you're tied down by guilt or pity." he said calmly. "I want you're eyes to always be watching me because you prefere no one else. I want to be with you forever."

Sasuke felt his chest relax, as if an infinite wieght was lifted from his shoulders.

"You will be. I'll keep you as close to me as I possibly can, but if you want to leave me at some point, if thats what you want, I'll let you go..." he said. Naruto's head shot up.

"That'll never be the case!!" he urged. Sasuke smiled and chuckled slightly, running a hand through the boy's hair.

"Oh? Well I'm relived then."

Naruto burrowed his face against the hard muscles of Sasuke's stomach, breathing in the earthy sent they had both acquired from the session on the front porch.

'So, you want to tell me your name...?'

"I love you, Naruto."

The blond closed his eyes.

'Nnngh... Master...?'

"I love you too, Sasuke. And, happy birthday."

Blue eyes slid shut first, followed closely by dark, dark ashen grey.

The rain fell down on the Uchiha family private cabin, and though it was late in July, it fell unfettered. Though it would be seen as an odd sight, such unseasonable weather, it wasn't unheard of.

Some things happen despite what can be predicted. And some things happen regardless of that which is already known.


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