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Star Trek Voyager

Battle's End

Chapter 1

Kazon Fleet

Captain Janeway was in her quarters, looking over the profile reports from every crew member on the ship. She had a cup of her favorite strong coffee and had just finished the profile on all the engineering staff. Next would be the security staff. Janeway sighed and took a long sip from her coffee.

This was the hardest part of being a Captain. She had to choose who deserved a higher rank and who didn't. Even with the help from Chakotay and Tuvok, she had the last say in the matter and that bothered her. She wished she didn't have to do this by the books, but some deserved to get higher in rank, while others didn't.

Janeway finished the last of her coffee and stood up to get some more. As soon as she poured herself a new cup, her door chimed. "Come in," Janeway asked wondering who'd come this late night.

Chakotay walked in and smiled at Janeway. "I thought I might find you here," Chakotay said with a smile.

"What are you doing here so late?" Janeway asked giving her first officer a perplexed look.

"To give you some company," Chakotay said taking a step toward his captain, "Come on, you have been working to hard and you need to unwind. Let's have dinner together. I know it's late, but I know both of us haven't eaten in a while."

"I can't," Janeway said shaking her head, "It was a nice offer, but I have another forty staff member to go over."

"Take a break," Chakotay said gently, "We'll finish that tomorrow; together."

"Okay," Janeway said setting down her coffee on her desk, "So what is on the menu?"

"Let's see," Chakotay said walking up to the replicator, "Computer, one bottle of wine, oh let's see and two plates of Kurplah."

"Kurplah?" Janeway asked with a smile, "Why am I nervous to try that? It sounds Klingon and most Klingon food is still much alive while you eat it."

"It isn't Klingon," Chakotay said with a grin, "It's an ancient family recipe."

"Well," Janeway said crossing her arms over her chest, "What is Kurplah then?"

"I can't give you the recipe, because it is family only. Plus I have it voice activated for the replicator, so only I can get it," Chakotay said walking to the table with the two dishes and the wine, "But let me tell you, Seven says it is a most efficient family recipe."

"Speaking of Seven," Janeway said gazing at the nebula outside, "I couldn't help of over hearing you and Seven in engineering early today, but weren't you supposed to have dinner with her?"

"Yeah, we were supposed to," Chakotay said pouring wine into both cups, "But she said she'd be more efficient if she regenerated."

Janeway took one of the wine cups and asked as she sniffed its pungent fragrance, "So what type of wine is this?"

"I'm not sure," Chakotay said shaking his head as he sniffed the wine, "Tom suggested it to me on his anniversary. He said Belanna liked it, so I guess it should be good."

"Wasn't that the day when Tom got drunk and Seven found him strolling in the corridor naked?" Janeway asked taking a sip of wine.

"Yes," Chakotay chuckled, "Seven told me about it and she wanted to know why Tom would do something so silly like that."

Janeway took a spoonful of Kurplah and was about to eat it, when there was a loud explosion. Voyager then shook violently. Janeway tapped her comm. badge and asked, "Tuvok what is happening?"

"Kazon ships have attacked us sir," Tuvok said, "They exited the nebula. We didn't even know they were in there."

"On my way," Janeway said getting up from her seat, "We'll continue this another time."

Janeway and Chakotay walked to the bridge and Janeway said, "Report."

"Five Kazon vessels have exited the nebula," Tuvok said.

"Kazon?" Janeway asked, "This far in space? We haven't dealt with them in three years."

Voyager shook again as the Kazon ships regrouped and fired. "Target the closest ship and fire."

"Yes sir," Tuvok said.

Voyager fired phasers, but a small shield covered the Kazon ship showing a minor decrease in shields. Voyager shook again and sparks shot out from the computer Harry was working at. The Kazon ships regrouped and flew to the back of Voyager, targeting their warp drive.

Voyager shook again and a small explosion was heard in the back of the bridge. "Hull breaches deck 10 through 14, sections 22 through 38," Harry shouted over the noise, "Shields down to sixty percent."

"Divert all necessary power to shields," Janeway ordered and continue firing. Make every shot count."

Torpedoes shot out from Voyager and sliced though one of the Kazon ships causing it to explode. "Shields down to forty eight percent," Harry shouted again as a number of explosions rocked Voyager, "Impulse engines are down."

"Damn," Janeway said through gritted teeth.

The Kazon ships regrouped and flew around to the front of Voyager firing weapons. Voyager fired a string of torpedoes and another Kazon ship exploded. "Three more," Tom mumbled, as he maneuvered Voyager to the best of his abilities.

Voyager fired phasers another Kazon ships and that one exploded. The last two regrouped and began firing on the back of Voyager. "Hull breaches on decks 5 through 32, section 11 through 54," Harry shouted as Voyager was once again rocked with explosions, "Shields down to thirty five percent."

Another explosion rocked Voyager and Tom hit his head on the helm control. He felt dizzy, but fought to stay conscious. Torpedoes lashed out from Voyager and sliced through the Kazon vessel. It exploded and the final Kazon ship flew through its debris firing weapons. Voyager shook slightly, but returned fire. The Kazon ship maneuvered away from the torpedo and spun around and fired on to Voyager's right nacelle. Small explosions erupted on the outside of the nacelle. "Warp power is off line," Harry shouted.


Neelix dropped a pan of Krestah on the floor as Voyager shook intensely. He cleaned it up quickly and wiped his hands on his apron. Explosions rocked Voyager again. Neelix ran o the window and noticed Kazon ships grouping together and ready to fire again. "No," He said in confusion, "That's impossible."


Belanna ran to a council in engineering and tried to give more power to their shields. Two of her engineering tam was dead and five were injured; two of them critically. She hated seeing her friends on the floor helpless and bloody.

She stepped over Ensign Carol and was able to add some more power to the shields from the replicator in the cargo bay. Another explosion rocked Voyager. Smoke and sparks hot out from the warp drive. Ensign Skinner cried out as she fell from the second level of engineering. "Ensign Malcoy," Belanna said running to another computer, "Stabilize the warp dive, before we have no ship left."


Voyager shook again and a scream erupted on the bridge as Ensign Needler caught on fire. He collapsed to the floor and tried to roll around and put out the fire. But he passed out from pain and died seconds later. "Shields down to twenty percent," Harry said, "Sensors are offline."

The lights on Voyager flickered momentarily. Janeway gritted her teeth and gripped the arm rests of her chair. Chakotay looked at her and shook his head in dismay. Voyager fired on the last Kazon ship and it exploded. Janeway let out a sigh in relief and then said, "Tuvok, damage report."

"Shields are holding at fifteen percent," Tuvok said from his council, "Both warp and impulse engines are offline. Casualty reports are coming in."

"How could the Kazon be in this part of space?' Tom asked from the helm control. He had blood dripping down the side of his head.

"I don't know," Janeway said, "Bu I want you to go get cleaned up and help the Doctor."

"Aye sir," Tom said standing up and quickly walked to the turbo lift.

"Casualties are in," Tuvok said, "Fifteen dead and twenty are injured, with four critical."

"Damn," Janeway cursed shaking her head as she paced around the bridge.

"No," Chakotay said angrily as he stood up.

"What is it?" Janeway asked, but she found her answer quickly when she looked at the nebula.

Ten Kazon ships were exiting the nebula. They powered weapons and surrounded Voyager. "Their hailing us," Harry said.

"Put it through," Janeway said.

"Captain Janeway," General Meral sneered, "It's so pleasant to see you."

"What do you want?" Janeway asked placing her hands on her hips.

"I will spare your crew," General Meral said, "But I want Voyager as a trophy. There is a planet four light years from here. We will take your ship there and your crew will be transported to the planet."