Star Trek Voyager

Battle's End

Chapter 8


Chakotay walked up to the Borg queen with a grim look on his face. Tuvok looked at Chakotay when he walked passed Voyager's security team. "Status on the weapon?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"We are almost done," The Queen sneered walking up to Chakotay, "I am glad we are working more efficiently this time. The last time was most inconvenient."

Chakotay ignored the Queen and walked over to a computer council and began to access the information about the weapon. The Queen walked up to him and Chakotay said, "So your plan is to fire a probe type explosive and shoot it in fluidic space."

"Precisely," The Queen said, "And it will only detonate once we leave fluidic space."

"How do we know it will work?" Tuvok asked walking up to the Queen.

The Queen turned to face Tuvok and gave him a cold look. "We are Borg," The Queen said, "It will work."

"So how much damage will it cause to Species 8472?" Chakotay asked looking at the Queen.

"That doesn't matter," The Queen said looking at Chakotay, "All that matters is that it works and it will."

Chakotay stepped away from the computer and shook his head. When will the weapon be ready?" Chakotay asked looking around at all the drones working.

"In six hours," The Queen said, "And when it is ready, I will send the ship to fluidic space."

"How do we know you won't try to take over Voyager?" Tuvok asked gripping his phaser rifle.

"You don't," The Queen sneered, "But trust me if I wanted to take over Voyager, I would've done it already."

"That thought is very comforting," Chakotay mumbled.

"Harry to Chakotay."

Chakotay pressed his com-badge and asked, "What is it?"

"I've picked up on long range sensors a fleet of fifty 8472 ships heading our way."

"On my way," Chakotay said. He looked at Tuvok and then the Borg queen quickly before walking to the bridge.

"What is their ETA?" Chakotay asked when he stepped on to the bridge.

"Two hours," Harry said looking at his computer.

"Fifty ships," Tom said shaking his head in disbelief, "Do you think they know about the weapon?"

"It doesn't matter," Harry said, "That amount of ships could easily dwarf Voyager."

Chakotay didn't want to think about that, but he knew Harry was right.


Janeway paced back and forth in the small tunnel they were imprisoned in. Chakotay sat on the ground and looked at Janeway. "It didn't work as planned," Janeway said.

Chakotay stood up and grabbed Janeway by the shoulders. At that moment Seska walked in followed by two Kazon soldiers carrying massive weapons. Janeway eyed them angrily and then looked at Seska. "So I have found interesting news about what we both want," Seska said proudly.

"What is it?" Chakotay asked taking a step toward Seska.

"There was never a ship," Seska said, "It is much more that just a ship. It is in fact an underground city."

"What?" Janeway asked eyeing Seska in disbelief, "That can't be?"

"Whatever you're Federation friends told you were a lie," Seska said with triumph, "And do you want to know something else. There is as we know it only one access point to the civilization and that is by the Federation encampment."

"That's a lie," Chakotay said.

"Too bad you guys won't live to actually see the civilization," Seska said, "The question is who should I kill first?"

Seska reached for one of the Kazon's disrupter and pointed it at Janeway. "I will miss you guys, but all good things must come to an end."

She shouted something in Kazon and the other Kazon raised his disrupter and shot Chakotay who immediately crumpled to the floor. Janeway wanted to cry out and grab Chakotay, but instead she just stood there ready to face death. "Goodbye Janeway," Seska said.


"They'll be weapons range in ten seconds," Harry said counting down to their certain death.

Chakotay made a fist and exhaled heavily. "Prepare to target any ship," Chakotay said knowing this would be a hopeless battle.

"Sir," Harry said happily, "Their going past us."

"Put it on the rear view screen," Chakotay ordered.

The rear view of Voyager appeared on the view screen and indeed, the fleet left Voyager alone and continued on their way. "Where are they heading?" Chakotay asked quickly watching the fleet fly further away.

"There is a fleet of unknown ships heading toward the fleet of fifty ships," Harry said looking at his computer.

"We were just too lucky," Tom said turning his chair to face Chakotay, "But why do you think they ignored us again?"

"I don't know," Chakotay said shaking his head.

"Commander Chakotay," Tuvok said.

"Yes Tuvok," Chakotay said pressing his com-badge.

"The weapon is ready," Tuvok said.

"Good," Chakotay said, "Now let the Queen to fluidic space, when we are there tell the Queen she should join us on the bridge."

"Yes sir," Tuvok said.

Chakotay felt the hum of Voyager sending a massive amount of power to the main deflector dish. A greenish bluish beam shot out from Voyager and began to create ripples in space. A blue cloud appeared and Voyager was slowly dragged in. "Shields holding," Ensign Marrow said from the security station.

Voyager shook slightly as it entered fluidic space. Moments later the Queen entered the bride followed by Tuvok and a security team. "Now let's deploy the weapon," The Queen said quickly.


Janeway quickly sat up in bed and scanned sickbay briefly. The Doctor was in his office and didn't see Janeway get up and leave sickbay. As soon as Janeway exited sickbay, she saw a guard look at her with relief. "It's good to have you back," He said giving Janeway a smile.

Janeway approached the guard and punched him in the gut making him drop to the floor. Janeway grabbed his phaser and pointed it at the fallen security guard. "Security to…" He tried to say but Janeway shot him before he finished.

She stepped over his body and walked to the nearest turbo-lift. As soon as she stepped inside she said, "Engineering."

Janeway walked out of the turbo-lift and approached the engineering doors. She walked in and a gasp was heard from the engineering crew. "Everyone out," She ordered waiving her phaser in a circular motion, "Now."

B'Elanna approached her and said, "Captain it is good to see you alive and well, but given the current situation?"

"I gave you guys and order," Janeway said loudly, "Leave now."

"You heard her," B'Elanna sighed, "Let's leave."

Janeway watched the entire engineering crew leave. B'Elanna glanced at the Captain with dissatisfaction and then walked out of engineering. Janeway smiled to herself and locked the engineering doors. She approached the warp core with a smile on her face.


B'Elanna knew something was really wrong. She didn't like what the Captain just did. It wasn't like her to do something like this. "Torres to Chakotay," She said pressing her com-badge.

"Chakotay here," He replied, "What's the problem; we're kind of busy right here."

"Well Captain Janeway just insisted that the entire engineering crew leave engineering," B'Elanna said knowing Chakotay was going to be really confused.

"Janeway?" Chakotay replied, "But that can't be."

"Doctor to Chakotay," The Doctor said, "The Captain has disappeared."

"I just heard," Chakotay said really confused. He turned to Tuvok and asked, "Where is she right now, like exact location?"

"She is currently standing right next to the warp core," Tuvok said.

"Send a security team there," Chakotay said looking at Tuvok and then the Borg Queen.

"Yes sir," Tuvok said, "Security team one to engineering."

"We must not let this intrusion stop our plans," The Queen said, "They must be stopped."

"It won't," Chakotay said, "But what the Captain has just done, is outrageous and must be looked at."

"Sir we have a problem," Harry said quickly looking up from his computer, "There are ten alien vessels on an intercept course."

"What is there ETA?" Chakotay asked turning away from the Queen to face Harry.

"Ten minutes," Harry said.

"Tuvok to Chakotay," Tuvok said.

"What is it?" Chakotay asked fearing the worst.

"The doors were locked, so we transported inside," Tuvok said, "The captain has a phaser pointed at the warp core and demands to speak to you and only you."

"Okay I'll be right there," Chakotay said, "Why don't you come with me, we can control everything from the engineering also."

"If it will help us deploy the weapon or as you call it the Armageddon then so be it."

Chakotay and the Borg Queen walked to engineering and walked inside. Chakotay saw Janeway on the upper level with a phaser aimed at the warp core. "What are you doing Kathryn?" Chakotay asked, "I'm here what is it you want to talk about?"

Janeway laughed and said, "Stop you attack on us and we will leave her alone."

"Attack on us?" Chakotay asked, "Are you guys speaking through her to talk with us."

"Leave our space now or this ship will be destroyed," Janeway said.

"We can't let that happen," The Queen sneered.

Chakotay ignored her and asked, "How can we trust you?"

"I will call off our ships," Janeway said.

If you call off your ships, then we will leave your space," Chakotay said taking a step toward the warp core.

"Fine," Janeway said. She paused for a second and the said, "They are leaving."

Chakotay turned to the computer and indeed he saw the ten ships were pulling away. "Tom prepares to leave fluidic space, use the corodernates the Queen used," Chakotay ordered.

"Yes sir," Tom replied.

Janeway smiled and then passed out as Species 8472 left her. "No!" The Queen said shoving Chakotay away. She inserted tubes into the e computer and began get ready to fire the weapon.

Tuvok fired on the Queen, but a shield covered her. The Queen fired the weapon and then used the deflector dish to quickly get Voyager out f fluidic space. When there colorful bubble appeared, Voyager was pulled into it.

When Voyager exited it and entered normal space, it flew right up to three cubes and four spheres. The Queen looked at Chakotay and said, "It had to be done."
She and all her drones transported back to the Borg vessels and they flew away.


"First officer's log,

So as soon as Voyager exited fluidic space,

We weren't sure if it did anything. Repairs

are under way and there hasn't been any activity

from the Borg since then. Plus there hasn't

been any activity from Species 8472 either.

We are on high warp, flying back to the

Alpha Quadrant."

Chakotay walked into the sickbay and smiled at Janeway who was sitting on the bed getting scanned by the Doctor. "The Doctor has briefed me on everything that has happened recently. You did well dealing with the Borg."

""Thanks," Chakotay said approaching Janeway, "It's good to see you alive and well."

"I'm so happy to be awake," Janeway shuddered, "And not being the one to threaten to destroy this ship."

"What did they want with you?" Chakotay asked looking Janeway in the eye.

"They placed me in a dream world hoping I'd die from it," Janeway said, "They made me think it was the real thing and I believed it was. Their true intentions were to just try it out and if this had worked, then they found a new method of attack. You know," Janeway smiled standing up, "In my dream though, I was having dinner with you before all hell broke loose. Let's have dinner together right now and I'll tell you what happened in my dream."

"Okay," Chakotay asked as Janeway grabbed his arm and walked out of sickbay.

Okay i know everything ended too quickly and maybe the ending sucked, but i kinda lost interedt in the this story and just wanted to end it. I have two other star trek stories that i will be posting and i hope you will read them. Anyway give me a feedback on this story and BTW I know the ending as like Heart's Of Glory drom STNG, but...

anyway no bidy reads these anyways, lol

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