"Lily lost too much blood and if she doesn't get a transfusion she won't make it," the doctor told Oliver, Miley, and Jake as they entered the room.

"What's her blood type?" Oliver asked immediately.

"A positive," the doctor replied, referring to the charts. "Why?"

"I'm A positive. I'll give her whatever I can," Oliver said confidently. Doctor Memsick looked at him appraisingly and nodded. Leading the way to a separate room, Oliver watched as more blood then he had ever seen was removed from his body. As he started to become lightheaded, all he had to imagine was Lily's face and he knew things would be all right.

The transfusion was successful, and within four hours, Lily woke up. When she found Oliver sitting next to her bed, she started shaking. Oliver couldn't tell whether it was out of anger, fear, joy; her expression was unreadable.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. That was the first thing Oliver had expected to hear Lily say. "I overreacted. I told you to go out, and I was being ridiculous."

"No," Oliver interrupted. "I'm the one who's sorry. I never should have done what I did. And if you still want it, I brought you your ring back."

He beamed as she put it back on her finger, kissing him sweetly. "Now where are my babies?" she asked.

"Did you still name him Oliver?" Oliver asked shyly.

"Of course I did, you donut," Lily giggled. "And I was waiting for your approval on the name Jailynn Paige."

"I love it. Jailynn Paige Oken."

"Perfect," Lily said as Miley handed her Jailynn and Jake handed Oliver his son.

"I think I'm gonna call him Junior for the most part," Oliver said, grinning at his son. "It'll be too confusing if we're both Oliver."

"It can be his nickname, but he is not going into school with his name being Junior," Lily said, rolling her eyes before turning her attention back to Jailynn.

"All right, all right," Oliver chuckled. "I'm so glad you're all right, Lily."

"Thanks for helping me, Ollie," she replied, smiling shyly and biting her lip. Miley pretended to gag while Jake pounded her mockingly on the back.

"Oh, shut up, you two," Lily giggled, clutching Jailynn to her. "I can't believe they're ours."

Two weeks later, a loud wail could be heard coming from a baby monitor on Lily's nightstand. She extracted herself from Oliver's arms, re-did her ponytail, and grumbled her way to her daughter's room.

"Aw, Jai, baby, what's the matter?" Lily asked her little daughter. Lifting her up, Lily giggled at the sweet innocence of Jailynn. Suddenly, a shriek issued from the bedrooms on both sides, one coming from a baby monitor while the other came from the baby itself.

She heard Oliver walk past and him attempting to comfort the baby. Oliver had been surprisingly good with both the children, especially Junior. He was still completely enamored by Jailynn and had bought her a jumper that read "I LOVE MY DADDY!" Lily had laughed and kissed him happily at the cute gesture.

Oliver soon joined her in Jailynn's room, as he had been for the past week and a half.

"Only the third time tonight," he grinned at her sleepily.

"Yeah," she said softly, bouncing from foot to foot.

"Wanna switch?" he asked. She looked completely exhausted, and little Oliver was asleep once again.

"If you're all right with it," she said hopefully. He nodded and took little Jailynn out of his fiancé's arms, replacing the little bundle with her male counterpart.

"Have a good sleep, love," he said sweetly, kissing her fully before releasing her.

"I love you," she whispered as she walked away. Leaning against the door frame, he sighed happily, still feeding his little daughter.

Oliver had been having doubts about where his life was going before the twins were born. He'd been positive he was getting stuck in some sort of trap that he was going to hate; what sixteen year old boy wants to get married? When he put Jailynn back into her crib and made his way back into the room he shared with Lily, he took one look at her sleeping form and grinned.

This was right where he wanted to be, for the rest of his life.


Balancing a chubby little baby boy on one hip, pushing a shopping cart that had a little baby girl in it in the other, Lily made her way through the market, throwing things in the cart.

At sixteen with two babies, people often made rude comments while she did every day tasks, like going to the market or going to the park. She had chosen to just ignore them, but Oliver had not taken kindly to people insulting Lily, so she had to leave him at home most of the time.

Lana concerts had started back up two months ago, and she and Oliver had made leaps and bounds in the financial department. During the summer, Oliver worked with his dad at a law firm.

When Lily's cell phone started ringing, she fumbled around for her phone, before realizing it was the Lana phone and grabbing the sidekick out of her purse.

"Lana? It's Hannah?"

"Why are you calling me on the Hannah phone? I'm in the market!" Lily hissed.

"Because I'm at a Hannah shoot," Miley huffed, annoyed. "I'm in a bathroom and I'm freaking out!"

"Oh God, what happened?"

"Well," Miley said with a watery laugh, "it looks like I might be joining you at your new school."

"Pop star say wha?"

"Lily. I'm pregnant."

Lily gripped the shopping cart hard with one hand and leaned against it. Had she not been concerned with little Oliver's safety, she probably would have passed out.

"I'll be there soon," Lily said, snapping the phone shut.

She sighed. This was going to get complicated.


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