What Had Been

'X? X? Kate?' Mike said, he was standing on the deck, with Kate, looking out at the calm water that surrounded them. It was late and the ship was slowly sailing back to base after an eventful day at work. It seemed difficult to think that just hours before, this deck had been busy with movement. It was here that Kate had gotten her black eye, and she and some of the boys had returned after they had risked their lives to go and catch the bad guys again. Now though, there was no one except the two of them standing there, closer than what would have been acceptable if there were people around, taking in the magic of the ocean.


'Kate' his warm voice made her body tingle, 'Come on, we have to get up, baby.' She rolled over so she was facing him and he leant over and kissed her good morning.

'Mmmm, just five more minutes?' she groaned. 'If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be so tired'

'I didn't her you protesting last night' he smiled. She flicked her hand on his bare chest and turned over once again, placing a pillow over her head.

'Kate, come on get up' his voice whispered into her back. 'Fine, but you pushed me into doing this' He immediately began to tickle her, knowing that she wouldn't be able to contain her laughter. Sure enough as few seconds later a high pitched laugh came from the pillow.

'Kate?' She flicked herself over and faced him again, looking into his eyes which were gleaming with mischief.

'Fine' she said, using all her self-control not to laugh, 'I'm up, I'm up!' He smiled at her and she leant in and kissed him, slow and lovingly.

'I guess we should get up' she sighed as they broke away

'I've been trying to tell you that fro the last ten minutes!' Mike laughed as he kissed her again

'I think I might go and take a shower' she yawned as she finally rose away from the tangle of sheets which still contained his perfect body.

'Want any company?' he asked hopefully

'Oh, I think I can stand some' Kate winked as she ran into the bathroom with Mike running behind her, both of them laughing all the way

End flashback


'Kate' his voice called again

'Sorry Sir, I seemed to have just lost myself in my thoughts for a second.' She said, her beautiful green eyes catching his deep brown ones. They seemed to lose themselves in each others eyes for a second, the thoughts of the happy hours they had spent together years before once again clear in their minds. Now, the time they spent around each other was spent trying to hide their feelings and trying to forget what had been, at least that was what each was trying to convince the other they were doing. Deep down they both knew that they were each other's person, the one each cared about the most, but this could not be acknowledged at least not while they were on the same ship. For now all that sustained them was the fact that they their feelings could survive, in memories and dreams.