Broken Promises

First HP fic so please be warned.

Couples: Main: Fred/Alicia and Fred/George

Warnings: Dark stuff happens. Based after the Goblet of Fire so nothing from the new book applies. Remus and Fred are still alive. Also there is some sexual parts in this so be prepared, not detailed though. Give the fic a chance, please.

I never saw this happen, you know? It all seems still too surreal. You look so tired; you look weak, way to weak. I hold back a groan as I grab your hand and brought it to my mouth, kissing it gently. With shaky hands I pull the thin silky hair out of your face and trace a bruise that stood out against your porcelain skin. I smiled at your still form before I put the new banquet of flowers on the table next to the fifty other ones I brought you. They were my mark of time, fifty banquets means fifty days that is how it goes. You probably would have complained about the flowers you always hated flowers, thought they were girlish. But…the truth was flowers were beautiful and you always look breathe-taking next to them. I asked the nurse if I could put the banquets of flowers around you in the white bed but she nicely said that it would be too hard for the doctors and the nurses to get to you if something should go wrong…

But nothing will go wrong because you are strong, you are stubborn, and finally you swore to me that you will never die. So you have to get better, there is no other possibility. Still you look so close to death, so near…I swear to god if you leave me…I wonder what you are thinking or dreaming or whatever if you are doing that, at this moment. I wonder if you are mad at me so being so cruel, so being so selfish. I wonder if I am the reason why you ran that night, crying and so broken down. You were so vulnerable at that moment and I knew that I should follow you and try to calm you but I had a date with Alicia and I had to get ready so I let you ran pass me and I knew where you were going. You were going to one of the many secret passageways that lead to Hogsmeade but I just didn't have time for you that night, now as I sit here beside you I wish I did follow you.

While you were making your way to Hogsmeade I was twirling and spinning Alicia like there was no tomorrow. And she laughed with such a large smile on her face and her hands were everywhere pinching and squeezing and acting seductively. Man she was so pretty too, she actually wore makeup; you know she never wore makeup as far as we both could tell. And her beautiful hair was up in a sophisticated bun, I mean man you should have seen her; even you would have thought she was gorgeous. And she was so light too, she felt like a feather, and as we danced together her long dress flowed around her like a bell. There was only one person who was more breathtaking than she was that night and that was you who were making a miserable mistake at this very second. I wonder if you knew it was coming, I wonder if you put up a fight, I wonder if you called out my name. In my head, in my mind over and over again I could hear you pleading for them to stop for me to save you. I wonder if you cried as one of them knocked your head so hard against something that your skull cracked. I wonder if you had any energy left to try to get away…

Alicia and I had sex that night, did I tell you that? It was pleasant to say the least. It was full of lust but I felt no passion. It was like sleeping with a friend because you were curious or maybe in my case a person has sex to find out more about themselves. You want to know what I discovered? I found out the only person I want, the only person I need is you and now that I had found out here you are in a hospital bed fighting for a life that I am not sure you still want, not that I don't blame you if I went though what you had to go though I am not sure I would want to live too. You were under so much stress too, no one as young as you should deal with so much stress still I still remember…


It was after Harry came back with Cedric's body. Everyone was screaming and crying as Harry clutched Cedric's body so tightly to him and I turned to you and you completely froze in horror. Your face was pale, just like you are now, and your eyes were so huge. And they were so full of terror. You take one look at me and quickly stood up, I stood up after you deciding to follow you but the whole crowd was now running off the stands and running all over the fields and I lost you, for the first time since I knew you I lost tract of you.

I looked everywhere until I found you sitting in Hagrid's pumpkin patch. You were sitting on one of the biggest pumpkins looking at the forbidden forest with such a lost look that I was starting to worry but the second I took a step you immediately turned to me and I could tell you were crying. I have never seen you cry before except when we were little kids and you broke your arm doing a stupid trick. I had to admit I was a little uneasy when I saw that dreaded look in your eyes but then you were smiling and standing up to hug me, and I let you because I knew you needed a hug at that moment.

"You are crying!" I whispered still holding you in my arms.

"Hagrid was singing again and you know how horrible his singing is, it just brought tears to my eyes." You joke but even you know how stupid that sounded.

"Come on, no more lying. I can see something is troubling you. Please, share the load." I said being completely serious I think for the first time in a long time.

"It's just…Cedric is died." You say after too long of a pause.

"I know, I know." I answered letting go of you and instead leaned against a pumpkin, you mimicked my action.

"People are dying. I mean Cedric died from….he died from he-who-should-not-be –named. And he has just returned and Cedric has died. He is still weak but yet he managed to kill a healthy boy. How is it going to be when He raises to his fullest power? I mean anyone could die, Harry, Ron, Hermonie, Percy, or you and me. Any of us could die at any moment. And I can't do this; I can't just sit here and wait for someone close to me to die. And if you should die…" You said tailing off and choosing to stare at your feet instead.

"Hey, hey, I swear I will never leave you. Okay, not even death can keep us apart." I said to you and you had such a doubtful look on your face and it broke my heart.

"You can't promise me that. Don't give me your bullshit promises. I bet you Cedric never believed that he was going to die either and yet here he is dead. And I can't help feeling like something bad is going to happen."

"Nothing is going to happen, I swear to god."

"What makes you think that you saying that is going to protect us? Don't you get it people are going to die; lives are going to be ruined. We both would we lucky to make it to eighteen if we even live to see our seventeenth year." You mumble kicking a lose stone. I watch the stone as it hits a pumpkin and punctures it seeing its orange blood ooze to the dirt that surrounds it.

"It's dying. If you close your eyes and really listen you can hear its whine as it watches its juice hit the floor all the time not being able to stop it. In a week it will be moldy. In two weeks it will be rotten. Do you want to know what humans look like in two weeks?" you ask in a small voice your eyes drawn to the pumpkin.

"What?" I asked just to keep you calm.

"The skin starts to rot a little at a time. And the body bloats and all the stomach contents come out in both poop and puke. Hister Bettles, Blowflies, wasps, and other insects start to slowly start to digest the body and laying eggs. That happens after only ten days, ten short and awful days."

"When did you learn all of this?" I asked concerned.

"Collen died, remember him? Well…you knew that he was the only close friend I ever had, well…except for you of course. After he died I spent days and days researching everything about the body and wondering why he had to die and how is he looking. He committed suicide, remember, life just got too much for him. I'm starting to feel that way, Fred. I don't want to see anybody dying, Fred. I don't want to even think about the chance of you dying or me."

"I swear to god, I won't let you die, you hear me. I will protect you with my life if I had to. Don't even think about the chance of you dying." I said as I hugged you, breathing in your scent.

"But I could die Fred, and you could die. Everyone could die. Hell, Harry might die, and if he doesn't make it what will happen to the rest of us? If the chosen one cant even defeat Voldemolt than do the rest of us even stand a chance?" You yell out not even caring if you wake up Hagrid or not.

"Calm down, just calm down. I swear to you that I will never let anything happen to you. Okay? I am here for you."

"Don't ever leave me." You ordered hugging me tight not even caring about if anyone would see us or not. But then everyone at this school seems to be in little groups hugging and making empty promises that everyone knows they can not keep. So of course it wouldn't seem odd for us to be here alone isolated from even my little brother and his friends.

"I never will." I whispered to you and I felt you relax but not completely. I felt tears threatening to escape but then I don't believe there was a dry-eye in the school that night.

It only happened one week before your incident. School was ending in what two more weeks. Everyone in school is sad, no one is laughing. Lovers are holding on to each other tightly, siblings were always side by side. And it became rare to see Harry who looked as lost as you did. And I hated both of you for being so damn weak. Its war, people die in wars why were you so broken up over a single death?

Then you told me…you son of a bitch told me something that no one should ever say. I mean it was just so wrong in every way.

"I love you." You shouted out to me one day in the great hall in front of people. Why, why did you have to say it in front of everybody? Fuck, in front of the headmaster. Every one looked so shocked that they didn't know what to say or do. Ron looked about ready to crock. Let there you stood looking so young, so vulnerable at the moment that even I froze on the spot. Hermonie looked horrified which made you feel insecure and Harry…Harry looked at you like he just saw Cedric, frightened and shocked. You closed your eyes as you waited for me to make a move and when I didn't you shook your head and fled from the great hall. The only thing I could do was sit down at our table and tried to hide my own embarrassment, which made me feel guilty for how can I ever be embarrassed of you. But why, why did you do what you did? You could have told me in private. I looked at the other people in the great hall wondering why nobody thought you were just kidding; then again even I knew you were not kidding. I felt such disgust toward you that I wish that you were died at that moment.

One moment I was sitting at our-my table and the next I was throwing you against the wall getting ready to punch you. I don't really know why but I was just so mad at you. God I wish I never nagged you so much in the great hall about who you love. But I guess that is too late now. I don't even get a punch in before Harry grabbed my arms and forced me to let you go and you were running toward the dorm-toward your bed. I started to race after you when Harry grabbed me and threw me into the couch.

"Stop it Fred." He simply ordered and I looked up at his mad face and I couldn't believe that he was talking your side. Then I saw something cross across his eyes and I realized that he did not care about who you loved and that sickened me.

"Leave me alone, I can't believe he fucking said that." I cried but even as I said it I felt the anger leave and guilt consume me. How could I be that mean to you, you were only trying to find happiness in a world where that is vanishing. I hung my head in shame but then I looked at Ron and I saw the same guilty feeling in his eyes too and I realized that he hated you too. We hated you but yet loved you, loved you so much. But you didn't know the mistake that you made. How can I protect you now that the whole school is disgusted by you? How can I protect you now that you cursed yourself into hell? And Ron looked so shocked, so broken. Hermonie hasn't even said anything or showed any sign of emotion which I once thought was impossible. Hermonie was always emotional over everything. And Ginny, she looked pissed, oh god did she looked pissed. But I knew that she will calm down and when she does she will stand by your side for whatever should happen.

I went to the bed that night with a heavy heart my guilt and worry consumes me as I think about what bullies could do to you or what Draco might do. Halfway in the night I woke up to see Harry sitting on your bed. I watched as he comforted you and tried to make you believe that everything is going to be okay.

"Remember, I was once the most hated boy in the school for almost two years. Its tough but they will get over it." Harry said smiling at you nicely.

"It's all over, everyone hates me. What am I going to do with myself?" I heard you ask him in such a tiny crackly voice that makes me certain that you have once again been crying.

"Hey, hang in there. If I can be here and not kill myself than you can make it too." Harry said with no smile on his face.

"You can't die, you are the chosen one. You are the only one who can stop Voldemolt. But who am I? I'm not the least amount important. And the school all looked so shocked. And Dumbledore was there. What if he calls my mother? She probably would murder me."

"For the first thing you are my friend therefore you are important. Secondly, life goes on. Third of all don't worry nothing will happen to you, I promise. I won't let anything happen to you."

They talked a little bit longer before Harry went to bed and you just stood there staring at the ceiling as if it could save you from the nightmare you created for yourself. But I realize how little I cared about if you love me or not. It doesn't change our relationship. And we only have two more weeks left so we will both be okay.

I hate being wrong, and I hate not being able to change the situation. It started after breakfast; we were walking around the grounds trying to find something interested to do. You wanted to stay away from the big crowds of people timid about what they think of you now so instead we decide to sit next to the lake where barely anyone was. We were both quiet enjoying the solitude of the lake. I wanted to talk to you to tell you that it is no big deal, to tell you that I didn't care about your feelings because it doesn't change anything. But I couldn't say anything, I was too afraid to open my mouth and say something that I might regret. I think that you felt the same way so instead we stayed quiet looking out into the critical blue lake. I wondered if you longed to leave, escape to the Burrow. But I would never know. We heard some snickers from behind us and you turn your head ever so hesitantly.

It was some seventh years from Slytherin no less. They were big men, big powerful weight trainer type men. I stood up a little shakily and pulled you to your feet all the while keeping my eyes on those Slytherin men. I held your arm tensely not sure what to do next. The thing I thought about was protecting you. I threw you behind me in a brave act and started to back up making sure that you are far away from those assholes. But I was so focused on those three men that I didn't notice the other thirty syltherins that was appearing around us. Still I tried to leave with you deciding just to go back to the castle, back to the Gryffindor common room where you would be safe. No one from Gryffindor would hurt one of their own right?

Just when I thought we were home free I heard you scream and my blood ran cold as I saw a huge Slytherin drag you to him by your hair and I saw red. I run toward the person who held you at top screen and started to muggle fight with him, punching him and kicking him.

"Run." I screamed to you and for a moment you seem to hesitate until I pleaded with you just to go. You gave me a frightened look before you started to run but you didn't even made it ten steps before another one knocked you down. I heard you scream out again as he kicked you hard in your stomach and you curled up into yourself holding your stomach as if it was bleeding. He just snickered at your pain as he kicked you again hard in the face.

"Help, please somebody help." I scream loudly hoping to draw anybody's attention but no one was close enough to hear. I close my eyes and I heard you scream out again fighting against the bastard who held me still. Made me watch as they kick and punch you over and over again. I started to wail as the guy's foot met with your rib in a painful crack.

"God dammit, somebody fucking help us." I scream even louder praying to a deaf god that somebody would find us.

"Oh, did we interrupt the lovers?" Somebody asked and I held my breath as the person stood on the side of you and smile with a disgusting leer.

"I think they wanted to fuck." Another one said and I screamed when one of them kissed you harshly. You squirmed and weakly fought back but he overpowered you. He continued to kiss you as another person started to pull down your pants. By that point I think that we both were crying but that wouldn't change anything. With one last loud scream that I could muster I watched as the guy who had kissed you pushed you on your stomach and I heard him unzip in muggle pants. I watched in horror not wanting to believe my eyes when he positioned himself behind you and you went crazy, screaming and cursing and trying and failing to turn yourself around and just before he pushes into you somebody pushes him off you. You cry in both fear and relief as you curl into yourself and I looked up to see Ron with a poisonous look on his face and behind him was Harry who was also looking at the Slytherins with a deadly look. Ginny was there too looking shocked, and all I could think about was Ginny shouldn't be here. I haven't realized that Ron was talking until those bastards started to talk back.

"What, you think we are afraid of a fourth year."

"I told you to get away from them."

"Or you will do what?"

"I will get Dumbledore." Ron said with a smug look upon his face.

"This isn't over." The guy who nearly raped you disappeared. The guy that was holding me also let me go and I immediately crawled over to you. Ron did too. I pulled up your pants and together we helped take you to the Infirmary. The nurse looked you over and made you stay overnight to mend to your broken rib. All the other injuries were not too bad…

We told Dumbledore the next day, you didn't want to but Harry talked you into it. Dumbledore and you spent a long time talking to him in private and when you finally came out you were crying but you also smiled slightly at us. We didn't get any more troubles from anyone for a long time. Of course we all knew it was all only a matter a time…

End flashback

But tonight when I was twirling around Alicia you…god I should have known that something was up. I didn't see any of the Slytherins all day, but I never thought that they were in Hogsmeade. Damn…why didn't I follow you? Still you went and I stayed and I will never forgive myself for that. It worried me and still worries me how they caught you? Did you run into them as you were just walking around? I didn't even know all I worried about was getting some from Alicia. I remember ripping off Alicia's dress and she screamed in protest, they ripped your clothes off too while somebody held a knife to your neck. I threw her in bed and she giggled when she landed. They pushed you onto the dusty floor of the Weeping Willows and you must have screamed. I kissed her warmly our tongues danced in content; one of them crushed his lips against you and slapped you hard when you refused to open your mouth. I kissed her neck and she moaned in pleasure, they bit your neck until you screamed. I kissed her collarbone and she pushed my head down panting, you whimpered as you tried to push him off of you but he was too strong. She rolled atop of me squeezing our hips together, you tried to twist from under him but others kept you still. She moaned as our love-making begun, you cried when the first one took you merciless. After I was done Alicia snuggled next to me, after they all were done they bashed your head with a statue. Alicia stayed with me all night; they left you there, left you there to die.

The next morning I woke up alone Alicia must have ran back to the girl's dorm. I rose to my feet feeling so happy. I pulled my clothes on and ran back to our dorm excepting to wake you up but as I got close I realized that you were not there. I turn to look in the showers but you weren't there either. I looked in my bed but you weren't there either. Panic started to overtake me as I ran back to the common room and looked around screaming your name.

"Why are you bloody-hell screaming for?" Ron asked me from the doorway Harry right behind him.

"Have you seen him?" I asked him and at first Ron looked confused but then I watched as something clicked and he pushed Harry back and ran back to his bed. He ran back seconds later.

"He's not there." He mumbled and I find the fear raising.

"Oh my god." Harry whispered as he ran passed me and out of the portrait, Ron and I followed suit ignoring the portrait's sounds of pain. We followed Harry to Dumbledore's office as he quickly banged on the door after realizing that he didn't know the password. After a full hour of banging on the door finally Dumbledore opened the door looking mad.

"It is four o'clock in the morning. Is there a reason why you three are not in your dorms?" He asked us a little rudely.

"George is missing." Ron screamed suddenly and we watched as Dumbledore looked terrified. We have never seen that before.

"Are you sure?" He asked making his way into his office while we follow suit.

"He didn't make it home last night." I quietly said in grief.

"Where did he go?" Dumbledore asked us honestly.

"Hogsmeade." I whispered again. Dumbledore got a funny look upon his face as he wrote five scrolls and tied it to five different owls. The five owls took off their beautiful feathers disappearing into the night.

"Go back to sleep." Was all he said to us.

It was not until three weeks later that somebody found you, it was Remus and Sirius. When we got to the hospital they told us it would be a miracle if you pulled though. But goddamn it you better. You fucking better pull out of this or I swear to god…if you pull though I swear I will never leave your side. It will be you and me forever, for after all we are twins and one can not be whole when half is gone. The truth is I love you, I love you, you fucking brat.

I heard a door open and I turn around to see Harry who was standing there with a bunch of roses.

"Hey, I brought these for him." He whispered to me and I smile at him before looking back at my brother. I watched as Harry put his flowers on another table with fifty roses on it. He looked at the pile of roses for a minute before he turned back to me. He looked so exhausted, so weak, too weak.

"He must pull though." Harry said and I turn to him feeling too exhausted to even keep my head up right now.

"We both failed." I whispered to him and he nodded his head and sat down beside you holding your other hand.

Cool, finished. I had this idea and it kind of clicked, so there you go. In case you didn't know this takes place at the end of the fourth book. I was thinking of making this into a story but what do you think? Do you want to see more? Oh well, review either bad or good. Oh and this is my first HP fanfiction so I am kind of nervous about how well I captured the characters. Did everyone figure out the four couples in this story, excluding Fred/Alicia. Tell me you think the couples are . Thank you for reading the story!