Warnings for story: genocide, torture, blah, blah, blah…whatever else I feel like adding in the later chapters.

Warnings for chapter: It's a surprise

Chapter 15: The Worst News

It's been three weeks since we first came up with the plan. It may not be the greatest of plans but at least it was a plan and if we do this right it will be the grandest and probably the last trick we will ever do. Hermione did make the coins as she promised and to our surprise she made it so if somebody is coming while we are talking though the coins all the person did to do was push down on the coin and the coin will turn off. George had made it a purpose to design the bombs spending most of his waking hours on it which to my fear wasn't very long, he was only capable on working on it at the most for four hours, for the rest of the day he was either too weak to get himself out of bed or asleep. He must be sleeping for nearly sixteen hours during the day waking up every now and then from nightmares or a coughing fit. As it was today he didn't have any energy to get himself out of day. All he did was lay there his eyes pink from fever, sweat running down his head. Yesterday he had a very bad coughing fit yesterday. He was designing one of the smoke bombs all of the sudden he started to cough and cough and cough. Of course I hit is back as if he was choking feeling his lungs struggling as he coughs. He coughed up more blood getting it all over the blueprints of the bomb, giving the drawing a very morbid look. He passed out a minute later with me catching him before he hit the floor.

The doctor came soon after that and after ten minutes told us that George had Pneumonia, and that we have to keep him as warm as possible and make sure that his fever doesn't get any hotter than one hundred and three. He said that he would give us medication but we all knew that was out of the question. He said there is nothing else he could do, he told us promptly that millions of people die a year from Pneumonia when they were healthy and had medicine. And George was already weakened before he caught Pneumonia and can't get any medication. The doctor told us that every day after supper he will sneak out of his house and check up on George's condition, pretty much risks his life for George every night.

Now as I sit down beside him I could see how exhausted he looked, how his eyes seemed to be dull and he was pretty lethargic. Still I sat beside him pushing four blankets and a couple of robes, I was lucky to find them., back on top of him who kept trying to push them off mumbling that it was too hot to have blankets. His head may be burning but his body was cold, not dying cold, but cold none the less.

"Let me check your temperature." I whispered at him sticking the thermometer under his arms watching as he tries weakly to push my hands away. I easily held them still. "One hundred and three, see fool you are sick." I told him pushing the blankets back on top of him.

"I told you already that I am hot."

"You are not hot, you are actually freezing, and you have goosebumps." I said pointing to his arms and legs which was covered with goosebumps.

"Liar, I am hot. I feel like I am on fire." He answers and I groan in defeat.

"George trust me, dear. Please keep the covers on for me okay?" I begged him and he sighed and then nodded his head at me and I kissed his sweaty forehead once again.

"Fred, I'm tired." He says and I laugh at him a little.

"Go to sleep then."

"Will you stay here with me if I do?" He asked fearfully.

"Of course I will." I said with a smile and he scooted a little to let me climb into the bed and under the covers. I quickly wrapped my arms around him and he quickly fall asleep and I sighed as I allowed myself to fall asleep too because I haven't gotten enough of it lately.

Once again I was woken up to George hitting me and screaming from his nightmare. After a minute of grogginess my mind snapped back together and I once again tried to wake George up from his nightmare.

"Wake up George." I tried shaking him gently.

"Stay away from me." He screamed in his sleep almost managing to hit me in the face as he tried to hit somebody.

"George wake up, please it's me Fred." I said shaking him a later harder. He opened his eyes a little breathing hard and sobbing freely as he reached out for me and I quickly wrapped him back into my arms feeling him shake against me.

"It was just a nightmare." I whisper into his head and he laughed, "a nightmare, that wasn't a nightmare that is reality."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked gently as he looked at me in a daze.

"You are not Fred." He said and I looked carefully at him.

"George what are you talking about, I'm Fred, you know your twin."

"You can't be Fred, you are much too old to be Fred." George said pushing me away from him and trying to stand.

"You are just trying to trick me again. Making me believe that Fred had saved me but you can't be Fred we are only sixteen." George spat out.

"No George we are twenty." I said carefully and he shook his head feverishly.

"You lair, I'm only sixteen. I won't fall for your trick for the second time." He said pushing himself in a standing position.

"George, George get back in bed, you are too sick to be standing up." I said quickly walking over to him. He screamed a little and backed up heading for the door.

"George, come on you need to go back into bed." I tried again coming toward him once again.

"You liar, don't come any closer to me or I will hex you." He yelled looking panicky for his wand which wasn't there.

"George Umbridge took our wands remember?" I tried again.

"You took my wand, give it back to me." He yelled his fist raised.

"George please get back in bed."

"Never." He screamed opening the bedroom door and running out. I thought that somebody must be in the living room that George will be stopped but as I ran out of the room I found the living room empty George trying desperately to open up the front door. Oh shit.

I grabbed him tightly before he had a chance and as I excepted he freaked out, started to scream and fight. I heard another pair of feet as Ron ran into the living room and froze at the sight in front of him.

"Ron don't just stand there, help me." I yelled once again trying to push George back into the living room. Ron ran up to us and grabbed a hold of one of George's arms and together we were able to drag him back into the living room where he instantly falls to the floor grasping for breath and full out exhausted.

"That is what you get." I yelled harshly at him who had seconds ago just thrown up.

"Idiot, what the hell where you thinking?" Ron screamed in terror.

"Help me get him back to bed, will you?" I asked looking down at my pathetic twin in terror, this is not good news. He had just thrown up blood. Not exactly the best news to hear. I looked back at George who was still grasping for breath and then at Ron who looked at the blood in horror. I was about to pick up George when Ron surprised me by single-handily picked George up and held him in his arms. I was in shock, I guess I forgot that Ron wasn't a little kid anymore, in fact he is only an inch shorter then George and me.

"I got him Fred." He replied to me when I tried to help him and so instead I sat there while Ron carried my twin into our room. I stared at my broken arm with hate. I should be the one who carries George not our younger brother, George will die from embarrassment.

Ron Pov:

As carefully as I could I dropped George into a bed and covered him with blankets before sitting down beside him. I looked over at him and let out a long breath trying to calm my nerves down. He was just too sick. I closed my eyes and felt his head once again not surprised when I found out that it was hot. I sighed as I took his hand.

"You will get better, I promise you." I whispered before I let go and stood up again. I have to check up on Hermione something has been going on with her for the last couple of hours. She lays on her bed and twisting and moaning as if she is in some type of pain, and she has been holding her stomach. I walk in the living room to see Fred staring moodily at his arm that he will never be able to use again, we haven't told him that yet.

"Are you okay Fred?" I asked and he immediately put a false smile on his face.

"Of course little bro." He lied as he once again looked at his broken arm.

"Is it hurting you?" I asked and pointed to his arm he just smiled at me.

"Nah just wished I could move it. I mean seeing you carrying your older brother it makes me seem almost useless. I mean no younger brother…"

"Fred stop it, I wanted to carry George it has nothing to do with pride, or looking strong and weak, okay. He is my brother and I love him I want to help him Fred. Remember even though your relationship with him is a lot more intense it doesn't mean that you can be the only one to help him. And if you really feel threatened or weak because you can't help him and I can just think of it as payback. You guys helped me in the past so it is only fair for me to do the same."

"I'm going to clean up the throw up." He said in a monotone but I know that he was thinking deeply on what I just said.

"Do you need any help?" I asked Hermione can wait for a while; right now I want to be near my older brother. I have always looked up to the twins who always looked so happy, so unnerved from everything around them. Now though Fred looked just miserable a look that I was not familiar too. I could tell he was thinking and after a while he smiled and said, "I will love for you to help me."

So there we where at three o'clock in the morning rubbing dry rags over the blood and throw up. Despite the smell and the details we were talking and laughing talking about old times.

"Remember when George and I put bets on wither Harry will die or not at the first task at the triwizard tournament.

"Yeah, Hermione was so pissed at you two." I replied with a smile remembering both Hermione yelling at the twins and Ginny who simply told them off for wishing such a thing on Harry.

"You know call me crazy but I always thought that Harry and Hermione were going to end up together." Fred said once again laughing.

"Disgusting you knew that she loved me." I replied thinking about those hard seven years of being around her too chicken to tell her how I really felt about her; while she couldn't really be mad at me I mean she had plenty of times to tell me that she loved me as well.

"Your wife used to annoy the hell out of us. Definitely when she got her perfect badge and then it was you can't sell your tricks here and I will turn you into the headmaster if you continue to use students as guinea pigs." Fred said in a parody of Hermione making me laugh as well.

"I remember her stupid attempts of freeing the house elves? I mean she really thought that they wanted to be free. Remember there was socks and piece of clothing everywhere in the common room?" I asked.

"I couldn't forget. Poor little creatures, all they wanted to do was clean in peace." Fred replied in a sing-song voice which made me laugh even louder.

"God, I miss Hogwarts." Fred said this time a little softer, this time his voice held longing.

"I know me too." I replied.

"I miss the simplicity of Hogwarts, how large the field was, the great lake with all its glory, the dark woods which everyone was scared of. I miss Hagrid, I miss McGonagel, hell I even miss Peeves. I miss sitting under the great oak tree, George and mine favorite place to just sit and be ourselves. I miss selling tricks, I miss coming up with tricks." Fred said a smile still plastered to his face.

"I miss it too."

"Remember when Moody turned Draco into a weasel?" I asked bursting out in laughter once again, so did Fred who nodded his head still laughing.

"Laughter, music to my ears." Hermione said clearly waking up and smiled at both of us.

"Hey babe. How are you?" I whispered standing up.

"I'm fine." She said still smiling before sitting down on the couch. I sat down next to her. It surprised me when even Fred stopped scrubbing and he too sat down on the couch.

"What's up boys?" She asked.

"Nothing just remembering the good times." I said and she sighed putting her head on my shoulders humming some song, I kiss the top of her head like we always do and she cuddles up to me. I look over at Fred to see a strange emotion cross his features but he smiles none the less.

"Are you doing okay Herm?" He asked her.

"Of course, only a month and a half to go and we will have two lovely and handsome little babies." She said with a smile that I matched. I want to see my babies so badly, to hold them, to kiss them. I'm looking forward to be a daddy, and I know our babies will be so good looking too, with such a hot mother.

"I only wished that we will be out of here before then." I replied a little gloomy afraid to think of what can happen in a month and a half.

"You know what Ron, you only have four hours before you have to be out of the house, I think you should get to bed, you too Hermione." Fred said snapping me out of my gloomy thoughts.

"Fred, I'm not a little baby anymore, I can take care of myself." I snapped back and Fred just sighed.

"Please Ron, you need your rest."

"Fred's right dear. You need your rest for work tomorrow, come on. Good night Fred." Hermione said taking my arm and leading me to mom's bedroom. You see we have been sleeping in the secret room so we can make sure she will always be safe in case something should happened. I turned around again to see Fred back on the floor scrubbing the floor with only one arm mumbling something underneath his breath.

For the rest of the night I stayed awake listening to the easy breathing of my wife and the snore from my mother above me. I tried to sleep but it was like everything was crashing down and I was struggling to keep from falling, relying on small jumps of happiness to keep me from crashing into the ground inches below me. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if Hermione wasn't so far into her pregnancy or if George wasn't…well too sick for comfort. I tried to stay strong because boys aren't allowed to show emotions, we are supposed to have emotions but never show them that will make me seem weak and I couldn't let that happen. And I kept thinking of my babies, to be born into such a terrible place. All I want to do was get the hell out of the place. I grabbed a hold of my coin and quickly touched the edges delicately a blue light came on and I smiled. Tomorrow when everyone woke up everyone will know to start collecting materials We have to keep moving with or without blueprints, George can finish the blueprints anytime, but we need materials and soon. I sighed as I kissed Hermione's lips, and even though she was asleep she responded, and we kissed tenderly if only for a minute. She sighed happily and I wondered what is she dreaming about and I hope it is me.

I gently pushed myself out of bed and tiptoed up the stairs carefully lifting the trapdoor and crawling out of the hole and out from underneath the bed. I looked sadly at mom who looked so miserable even in her sleep, she suffered two loses in almost three days, how fair is that! I left the room quickly stepping over Charlie who was sleeping near mom's door and into the living room. Fred was gone probably went to bed which is good because he looked tired. But the person I really wanted to see was sleeping on a couch. I sighed as I shook him awake.

"Draco wake up." I whispered and he groaned and opened his eyes in anger.

"Weasley, why in the hell did you wake me up for, it is only four thirty." He asked rudely.

"Listen, does Umbridge have a stack of medicine in her 'castle'?" I asked mocking the crappy house which she calls castle.

"I think so, why?" Draco asked looking and sounding exhausted.

"Do you know where it is?" I asked in a whisper not wanting to let anybody hear.

"Yes, I think I do." He answers and we stare intensely at each other.

"You don't have the keys for the gate do you?" I asked again and he nodded.

"But I know who does," He whispers back, "what is this about?"

"Its about George, he needs medication." I blindly said and Draco sighed.

"You are ready to risk your life?"

"Of course, will you help?" I asked.

"Do I have a chance?" Draco asked slowly.

"No you don't." A new voice said and I grasped as I turned around to see Fred standing in the doorway.

"Fred…I thought you were asleep?" I asked and he laughed.

"Would you be able to sleep if instead of George it was Hermione?" He snapped.


"Damn right you wouldn't," He spat out again before adding, "I'm coming with you."

"No you aren't Fred. You are injured enough as it is. I don't want you getting anymore hurt."

"Any more hurt? How am I hurt, so what if my arm is broken, its nothing compared to George and I will be damn if I just sit around while you two are risking your asses and I do nothing?"

"Don't you want to be there for George in case…"

"In case what? In case he dies? He won't die; he is just too damn stubborn to let himself die."


"As your older brother I am telling you that I am coming with you. How many times have I sat around while you, Hermione, and Harry went on missions at Hogwarts? I don't want to do the same thing now." He says stubbornly and I sighed knowing that I will never win this battle. No one can stop either Fred or George from doing something when they really wanted to do something. To even try is useless; it is like talking to a stone.

"Okay then you can come." I said in defeat once again my heart racing with dread. I didn't want anyone else to go because they could catch us; so many things can go wrong.

"Ron what is going on?"

"Oh come, give me a break." I screamed in frustration and then sighed and smiled at Hermione.

"Babe, we are going to get some medication, and no you can't come." I said before she can even open her mouth.

"Why not?" She yelled looking insulted.

"Because 1) you are pregnant, 2) it is dangerous, and 3) you are pregnant." I said and watched as she rattled for any type of comeback when she couldn't find one she just hugged me tight and whispered a plea of "come back safety." I smiled at her in a comforting manner.

"Always." I say as a comeback before looking at the clock.

"Okay listen, if we are not back by the six tell the family what we are doing and tell them to go to work. Tell them it is very important that they go to work. Take care of George for us okay, he needs to be watched over at least for now."

"Keep him in bed okay. He is delusional right now so try to keep him as calm as possible. Also watch out okay he tried to run out of the house last night we don't want a repeat." Fred butted in and Hermione grasped in surprise.

"Do you hear us, it is very important for him to stay in bed if he wont then I give you permission to tie him down to his bed with a spell. Make sure is temperature doesn't get beyond one hundred and three if it does pee on him, it worked with Draco. We are going to hopefully bring back morphine and aspirin so hopefully it will help with his fever and pain."

"cefuroxime (Ceftin), ampicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin), ofloxacin (Floxin)," Hermione blurted out and then said, "those are three main antibiotics that works with Phenomena."

"How you do know that?"

"My mom had it when I was sixteen; I was in charge of making sure she gets her antibiotics."

"Here I will write it down for you." Se said and took out a pad and a pencil from her robes and scribbled down the three antibiotics.

"Thanks babe. Remember take care of our family for us. Thanks." I said rushing out the door, Fred and Draco following close behind us.

"I love you." I mouthed and she mouthed the same thing back at me before shutting the door quickly.

We ran a long way though the pure-blood area Fred and Draco running ahead of me knowing the way.

"Fred, Ron get to the side now." Draco whispered as we got closer to the fence, a figure was standing on the other side looking as ugly and mean as ever. Draco making sure we are both hidden yelled to the figure.

"Hey Goyle, you have no idea who I caught." He said and I froze grasping and looking at Fred with determination, he didn't look worried or mad instead he was smiling.

"It's Showtime little brother, make this look believable."

Hermione Pov:

It is almost six thirty. Molly is worried sick, hell everyone is. I sighed as I walked into the little bedroom putting on a smile once I saw that George was awake, he looked awful.

"My head hurts." He whispers holding his head wearily.

"Fred will be back soon with some medication." I promised and I saw them looking around apparently looking for Fred.

"What…what do you mean medicine?" He asked confusion on his handsome face.

"Umbridge has a stock of medicine and Fred and Ron thought that they could sneak into the 'castle' and steal some."

"Are they nuts?" He asked me and tried to stand up.

"No George you have to stay in bed. He will be okay." I promised but once again he tried to stand. I sighed before I took out my wand.

"I am so sorry that I have to do this but Fred made me promise to keep you in bed. Incarcerous." I screamed and watched as the older person quickly was attacked by ropes successfully tying him to the bed. I sighed as I sat there a moment watching his ever changing emotions: shock, mad, and finally fear.

"I'm sorry, I really am. I hope you can one day understand." I said before taking out a small bottle and showed it to him.

"When Ron comes back tell him I am sorry and that not to worry." I said before drinking the contents of the drink. I immediately started the familiar process, the sharp pain, the stretching of my skin as I transformed into the man that had held me every night since we first started to date. I heard George grasping and asking me if I lost my mind and I smiled, a smile identical to Ron's, and felt my face identical to Ron as well.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" George asked me and I sighed.

"He has work in less in thirty minutes, somebody has to take his place and it can't be you so the only person left is me." I said and took out my wand again.

"But you are pregnant." He said in a broken voice his body shaking slightly.

"So what? Listen I will leave your coin right near your mouth, if anything happens don't hesitate to use it." I said and pushed the coin exactly under his mouth and he looked up at me when a way in which he never did before.

"Could you untie me?" He asked a smile on his face trying to charm me into untying me. I shook my head and watched as he panicked for a moment before looking almost defeated. He just nodded his head at me and I smiled at him and kissed him gently on the cheek.


"Be careful." He yelled.

"You too. Keep quiet." I begged before I exited the room but not fast enough before I heard George mumbling.

"Ron's not going to like this." I sighed as I shut the door and shook with fright, Ron's going to hate me for this. But it has to be done; he just can't show up for work can he?

Ron's Pov:

"Okay hurry up. There is the medicine." Goyle whispered unlocking the medicine cabinet.

"Thank you so much." Draco stated but Goyle shook his head and stared at him.

"I don't even know why I am doing this!" Goyle responded leaning back as both Fred and I were digging though the medicine cabinet pulling out medicines left and right and Goyle sighed as he conjured up a bag and Draco held it as we dropped the medicine into the small bag. It could probably hold no more than twenty bottles at most. We stocked mostly morphine for pain killers, eight bottles of aspirin, and we pulled out all three medicines that Hermione had sloppily written down.

"What time is it?" I asked.


"Shit, I had to be on the bus at seven." I said stressed out and Draco and Goyle exchanged looks before Goyle responded, "fine I will get him to work."

Hermione Pov:

We were crammed into the back of trucks, fifty people in one truck. Molly put an arm around my shoulders keeping me from being slammed into the ground by a sick woman who had lost balanced. They all smelled really bad, like they had rolled around in feces. I looked to the right to where a woman apparently pregnant tried to hide it as much as possible and had motion sickness. I looked to the left to a man who looked nearly dead, his face as white as a skeleton. He was asleep, his head bobbing with each bump on the road. The person sitting next to him was pale as well although she was awake and mumbling something underneath her breath repeatedly. From the corner of my eye I saw Percy sitting, totally straight, sweat dripping down his head as he took a shaky breath. I turn to look at Charlie who immediately shook his head at me and motioned with his hand movement to look straight ahead. So I turned my head and looked straight ahead. I heard a laugh from beside me and turned to see the same woman who was mumbling under her breath.

"And all the sinners should perish for their sins. All shall die." She said before laughing and turning around to stare at the dead-like man.

"The lord will spite everyone who is bad down, just you wait little lady." I grasped as I looked down at my body but everything was boyish, everything was Ronish.

"How…how do you know?" I whispered to her still looking straight ahead and she did too.

"You don't act like a man. You sit like a female and you stand like one too. Guys don't sit with their legs crossed dear nor do they sit with them together. Also you sat too straightly; you got to slump a little bit. And when you walk don't shake your hips, boys don't do that."

"Oh, thanks."

"Whores be banished to hell, homosexuals be banished to hell, atheists be banished to hell." She whispered again going back near the guy. I took a shaky breath before I uncrossed my legs and mimicked a guy sitting I front of me praying that this works out because if it doesn't I am totally screwed. The truck stopped and I begin to stand but Molly forced me to stay sitting. I looked up then and saw something cross her eyes and I knew this wasn't where we were supposed to stop.

"Everyone out of the truck now." A rough voice said and shakily I stood and jumped down from the back of the truck my body shaking like a freezing child. I felt strong hands on me and I turned around to see Molly putting her hands around me, Percy, and Charlie and together we walked to where they pointed us to go.

"Get on your knees; put your hands behind your head." The calm voice told us and I whimpered as I got to my knees as did Molly and her two sons. We looked nervous, all fifty of us.

"You four stand up." He said pointing to the first four people and they stood and he walked over to them. He looked at their appearance, their health, and checked for any signs of illness and injuries.

"Sit back down." He said and they quickly did all four of them had a look of relief.

"You four stand up." He said and I looked as the girl clearly pregnant, the girl who had such a determined presence about her stand up without an ounce of fear. Next to her a boy not older than twelve stood up, a boy who had the same intensity as the girl, and I knew that they were siblings. An old man stood up probably looked no older than seventy who looked sweet and nice and you could tell that he was a good man. And finally a woman no older than thirty stood up and looked at the man with disrespect and hatred. I watched as the man walked over to the four instantly pulling the young boy away from the three and growled with…well with lust.

"Look at you all healthy and pretty." The guy said before leaning down as kissing him fully on the lips. The little boy screamed and tried to push the guy away but the guy wouldn't have that. With only one harsh slap the boy give up and just stood there tears running down his face. The guy quickly threw the boy on the floor in front of everybody and started to undress the kid. Before he could fully pull down the kid's pants a rock hit the guy in the head.

"Monster, leave my brother alone." The pregnant girl yelled picking up yet another rock and attempted to hit that bastard in his head but to everyone dismay he easily ducked it.

"Goyle, put the boy in the van." The man said angrily and Goyle quickly picked up the boy.

"No, I won't let you take him. Henry, Henry." The woman said as she tried to make her way to her brother but the man, soldier #1, grabbed her by her hair and forced her back to her knees.

"Marilynn, Marilynn, leave her the fuck alone." The boy now said and started to fight again. Soldier #1 just simply ran his hands up her robe and she grasped when he entered her. He pushed her forward a bit and pushed his fingers further up her private area and I turned my head slightly so I wouldn't have to see the tears or the shame when he figured out her secret. He quickly pulled his fingers out.

"Pregnant without the constant of Umbridge, bad girl." He said before taking out a gun and put it against her head and without even a warning shot her right in the head. Henry screamed in terror and started to sob while I had to force myself not to cry or not to look into the new dead body. For all, out of fifty people only fifteen people got back in the truck to continue on to work. Only twenty-five people were murdered the rest was taken into a much darker place, places where they will be petty sex slaves or experiments until they die a young death. I looked up at Percy, at Charlie, at Molly there had all the same expression: pity. They pitied those who died or maybe they pitied the ones who like us lived, because at least in death you are free, but when you are alive you can never get away from this. Even if we happened to escape we will have to hold these memories with us for the rest of our lives.

When we reached work and we looked at the six other trucks that used to be as full as ours were once and now had just as much if not less people than we did. And everyone looked haunted, and nobody said a word during our work, no one really wanted to. I spotted the rectangular box the second I walked onto the ground and pointed it out to Molly who numbly nodded her head before shaking it before I could even ask her. I planned to get inside that box today; hopefully I can find any newspaper that can update us on what is going on.

It wasn't until probably twelve or one that I got my chance. The soldiers were busy with something near the trucks, if I was lucky I can be in and out of the box in a minute. I hit Charlie harshly in the arm and he looked at me and I pointed to the box and he quickly nodded his head. We both at the same time dropped our tools and ran over to the box feeling Molly's nervous eyes burning into our backs. We knew she wanted to drag us back but she didn't want to draw attention so she just let us go.

We got to the box and immediately opened the door holding our noses from the disgusting smell. I got inside the box and shut the door while he kept watch, he was good like that. I found a stack of newspaper and quickly opened one. I frowned and grasped when I read it and trembles before stuffing it in my robes and was about to leave when I heard voices, soldiers, joking and laughing at something that is obscured and cruel.

"Shit man, I mean do you believe this shit." A guy said and tried to open the door.

"Somebody in here." I shouted in a deep low man's voice.

"Come on I really have to piss."

"So do I." I replied in the same voice, the low harsh voice that is so unlike my own.

"Damn it, just hurry then. Anyway so because of the two runaways and that the fact that people are reproducing like rabbits in this town we have decided that this town or as Filch will call it a camp is suspensible. You know what I mean? I mean we have four camps as it is and this is the only camp we seem to be having problems with so Umbridge had decided that next month on November the twelve, we will do a mass genocide."

"You mean kill everyone in this camp?"


"Even the purebloods?"

"There are thousands of others in other camps."

"Yeah, I guess you are right." The other said.

"When the bloody hell are you coming out." The guy said pounding on the door and I flinched cold sweat dripping from my forehead, genocide. Everyone is going to die, without thinking my hands once again held onto my stomach and I panicked when I felt abs but then I remembered I'm still Ron and I sighed and sat down on the toilet and I noticed to my grief that I was crying, perfect just perfect.

"Come on there is another toilet near the fields."

"Dammit, fine come on."

I stayed there for a couple of minutes trying to calm myself down as I tried to tell myself that I didn't hear what I just did. I mean they wouldn't kill everyone in here will they? I grasped and started to cry again, I have to get out of here, I can't let my babies die. I dropped to my knees and cried, cried until I had no tears left to spill.

"Hermione, Hermione come on we have to get back to work. Come on Hermione." Charlie whispered and his voice sounded almost numb and broken, he overheard the soldiers as well.

"What are we going to do?" I asked him and he brushed his hand though his head in stress.

"I don't know, we will talk about this later when we get home, come on." Charlie whispered to me already walking out and onto the fields once again, I followed slowly behind him feeling my pocket and making sure that the newspaper page was still there.

Fred Pov:

We sneaked up to my front door keeping our bodies as low to the ground as possible, our arms and legs getting scratched up as we crawl. We heard feet moving and we stopped freezing in our spots and we watched as soldiers ran ahead of us. I sighed when they passed us. We crawled faster to our front door opening it quickly. Within a second we were both inside and the door was shut and locked. Both Draco and I laughed and cheered both surprised that we have managed to make it without being caught.

"Hermione, George we are back." I said still laughing waiting for any of them to answer. None did.

"Hermione, George hello, oh come on answer me." I said a little louder, god I swear no one ever responds!

"Fred, Fred come here." Draco ordered and I noticed that he was looking at a note. I whipped the note from him but he didn't seem to mind.

"I have gone with the family to work today, tell Ron that I am sorry and not to worry, I will be fine. Tell him I will see him tonight and to take it easy today. PS-I tied George down to the bed in the bedroom.-Hermione." I said reading the note aloud.

"Oh shit." I said dropping the letter to the floor and ran though the house opening the bedroom door and rushing to George's side. He was sleeping. I shook him until he let out a little cry.

"Fred, what the hell?" He yelled trying to sit up and growled when he remembered he was tied up.

"What did Hermione do?" I yelled madly, but not at him, at Hermione.

"She turned into Ron." He said feverishly.

"What, you mean…"

"She drank from a bottle, turned into Ron, tied me up, left." He said still sounding sickly.

"Damn it." I screamed.

"Why, what's wrong?" George asked me and I immediately put a hand to his forehead checking his fever.

"Damn you are hot," I said and then thinking once more of Hermione, "Ron is on his way to the work place thanks to Goyle."

"What are we going to do?" Draco asked me and I thought about it.

"Well I am going to give George some medicine. That is what I am going to do, what happens with Hermione I don't know. We can do nothing for her now; we will just have to wait and see what happens."

"What do you think may happen if they find out?" Draco asked and I noticed the need in his voice and I couldn't figure out if he didn't or did what her to be caught.

"I don't know. But can you hand me a couple of aspirins?"

Hermione Pov:

As the day drew on I became a lot more exhausted, all I wanted to do was fall asleep. I yawned to myself as I once again dug the shovel underneath equine feces and shakily lifted up the shovel not surprised anymore of how heavy the feces are. I quickly walked over to the wagon and dumped the feces in the wagon and looked around me. Little kids, the youngest twelve, were grooming the equines, laughing and joking with good health. I looked behind them to an apparent couple who whenever the soldiers weren't looking will quickly kiss or touch each other, and was always smiling at each other. An elderly person was feeding the porcine and was telling stories to a sixteen years old boy about when he was sixteen, the sixteen years old didn't seem bored or mad or anything if anything he looked interested. I looked back at the soldiers who didn't hear the old man or maybe they just don't care. And it killed me because all these people so alive are going to die in a month, all of these people will be corpses.

Charlie came up to empty his shovel and I saw his face traveling to looking around that the forty five people when suddenly he grasped and looked at me in panic. I grasped too when I saw Ron walking onto the grounds, Goyle pushing him. I froze in panic, my heart sped up and Goyle and Ron stopped dead in their tracks when they saw me. I saw the soldiers running up looking between Ron and me their wands raised and I mentally apologized to Ron as someone pushed a wand to my head. I looked at Ron who had a wand to his head as well.

"Which one is Ron?"

"Maybe we should just kill them both."

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