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When you need that little glimmer of hope:

So much had occurred since she had met that little boy with dirt on his nose at the age of eleven. Both had changed so much, not just physically either. It was true that her hair was no longer as bushy and uncontrollable as it had once been and that her teeth were could no longer be labelled as bucked and that he was certainly not as lanky as he used to be, he had actually grown quite nicely into his height, and he no longer had dirt on his nose. But these small physical things held little importance and, as clichéd as it sounded, it was how they had changed emotionally that really mattered. He was no longer the insecure, reckless little boy she had met at the age of eleven and she knew, and was happy to admit, that her annoying know-it-all attributes had lessened. They had grown together, learning together so that eventually they complimented each other perfectly. Though the logical Hermione told her that it was foolish to believe in things like fate, she knew deep within her heart that her and Ron were perfect for each other and that, if there really was such thing, they were meant to be.

Knowing that he was calling for her, knowing that he was doing everything he could to come and get it was what kept her going as she drifted idly between the states of consciousness and unconsciousness. What amazed her more then the anything, much more then the answer to a particularly difficult homework question had ever amazed her, was that someone, someone who wasn't family loved her. Really and truly loved her and not because she was beautiful, she herself knew she wasn't, but just because she was her, for all her bookworm qualities and all her insecurities. Those small three words still hadn't been said but Hermione wasn't waiting for them, she knew she loved him and she just knew that he loved her back. So as the pain throbbed through her body, it was no longer merely a dull throb, she dreamed of Ron in all his read-headed glory. She relived all those small, beautiful moments they had shared this past year, all the times they had comforted each other. Despite the pain, the blinding, sickening sting searing through her body, she smiled inwardly and urged herself to fight on. She had to see Ron again, she told herself as she willed her brain to continue the fight.

Drifting again into the land of the living, Hermione blinked wearily and noticed that the situation had changed quite dramatically. For one she was now standing with a knife pressed firmly against her throat not yet breaking the skin. But Hermione barely recognised this all she could see was a flash of red hair, worried blue eyes and a paling freckly face, Ron. His eyes locked firmly on Hermione, a look of fear covering his entire face, he dropped his wand as that familiar feeling of desperation set in. Though she could barely see, though the pain that seemed to scream through her was taking hold once more, she could see the tears forming in her eyes and she could sense his internal battle. She wanted to run to him and tell him that everything would be alright, that, though he probably couldn't tell, she would be alright. A blur of words came to her ears but she couldn't distinguish what was being said but the heart breaking scream did reach her, he was in pain once more and she knew what that meant. They're taking me away from him again, Hermione thought as the world turned black once more.

A warm hand was steadying her, lifting her gently as it clasped her waist and pulled her towards a firm, comforting body. She couldn't open her eyes but she could feel a shiver run up her spine and she knew it was him. He was protecting her once again, keeping her safe…or was this just another dream. Was this her brain trying to help her, make her death a little less painful by allowing her to feel, feel him, once more? No, this had to be real, the electricity had never been this intense in her dreams and her heart had never beaten this hard before in a fantasy. Ron was holding her to him, running a hand through her hair as he twirled them around, her stomach turning inside out as they landed smoothly on soft land. She wanted to give him praise for successfully Apparating, for saving her life, but her mouth wasn't working. She would have smiled if her mouth would have allowed her to. He had saved her life again. She felt herself being lifted, his arms tightening more securely around her as his warm breath crept into her ear.

"It's going to be alright Hermione," he whispered into her ear, his lips brushing the lobe slightly sending a tingle of something quite different from pain through her body.

"Just hold on," he breathed out, "keep fighting, 'Mione. Please…I…I need…um…you…to keep safe so please wake up," he managed to chock out before placing a soft kiss on her cheek. It wasn't an "I love you" but it ignited something within her as she drifted in to sleep in the arms of the man she loved.

Opening her eyes the first thought that occurred to Hermione was that the light was unnaturally bright before the dull, thumping pain took over once more as she attempted to sit up. Then she felt the heavy lump on her lap and the rough hand in her own. Ron. She smiled inwardly to herself as she looked down at the vibrant red hair littering her lap. Her heart began to beat faster as she realised that he had stayed by her side, keeping watch over her, the whole night. He cared about her more than she had ever imagined. He cared for her the way she cared for him and to him she was important and that was all that mattered. For the moment they had to worry about Harry and the Horcruxes. For the moment they couldn't be together properly. But they would. They would share that long awaited first kiss. They would get married and ride off in to the sunset together…well maybe it wouldn't be that perfect but it would work out because, as frivolous as it sounded, they were meant to be. He was her little glimmer of hope. He kept her grounded and he kept her going. So as the need for sleep took over once more, Hermione smiled widely, pushing through the pain that had singed her body.

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