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Nii-Chan's Baby Sister

Chapter Six: Proposal I




"My ribbon!"

A gang of eight year olds gathered around a small pink haired girl their age as they started beating her up and throwing things at her. What seemed like the leader of the chaos, Ami, walked over and gave her a hard slap in the cheek before pushing her to lie down on the concrete pavement.

"No, Ino-chan, to hide behind now huh, forehead?" the said tormentor teased as the smaller girl continued to cry harder, droplets of tears falling on her porcelain face as she bit back silent sobs.

"GIVE IT BACK!" she shrieked as she gathered all her remaining strength to haul her small body towards the offender and to try and get the ribbon back. To no avail, one of the girls on Ami's side pushed her back onto the ground and continued to mimic her.

"no older brothers to help you now huh?"

They continued to beat her up until-


At hearing this, Sakura's emerald eyes shot up to meet the silhouette of the raven haired boy. For some reason, she couldn't seem to stop herself from crying.

Without a word, the Uchiha came towards her and held her hand and stood her up and dragged her away while snatching her red ribbon away from Ami. He did this all silently, without saying or making a sound.


Sakura looked back to see Sasuke glare at the girls when they were about a feet away from her. He gave them a piercing glare that even she herself, shivered and felt a cold aura surround her. Coldly, he told them "you shouldn't act as though you're superior to others…" with that, he led the pink-haired girl away to the other portion of the park and towards the swings.

He watched as the bruised pink-haired girl quietly satt on one of the swings as she fumbled with the hem of her dress.

"here" the young Uchiha said, breaking the air of silence as he handed her back the crimson ribbon with a small blush on his cheeks.

"t-thank you…" she responded timidly, growing the same crimson blush on her own porcelain, tear-stained cheeks as she coyly got the ribbon from his hands.

"ano… wait here" The Uchiha's face broke into a small bright smile, as he looked at her sad face. "I'm just gonna get something and I'm sure you're gonna like it! WAIT HERE" he repeated as he began to dash to the nearest ice cream vendor in sight.

She blushed into an even deeper shade of red as she watched his retreating back. Still fumbling with the hem of her dress, she began to push herself off the swing slowly. She sat in pure silence as she thought of his sweet smiling face that was appearing repeatedly in her head… 'Uchiha Sasuke… kun' her face began to blush tenfold as she repeated his name with the new honorific she gave him inside her head.

Minutes passed and Sasuke returned quickly to his new found friend, two ice creams in tow. He found her swinging on the same spot that he told her to wait on. Smiling to himself, he quickly ran up to her while calling her name. For no reason, her cute sweet name sounded good to his ears "HEY SAKURA!"

She looked up when she heard someone call her name. her face broke into a happy smile as she saw who it was.

"here" Sasuke smiled cheekily as he handed her a scoop of bubble gum ice cream on a cone as he himself was already slobbering on a vanilla flavored one. "ano… I didn't know what flavor you liked so I just got this coz I kinda figured that if girls liked sweet stuff then-"

He was silenced when he heard her angelic and melodious laugh reach his ears and he, yet again blushed crimson as he saw her silence him by placing a finger on his now babbling mouth and kindly take the bubble gum flavored ice cream from his hands. "it's fine, Sasu-kun" she giggled "I like bubble gum"

Raven haired Uchiha just smiled as he watched her gobble up her own ice cream. Once the both of them finished, he asked her to scoot over a bit since the both of them fitted the same swing she was on.


"Just hold on tight, okay?" he gave a bit more of an emphasis on this as he started to rise and position themselves for a strong push on the swing.

"h-hai" the cursed blush appeared yet again on her cute little face as she had one hand hold onto the rail of the swing while the other arms was wrapped against him. Normally, this eight year old Uchiha wouldn't allow anyone to touch him, heck he didn't even know why he was being so friendly to this girl in the first place!

But, oh well. Everything banished as they kicked off towards ecstasy. Their childish squeaks and laughs echoing each other as the swing they were on swung higher… higher… higher… then…


The two eight year olds landed back first onto the sand, Sakura still clinging onto him while Sasuke had his arms spread, playing in the sand. The impact came on them as a quick surge of pain erupted to their small bodies but then-

"hahaha!!" Sakura laughed up and out loud as she detached her tired arms away from his strained body. It wasn't long till both of them were laughing their heads off.

Heck, they even started making sand angels onto the dirt. They seemed so peaceful, calm and happy, the pair didn't even notice the glares given to them by the few other kids that were about a few feet away…




"darn it I can't see anything!!"

"ugh, stop pushing!"

"gosh, it's so hot!!"

"can't you guys SHUT UP!? I'm trying to listen here you know!"

The other kids stared at their older brother as they stood behind the bush, as they assumed, spying on their pretty little sister.

Rolling his eyes, Ranma answered "sure Dark, you're the boss"

"whatever. I'm gonna pound that Uchiha. How dare he touch our little Sakura-chan!" he said fuming as his dark eyes scanned down to the two younger children having fun in the sand.

"gimme that telescope, I wanna see!" Natsume called on as he snatched he precious telly from his older brother.

"ugh, give that back!"



"bakas! They're gonna see us!!"




Two pair of eyes looked suspiciously at the rustling bush a few feet away. After a while, the two youngsters decided to just go and shrug the feeling away and proceeded onto their own doings…








Fifteen Years Later…

Twenty-three year old Uchiha stood high and might at the very same spot in the swing where he met the love of his life… in other words, the swing.

Yes, even after all these long fifteen years, even though he's already a steady business tycoon taking in millions of dollars a year (I mean really, him managing the great Uchiha Empire together with his respectful nii-san would really have some perks right?) and even though this certain pink haired goddess of his is already going steady on her medical studies and is bound to graduate med school in another four years (coz really, studying to be a doctor takes about more or less ten years so yeah), this old swing set that they used to play on as children was still standing high and clear…

Yup, this old swing did hold lots of memories for him and the pink haired girl.

And now…

Well now… it's time to add some more life changing memories…

His hand then reached onto his pants pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it expectedly and found a large diamond ring staring back at him.

Tonight was the night.

The night he'll finally ask for her hand.

The night that'd change both of their lives forever.

'Sakura… marry me' he repeated the question over and over his head as he smirked. Everything was set.









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