August 2007

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Author's Note: And the bunnies keep breeding… started minutes after I finished my 2nd fic…

Summary: Tommy receives Kimberly's letter in "No Business Like Snow Business", Kimberly's mother receives a phone call from her daughter and Jason is thrown into the middle of it as something seems suspicious and the letter is out of character for Kimberly...

Divine Intervention


The jangle of the phone woke Jason Lee Scott from a deep sleep. He groaned, rolling over to look at the clock and trying to focus. He squinted at the glowing numbers, letting out a muttered curse as he realized the time.

Three in the morning. Who called him at three in the morning?

The phone jangled again, insistently - stubbornly - calling him from an untroubled sleep and refusing to let him slip back into it. He threw back the covers and pushed from his bed. He should have put a phone in his bedroom. Padding on silent feet, he stepped into the hallway and pulled the phone off the hook. "Somebody better be dying."


He blinked, surprised by the voice on the other end. "Mrs. Hart?" Kimberly's mother? Why was Kimberly's mother calling him at three in the morning? What could possibly be so important that – his brain finally caught up with his thoughts – oh yeah; she was in France. "What can I do for you?"

"I didn't wake you, did I?"

"It's three in the morning, Mrs. Hart - I'm usually sleeping at this hour."

"Jason, I'm terribly sorry, but this couldn't wait."

Obviously. He rubbed his forehead, leaning against the wall as he struggled to wake his mind up to deal with his friend's mother. He hadn't even known she had his phone number - or why. The only connected he had with her was her daughter. "Has something happened to Kimberly?"

"Then you know?"

He blinked. "Know what?"

"That Kimberly broke up with Tommy?"

Jason straightened, his eyes flying open and his brain kicking into over drive. Kim had broken up with Tommy? Not in this lifetime. "No way."

"It's true!" Mrs. Hart's agitation was finally working its way clearly into Jason's waking mind. "She called me to let me know all about her new boyfriend."

"Is she happy?" Jason knew Tommy wouldn't be. His friend had adored Kimberly, treating her like the princess he believed her to be. Tommy was going to take it hard.

"That's the problem and why this couldn't wait. I'm sorry for calling you so early, Jason, but I'd like you to talk to her about this decision. Call it mother's intuition, but something is wrong here. Kimberly didn't sound as excited about this new beau as she has about Tommy. There's something missing from her voice."

"Uh, Mrs. Hart, Kimberly won't like me messing in her personal life." And neither would Tommy. "If Kimberly's making a mistake, isn't it hers to make?"

"I'm trying to prevent either of them from being seriously hurt by all of this. I happen to like Tommy and he's proven to be good for her. This new beau sounds to be overly controlling."

"Controlling? Of Kimberly?"

"She's talking about dropping out of her Gymnastics before the competition so she can see the world with him."

Kim giving up gymnastics for some guy? Jason felt a cold silver of fear slide down his spine. If Kimberly had broken up with Tommy because of another guy, was it possible it was because she'd been enspelled to? That someone or something was controlling her in an effort to take the White Ranger out of commission? He checked the time. Three fifteen. "I'll see her this morning, Mrs. Hart - I'll talk to her then."

"Oh, Jason, thank you! I would, but being half-way across the world... well... it's just not the same as face to face. I trust you'll meet her new beau and judge for yourself?"

"I'll see what I can do; both Tommy and Kimberly are my friends, Mrs. Hart, I don't want to see either hurt."

"Will you call me when you know?"

Jason assured her he would and took down her phone number before hanging up his phone. He stared at it, his mind reeling with the revelation. Kimberly had broken up with Tommy. He didn't believe it. Kimberly still talked non-stop about him and his letters - and about Christmas. The mistletoe, the party and the Power Rangers all pitching in to help – she gushed about Tommy's gift to her and never took it off.

How could she do such an abrupt about-face - just last week before she'd been trying to talk him into another visit to Angel Grove to see everyone - and the way she said it, Jason had known she'd meant Tommy. He shook his head. He was happy for his friends. Kim was one of the few people who could understand what Tommy went through on a daily basis - and the only other Ranger to have forcibly lost her powers. Their whole relationship was supportive of one another, bonds that couldn't be broken - only Kim had. Why?

He looked at the clock again, making a face. He was awake now and no amount of trying was going to let him sleep. He headed back to his bedroom to find it communicator - Billy had made it for him last Christmas as a way to keep in touch - and made a firm decision.

Whatever was happening, he was going to get to the bottom of it. But he would need the help of those who still had the ability to assist Kimberly better than he did if she were indeed under some kind of spell.