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Making Nice

Leaning against the red brick of her apartment building, Hana Yamaguchi pulled out a carton of cigarettes. She did the ritualistic packing of the box before flipping the top open and lighting one between two pale fingers. A woman and her child passed by and looked at Hana.

"She's pretty mommy! She should be on tv!" The young girl smiled at Hana, showing a missing front tooth from a bundle of red and black winter wear. Her face was pale and sprinkled with freckles upon the bridge of the nose. Hana smiled back and did a small curtsy in response, winking at her.

"Not with that filthy habit!" The mother snatched the young girl's arm as she shook her head in disappointment. They hurried down the sidewalk and disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the normal city life. Hana shook her head as well, leaning slightly to the side and letting out a tiny sigh before taking a long awaited drag of nicotine.

Hana Yamaguchi, aged 19. Enjoying a nice cold morning, smoking the first of the last pack of cancer sticks for the rest of her life.

She's gorgeous and lively. Fun to be with. But unfortunately, she's everything a nice girl isn't.

Hana laughed at that thought before the tears could well up in her eyes. "Today is going to be a good day!" She put out her cigarette on the side of the building and pulled her 12 speed bike towards the street. Hopping on and heading down the sidewalk, she hummed a familiar Christmas tune. Hana was hoping to surprise everyone that she was planning to live more healthier, not only physically but mentally as well.

Who would believe her?

Who would bother to care?

"I don't have all the answers just yet,"she said under her breath as she huffed and puffed her way around the corners, biking around pedestrians- cheerful and grumpy alike. Whatever it took to gain that feeling Ponta had inspired within her, she wanted it for herself. She wanted to feel real again. To feel real "true" love. And something told her that true love was something that couldn't be tricked. Or persuaded by good looks. Hana could feel her vision being blurred by tears again but she continued pressing forward through the crowd.

Go Fujinaga checked his watch. Reading 5:30 in the afternoon, he wandered the sidewalks, window shopping for chocolates, for beautiful dresses, for wonderful items that spelled, "I AM COOL!". "Should be easy, right?" He could imagine Ponta's clear blue eyes sparkle in excitement. He had already purchased a thin silver chain with a delicate aquamarine teardrop at the end. Go pulled out the small box from his jacket pocket and opened the case. Picking up the chain close to the jewel, he admired the teardrop once more. The light reflected in each of the many facets, sparkling brightly as if smiling for him. For some odd reason, he felt more reflective looking at the stone.

What is important to me?

Who is important to me?

"I'm not sure," he muttered to no one in particular."But I wouldn't mind seeing her once more..." He placed the necklace back into the box and shoved it into his jacket pocket. Go began to make his way through the crowd to continue his endless window shopping. In the back of his mind, he could still feel eyes that were as sharp as a cat's, crying softly without a sound. A quick glance at the watch would reveal the time to be 7pm. He was pretty close to that park he had visited with Hana. Combing his fingers through his hair, he wrestled with the idea of going. "... WHY WOULDN'T I GO, GO?!" He said aloud to himself. Amidst a trail of weirded out people, Go jogged to the park.

Hana pedaled down the cobblestone path to the park benches she would stargaze from. Nightfall had come quickly, a heavy curtain that fell into place once given its cue. She pedaled faster, not wanting to miss anything. From nowhere, a dark figure ran in front of her and she swerved the bike, throwing her weight to the right to keep from colliding! She landed in the soft, forgiving grass, cushioning her fall. For a moment, she stayed still, absorbing the smell of damp earth.

"How strange would it be to let it all end this way?" She released the words into the quiet of the night, her gaze traveling upwards to the sky. "How strange..?" Hana could see in the sky a young man. He was dashing, elegant, perfect. He was reaching for her but she could not reach back. Her arms felt as if they were weighted down.

"Wake up, darling. Wake up, honey. Wake up, sweetie.." He was cooing to her, fingers beckoning. "Wake up! Wake up!" Strong arms, he has. A firm and solid hold. He cried out something incoherent. Hana smiled at the thought. How warm his breath was against her face and neck. How his hands were stroking her cheek.

With a deep sigh, she slipped into unconsciousness.