Say My Name

Based on the Video 'Say My Name' made by HogwartsHonourRoll

This storyline is not mine, I offered to write the story for the maker of this fantastic video and this was born. It has taken me longer than I thought and I am actually very pleased with it. So if you like it then please review, not just for me but for the true genius behind this tale: HogwartsHonourRoll. And once you've read this and reviewed it, then please go and watch the amazing video over on YOUTUBE(search Doctor Rose Say My Name) (Yeah soz couldn't link it!). Thanks!

I sadly do not own Doctor Who. That great pleasure is the BBC's. I KNOW HOW JEALOUS AM I!.

A tall, thin man stood in the centre of the party, resting against one of the huge, white, marble columns; a wine glass, half-full, was clasped in his hand and a partially alcohol induced grin was set on his angular features. But there was something strange about him. Maybe it was the way the air around him seemed so full of guilt and pain despite his expression? Maybe it was the fact he was alone; no partner considering he was certainly handsome? A vivid blue frock coat hung elegantly from his sloping shoulders and beneath it sat a delicate, embroidered waistcoat over a white cotton shirt and silken blue-green breeches. He had a slender, young face with defined features and a shock of wild, brown hair, pulled back in a scruffy ponytail. Maybe it was the secret fact that within his chest beat two hearts and a few streets away sat his ship; the TARDIS? Because this 'man' was not human, he was a Time Lord, a time traveller, a man without a home.

A laugh escaped his lips as a joke was told nearby, then he sipped beverage once more. The bitter sweet taste enveloped his tongue and the toxics numbed the pain a little. He pushed himself up, staggering a bit as he did so and proceeded to move through the bustling throng.

Drifting scents of rich flowery perfumes and the pungent aroma of the heady, red wine being served about the place filled his nostrils and made his head ache. Silken ball gowns with long, full skirts ballooned up all about him as did the expensive, tailored suits of numerous gentlemen; all were in bright, rainbow colours of pink, red, green, purple, yellow, blue and orange gold glittered everywhere. A tuneful screeching reverberated amongst the loud, incessant chatter of humans, the sound of a bow grating across violin strings.

He reached the edge of the ball and came to a halt, the people were fewer here and it was easy to see what was going on. So he stood there, taking the occasional gulp of wine, lying in wait for anything or anyone abnormal to catch his eye. He gave a quick thought to his previous companion. Martha Jones had left him a few weeks ago, deciding it was time to get back to her studies and qualify, He didn't blame her. He wasn't angry. He had wished her all the luck in the universe, hugged her and let her go with a joyful farewell. So here he stood. Alone...Again. He tossed his head and joined in a nearby discussion, getting back into character, merging in again. Laughing, joking, talking about nonsense, he stood there acting so...human! He cracked a joke, raised his crystal glass and did a little turn, a grin on his ageless face. It was then that he spotted her.

A sweep of golden yellow and grey green. For some reason it caught his eye and held it. Stood there amongst the rest of the seething mass, was a young girl, a young, beautiful girl who was staring right at him. A cascade of blonde waves fell down by her shoulders and framed her pretty face, especially those deep, sad eyes and wide, rosy mouth. Her skin was flawless and radiant; she appeared to glow golden turning the rainbow about her into a drab, grey rain cloud. The gown she wore was plain yet elegant, a high waisted dress of grey-green silk with a short train and a slight touch of silver at the neck. Realising he was now staring straight back at her she became suddenly flustered, turning her head away with a swift sweep and a devastated expression. The Doctor continued to gaze at her, a gormless, confused look on his features. He blinked and looked again. It was undeniable. The young, golden lady, who was now peering guiltily at him once more, looked almost exactly like the lady he had loved. The lady he had lost...Rose. Her name formed on his tongue but he instantly swallowed it down. Rose was gone; trapped forever in a parallel universe with no means of escape. But she was safe, safe from the monsters and dangers that followed him wherever he went. She was with her family, safe, sound and hopefully happily, for all eternity. He knew. After all he had done the heinous act of sealing the two worlds, subjecting them both to a life, one without the other. There wasn't day he didn't think of her, didn't wish she was still with him. He was the love of his lives, and he was going to suffer from the emptiness her parting had left in him for all of time. With that soul-killing thought and a shake of his pounding head, the Doctor turned on his heel. He wiped the tears from his eyes and finished of his wine before coming back to the job at hand and pushing that girl and her unsettling face from his mind.