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--C Support--

Lyn gave a heavy sigh. It was the fifth time in two days that Eliwood's motley group of warriors had been attacked by the broken army of Laus and her body was beginning to tire of the constant exertion. "Why is it the swordsmen always head for me?" She pulled the Mani Katti from the body of the most recent assailant and sheathed it after wiping the blood of on the dead soldier's shirt.


As she turned to return to camp she spotted one of her allies hurrying towards her and gesturing for her to wait. He was wearing the clothes of a tribesman and had long, braided green hair. Lyn hadn't spoken to him before but had heard that he was a promising young swordsman. She stopped and waited for him to reach her. When he got close he slowed to a walk and began to speak, words coming in a rush from his mouth like an awe-struck child meeting their hero,

"Thanks. You're pretty good with that sword of yours, I reckon you could teach me some new things, would you mind sparring with me? I need all the practice I can get." If Sain had said this to her she would probably have slapped him but the swordsman's face was open and innocent so Lyn decided he was speaking in earnest,

"Sure, I could use a good partner, My name's Lyn."

She offered her hand and he shook it lightly,

"I'm Guy and…er…correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you from Sacae? I recognise the clothes but not the particular style"

"That's because my tribe were killed…I'm from the Lorca."

The swordsman's face went a bright red and he stared at his feet, "Oh! S...sorry for bringing that up…erm…I'm from the Kutolah…"

Lyn gave him a quizzical look, "I thought they were all about horsemen and archers?"

Guy's face went even more red and he began to mumble, "Er…well, that's true…except I can't ride a horse…they don't seem to like me, and as for the bow…I trained with a bow for three years and didn't hit the target once…Sword seemed the best alternative…"

Guy looked so completely dejected that Lyn felt she couldn't just agree to be his sparring partner, maybe if she agreed to train him he'd cheer up?

She put a hand on his shoulder and crouched to look him in the eye, "You're pretty good with it as well."

The speed with which Guy's face lit up almost made her laugh and the pure unadulterated joy was plain to see, "Really?"

Lyn smiled and quickly pieced together all information she had heard about his fighting style, "Yeah, you're fast, it looks like you manage to focus enough on your enemy to outmanoeuvre him but also notice the flow of battle around you and seem to know what you're doing with it, a few minor flaws but we'll soon straighten those out."

At this Guy straightened and she let her hand fall from his shoulder, "You'll actually teach me?"

"Yup! You'll be a great swordsman in no time!"

If Guy had been completely crushed earlier he was almost floating now,

"The Lorca were famed for their sword skills, I'd love to learn at least some of them! When can we start?"

Lyn couldn't help but smile, "He's certainly enthusiastic," she muttered to herself. She was about to say that she needed a rest before they began training but the he grin on Guy's face made her change her mind, "How about now?" she asked.

Guy suddenly frowned, "Are you sure? You've been fighting pretty hard for the last few days, don't you need a break?"

Lyn was touched that he tempered his excitement to make sure she was okay but she just grinned back at him, his own enthusiasm numbing the aches she felt, "No, I'm ready. Give me your best shot!"

Guy slowly drew his sword and settled into his fighting stance, huge smile plastered across his face, "You bet!"

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