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It was the coronation ceremony of Eliwood of Pherae and of Hector of Ositia. The two men stood before the stage dressed in splendid white with their brides-to-be beside them. In the seats at the front of the hall sat not the most noble of guests, as one might expect, but all the members of the rag-tag army that Eliwood had lead against the dark forces of Nergal. At Hector's expense, and Eliwood's insistence, the whole group had been fitted out with suitably ceremonial and lordly clothing, even the likes of Matthew had been coerced into a smart red tunic and black cloak with a gold clasp and crisp white trousers to go with his heavily polished black boots. Lyn had forgone the ceremonial wear of Caelin and instead had instructed the dressmaker to make something along the traditional Sacaen lines. What she had ended up with was a masterpiece, a jade tunic and skirt with tight-fitting white leggings and gold thread woven expertly into the whole outfit to give her a striking appearance and had drawn numerous admiring glances from some of the less discreet nobles of Lycia, as well as one particular brown haired knight of Caelin.

However, during the ceremony Lyn found her gaze constantly wandering over to where a nervously fidgeting green-haired swordsman sat. He too had been forced into a smarter get up and his faded blue robes and dirty white trousers had been replaced by Royal Blue and crisp white trousers. His often unruly hair had been systematically brushed and plaited, by none less than Lady Louise. In fact the only evidence of the scruffy happy-go-lucky swordsman that remained was his tattered old headband, which no amount of threats had been able to replace.

Lyn was confused. She recognised that there was a strong bond between the two of them, but that was because they both came from Sacae and had been able to support each other, like brother and sister almost. Then there was the fact that they had often saved each other's life, or worked together to break the army out from a sticky situation. There was even the whole part where she had managed to convince Guy not to throw his life away in their final battle. However, even if all of that were taken together, it STILL didn't explain why she was more interested in staring at him than watching the two leaders of the most successful army in Elibe's history get crowned.

Lyn was snapped out of her musing by a loud trumpet blast as the two kings, crowns shining on their heads, turned to acknowledge the crowds. Eliwood then announced that there was to be a separate, more private, ceremony for the two weddings, to be held in the Ositian throne room. Lyn rose along with the other guests and followed the crowd, thoughts of Guy still prominent in her mind.

The wedding ceremony was very short, but the dancing afterwards was most definitely not. While the party had begun in the afternoon it was still going after the sun had set and the moon shone bright in the night sky. Lyn stood of to one side of the dance floor, staring intently into her glass of wine. She had danced very little, only accepting invitations from the members of Eliwood's little group, even going as far as to dance with Sain. The look she gave him when she had agreed to it must have been hint enough as he was on his best behaviour for the whole dance. Several prominent nobles had asked for a dance but she turned them all down. The one man that hadn't asked her to dance from her friends was the one that was STILL occupying her thoughts. Mind you, she hadn't seen him dance with anyone actually. He had spent most of the evening stood in a corner watching half-bored and half-completely out of his depth. Poor Guy, she mused, this was likely the first time that he had ever been to anything like this.

Lyn watched with barely restrained laughter at the terrified look on Guy's face as a beautiful blonde tried to convince him to step onto the dance floor with her, but Lyn's humour was tinged with something else that she could not quite put her finger on. She decided her discomfort was that her best friend was being tormented by the angelic figure and Lyn decided to 'rescue' him. Striding over she grabbed his arm and led him away, making up something about a Lord wanting to know about Sacaen traditions and needing a second opinion, barely registering the evil glare given her by the girl or the stunned and grateful look on Guy's face.

When they reached a corner of the room that was rather less-crowded Lyn finally let go of his arm and turned to him, relief evident on his face,

"You okay?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"Yeah, I will be. What is it with these noble ladies and bugging me? That's the 5th this evening and it's getting rather difficult to avoid them."

"Then why don't you call it a night?"

"I...erm...its Lord Eliwood and Lord Hector's victory party. After the help they gave me it is only fair that I stay."

"Even you're getting mobbed by love-struck nobles?"

"Erm, yeah well...thanks for that...anything I can do for you to make up for it?"

Lyn tilted her head sideways as she looked at him. "Now or never" she thought to herself.

"Yeah, there is something you can do."


"Ask me for the next dance."

Guy looked as if he'd just been pole-axed. He recovered quickly though bowed deeply before offering his hand to her, "My Lady Lyndis, would you do me the extraordinary honour of this next dance?"

Lyn beamed at his over the top chivalry, it was almost as if he'd been having lessons from Kent, "Of course my Lord Guy, it would be my pleasure."

Now Guy stood straight again and flashed her one of his cheeky smiles, "Great, anything else you'd like me to do?"

Lyn batted him over the head and led him out onto the dance floor. She spent the next several dances breezing around the floor with him and enjoyed herself immensely, though she was even more certain that Kent had talked to the swordsman before the evening. Soon the last dance of the night was announced and it was a slow dance. She half-expected Guy to lead her off of the floor at this point but he looked at her with the question in his eyes and she nodded, surprised that he had agreed to it. Held tightly in his arms she remembered all of the times that he had saved her life during their travels, all the times he had helped her unwind when Hector or Sain had driven her to distraction. She remembered his enthusiasm for sword training, the wide-eyed wonder as she taught him all the skills she knew. She found herself focusing more and more upon his broad smiles, his shining eyes and came to the realisation that it wasn't just sisterly affection that she felt for him. Oh no, it was much more than that. Finally the music finished and left the two Saceans standing facing each other, focused completely on their partner.

They stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds before breaking apart, blushing profusely. Guy swiftly headed for the exit while Lyn went over to Eliwood and Hector to thank them for the evening and wish their wives luck in keeping them out of trouble. This formality completed she turned to see a flash of green hair disappear out of the door and she hurried after the young swordsman.

As she reached the top of the stairs to where the guests were staying she saw him about to enter his room so called out,


He stopped and turned towards her slightly,


Lyn gave a huge grin, "I really enjoyed tonight, thanks."

Even from down the other end of the corridor Lyn was sure she saw Guy blush, as he replied

"No problem, my lady, it was my pleasure" He bowed his head slightly as he said if before slipping into his room and bolting the door. Lyn shook her head in amusement as she walked the other way to her own room, she really would have to talk to Kent...

She was standing in a dimly lit room. Around her she saw the slow-moving forms of her comrades and friends and in front of her rose the imposing form of a Red Dragon, flames billowing from its mouth, narrowly missing three pegasus rides that had drawn to close. She looked around and began to notice that things were not going as they should: Athos and Nergal were duelling and the Old Sage had dropped to one knee under the barrage. Hector lay sprawled on the floor covered in blood with 3 arrows jutting from his barely moving body. Over by a wall Sain was sat on the floor dazed while Kent tried to fend off two berserkers with only his shield, his sword arm hanging limp and useless by his side. Suddenly an explosion billowed to her right and she watched as Wil, Rebecca and Raven were slowly blown backwards, looking like ragdolls thrown by a petulant child as they contorted in the air.

Horrified she began to scan the battleground, eyes searching for the flash of green that had become so precious to her. Finally her eyes found their target and she watched as Guy and the Morph Lloyd fought for the second time. These two swordsmen were moving at almost normal speed, emphasising the deadly quickness of the two. Lyn watched terrified, unable to tear herself away as she watched the young swordsman fall back under the lightning attacks of his foe. Then Guy's eyes seemed to flash and with an extraordinarily fast move, even for the slowed time, ducked under the blade of the Morph and rammed his sword through his enemy's chest until the hilt was flush against Lloyd. The Morph almost smiled as it brought its sword up and plunged it through Guy's back. Lyn saw the green-haired swordsman spit out blood as he pushed himself away from the Morph, leaving his sword in its chest. He staggered backwards and slumped against a wall. Lyn saw Matthew run over to check on his friend before a loud roar broke through to her stunned brain; The Red Dragon was standing right in front of her and she could see the fire building in its throat.

She tried to step backwards but found she could not move. As the flames neared her she found herself flying slowly through the air away from the beast. Turning to look she saw Guy floating where she had just been. Her eyes widened in realisation as the Dragon fire slowly consumed the young swordsman whose friendship she had grown to cherish. As she landed she saw Eliwood climb to his feet and lift Durandal, calling for one last charge. She saw Hector pull himself to his feet groggily; swinging Armads back then throwing it with all the strength he could muster, before collapsing to the floor again. The legendary axe crashed into the Dragon's skull and it threw its head back in pain. Eliwood unleashed Durandal and sliced the Dragon's throat, cutting clean through the monstrous neck. As soon as the Dragon fell, time sped back up, and Lyn ran over to where Guy lay motionless. Priscilla was nowhere to be seen and Lyn watched with horror as his breathing slowly stopped. Lyn stared at Guy's lifeless body and screamed in grief.

Lyn woke with a start, sweating profusely and panting hard. She knew it was a dream, but the image of her swordsman lying charred on the floor of the Dragon's Gate refused to leave her. She got out of bed, threw her robe on and hurried to find Guy.

As she ran, bare feet slapping against the cool stone, she tried to sort through her thoughts on the dream, trying to work out what emotions she had felt when she had seenher swordsman lying dead.

"Wait a minute! MY swordsman?! I...I've always liked him, I guess, always looked after him, but MY swordsman? I think about him a lot, and I DID get annoyed when that woman tried to dance with him, but claiming him as mine? That makes no sense, I mean I don...oh dear...Big sister isn't feeling so 'sisterly' now...Could I? Do I? Do I seriously lo...care for Guy that way? If I didn't, why was I so Upset to see him d...no I can't...can I? "

She reached his door and stopped for a moment to compose herself,

"What exactly am I going to say to him? I just saw you die, thought I'd better come and check? He'll think I'm drunk...which probably won't help with anything else I decide to tell him."

She took a deep breath and knocked.

There was no answer. She knocked again, louder this time. Nothing. She was beginning to get worried when she heard something slam into the other side of the door, the bolt pulled back and the door was thrown open, to reveal a rather flushed Guy.

"Er...sorry about that...I was out on the balcony..."

"Oh! No, its okay...I..I just wanted to talk, its not important, I can come back later if..."

She turned away, but felt a tender grip on her arm. She turned back to see Guy looking rather timid,

"No, its okay, I was just stargazing, you could join me? If you're not busy?"

Lyn sighed theatrically,

"Guy, its nearly the middle of the night, how do you suppose I'm busy?"

Guy stuttered a bit, but failed to form a sentence, so instead stepped aside and motioned for Lyn to follow him.

Lyn stepped into the room and walked to the balcony. She smiled, Guy had such a great view of the stars no wonder he hadn't heard her knocking at first. She felt him move up next to her and turned, staring deep into his eyes.

"Guy, I have a few things to tell you."

He looked scared, but signalled for her to continue.

"I...I had a nightmare. You...you died...an..and I realised, I can't live with that. I need you, Guy...so, I was wondering if you would mind, staying with me?"

Guy smiled,

"Sure! I mean I'm going with you to help clear up the bandits!"

Lyn gave a weak smile,

"And after that?"

"Er...i hadn't really thought of that...er..."

"You see when I said I wanted you to stay with me I...I meant longer than just clearing up the bandits...I meant...you know...longer..."

Lyn felt her cheeks heating up and was sure she was as red as Kent's hair by now. She was about to excuse herself and run from the room, but a firm hand under her chin, lifting her head and a soft pair of lips on her own stopped her. It was only a light brush, and Lyn could tell he was nervous, but if this was Guy saying he wanted to stay with her, she was more than willing to stand there and let him tell her...

Guy started stuttering and stammering worse than ever before

...even if it meant standing for a while.

Eventually, the young swordsman pulled himself together,

"Are you asking me t-to stay with you...forever?"
Lyn smiled,

"Yes Guy, I am asking you to stay forever. Will you?"

Guy gave her the biggest grin he could manage,

"Of course."

Over the next few years Guy and Lyn fought side by side in countless battles, the bond between them going from strength to strength. Soon the power of the bandit tribes was slashed irreparably and Lyn decided to start on the second task she had sworn herself all those years ago; to rebuild the Lorca Tribe. Guy was taken aback by just how much thought she had put into her plan, but eagerly turned his attention to helping her round up any exiles from the other tribes or people that had had their families and villages wiped out by bandits. He even went as far as to accept, against his better judgement, the leadership of the tribe as Lyn was unsure as to whether they would accept a female leader. Guy then managed to surprise both himself and Lyn by immediately asking her for her hand in marriage and Lyn was only too happy to accept, noting that she thought she'd probably have to ask him. Guy then declared that they were to lead the tribe as equals, as it was her tribe they were rebuilding after all. The tribes people accepted this as they could see the huge effort that Lyn had put into first the bandit problem and then the Lorca's rebirth. It took a long time, but soon the Lorca tribe was as strong as it had been, bringing joy to all the people of Sacea. Further to their joy was the birth of the first child of their leaders, a healthy boy, named Hausen. As the years passed, Guy rose to eminence as the Tribe's Chief and Lyn with him. Hausen grew into a fine young man and it was one of Guy and Lyn's proudest moments to see him married to Sue, daughter of Rath, who was by this time the leader of the Kutolah. The three plain-dwellers sat around a campfire late into the night discussing the old times and came to a unanimous agreement that things could hardly have worked out better.

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