He craned his neck, trying desperately to see out the fogging mirror as Sgt. Feury and Lt. Breda gathered up the pieces of Al. He could make out the shadow of Al and Lt. Havoc in the car in front of him and hoped his brother was alright. Beside him Lt. Hawkeye sat quietly, pistol loaded and drawn as she watched Colonel Mustang out the other window. He didn't know he was cold and so intent was she on keeping everyone safe that she failed to notice the signs. They both let out sighs of relief as the officers began heading back to the convoy of vehicles, Mustang slamming the front door of the one they occupied; Falman quietly taking the wheel. As the car was started Mustang turned around to give a cursory look at the pair in the backseat.

"All of the pieces of Al were gathered and I've ordered all men on the scene to remain silent about his nature." The Lt. kept her eyes out the window, scanning for danger, but his words did manage to rouse Ed. Golden eyes met black with a relieved smile.

"Thanks." Before he could add anything else, he was interrupted.

"We'll speak more about what happened and future precautions for you two once we are back at the office and warmed up some." As he spoke this Hawkeye gave him her attention. Ed's slight shivering had finally broken through her alert state. Ed looked back and forth between the pair as something was communicated silently which he failed to grasp. Mustang gave a small nod and turned back around, giving Falman a hand-signal to get them moving.

As Ed turned back to look out the window, he was shocked to feel Lt. Hawkeye slide an arm around his shoulders. His body jerked straight, but her arm stayed there. He turned to her with a questioning look only to find her eyes out the window, other hand wrapped around her gun surveying the passing city. Looking towards the two men in the front seat, Falman's eye caught his in the rearview mirror. He nodded slightly and Ed relaxed into the embrace. Her body heat warmed him through the jacket she had given up in spite of the fact they were both soaked through with rain. A single tear escaped his eye as he wrapped his remaining arm around her waist and buried his head into her shoulder.

To Hawkeye's credit, she didn't flinch when his cold automail port dug into her side, nor when Ed gave in and returned her gesture. Her eyes did widen however, but soon relaxed into a small smile. Mustang looked over his shoulder at her and grinned broadly, happy that everyone had come out of this confrontation safely. As the car pulled into Eastern Headquarters, the three officers exaggerated their noises, giving Ed time to save face and pretend he hadn't just fallen asleep during the 10 minute car ride.