The Warriors of Gundania-A Gundam Wing Fantasy

The Warriors of Gundania-A Gundam Wing Fantasy

Part 1

Long, long ago, there were five courageous warriors living in different places of the world. There was a myth about the hero Cadmus, who slew the three-headed serpent. He buried in the serpent's teeth in the ground. Like trees, hundreds of armed warriors sprang from the ground. The warriors fought against each other until there were only five left but nobody knew what happened after that. (Only part of this is true. Has anyone heard of the myth of Cadmus and the three-headed serpent?) Some people say they would meet again and they will be the ones to find the lost city of Gundania.. Many people have failed, the punishment being death. Only the true five warriors can find the city of Gundania, but where in the world were they?

There was a kingdom where a princess lived, Princess Relena, of the Sank Kingdom, waited for the warriors, to meet with them. Her brother, Prince Milardo was also a warrior. Relena was a strong pacifist, but her brother on the other hand, was always in battles. He joined an origin called Oz, a large group of soldiers.

Heero Yuy, a ninja was a great warrior in Japan. The citizens called him Silent One, because they didn't know his true name and he was as silent as a cat. There was only one person who knew his identity, and that was his trainer, Dr. J. When he heard of the legend of the five warriors, he set out to find them. Because he was certain that he could be one of them.

Duo Maxwell was a peasant who guarded sheep in the hills of Scotland. His only friend was a scientist named Professor G, who taught him how to guard sheep. He was raised by a priest and a nun. When he was five they were killed by terrorists. His sheep were always safe from wolves because he had a long scythe and it kept the wolves very far away from his fold of sheep. He was a religious fellow and he heard about the myth of the warriors that would someday build the city of Gundania one day at church. The priest had said that the Sank Kingdom was the meeting place for the brave heroes. So Duo decided to go there, hoping to see the warriors.

Trowa Barton was a bull-fighter and a member of the circus with his sister, Cathrina. He learned bullfighting from a master Bull-fighter, called Doktor S. They lived in Spain, but traveled over Europe a lot. Trowa was also a skilled archer. He could fire five arrows at once and could fire without any distractions, right in the center of the target. Because he travled with the circus and he worked with animals a lot, he was able to communicate with animals and train them. He had no reason to fear wild animals. He heard about the legend while fighting a bull in the arena, he was almost run down by the bull, but he lived. Someone told him that he'd could be one of the legendary warriors of Gundania. He set off to find his true identity in the Sank kingdom.

Quatre Rabera Winner was a sorcerer.. He got his powers from a genie (Instructor H, I think he looks more like a genie than Quatre's father! We'll just say his father was just a mercenary.). His friends, the Magunacs are mainly barbarians and sorcerers. When his father died, he wished that he could be more than he is now and become stronger. The genie told him that the solution lies in the Sank Kingdom, where he would meet four people, just like him, who were searching for the same thing.

Wufei Chang was a monk in the Shaolin temple and a Chinese Soldier. He lives in Shaolin temple and there he learned martial arts and more about himself. He went to battles, mostly on his own. He was in the battle with the Huns. His wife, Merian, from an arranged marriage, was also a soldier. But women soldiers were outlawed. She followed him anyway and dressed as a soldier, but she got caught while in battle and was sentenced to death. Before she died, she told Wufei about the legendary warriors of Gundania and she told him that it was possible that he was one of them. When he won the battle with the Huns, he figured that Merian must be right. If he was one of the warriors, there would be justice and he would be stronger than ever.

There was a beautiful princess named Relena who lived in the Sank Kingdom. She heard about the warriors of Gundania and waited day after day to hear from them. Her friend Dorothy, a gypsy told her that one day they would come and bring peace, which made Relena happy. Dorothy, how ever, liked war, but still admired Relena or acted like she did.

"The warriors of Gundania," Relena whispered to herself, "is there is such a place?"

"That's what father used to tell us," her brother, Milardo said.

She jumped, unaware that he was there, "Milardo, I thought you were fighting?"

"I have news for you," he said, "Pagan, please come here and read the scroll."

Pagan came into the room, bowed and took out a scroll, unraveled it and read it, "there will be a tournament tomorrow to see who are the real warriors of Gundania. Many great men from all over the world will come to show off their skills. The remaining five will be the true warriors of Gundania and will search for the lost city of Gundania."

"Tomorrow!?" the princess shouted, "Milardo, do you hear that?"

He nodded, "the Sank Kingdom is the best place for the warriors to come and show off their skills."

Pagan bowed and walked away.

"I want you to be gone when this is all happening," Milardo ordered his sister

"But why?" she murmured, "it's just a tournament, isn't it?"

"Nothing you'd be interested in," he said, his hands on her shoulders. "And it isn't safe."

"But I want to meet them!" she protested, "Milardo, please!"

"My dear sister," Milardo coaxed, "I know you do, I'm anxious myself, but I don't want you to be around when all these men are here."

She bit her lip, "you were just like Father was! You think I'm weak just because I'm a girl!" she ran away, sobbing.

"Relena, stop!" he called out.

On her way out the castle, she accidentally bumped into Treize, her brother's friend. "Excuse me, Treize." She stopped and curtsied.

"Your majesty, I must say you look as beautiful as the sun," he took her hand, bowed and kissed it gently, "off for a horse ride?"

She nodded, "yes," she thought up something to say quickly, "just going to pick some flowers."

"There are some wonderful wildflowers out there, pick one for me, won't you?" he smiled respectfully.

"Yes, I will," she curtsied again and ran off to the stables.

Treize went up to where Milardo was, standing in the room he and Relena were talking and he was looking out the window watchig her go to the stables. He knocked on the door, "the men are feeling better from their injuries, sir."

"Thank you Treize," Milardo said. "When will all those men be here? At dawn?"

"Those for the tournament?" he questioned, "oh, some might be, some might even be here tonight, we should find places for them to stay."

"You're right," Milardo agreed, "let's get started." He turned around and followed him outside to get everything ready.

Princess Relena rode as far from the castle as she could and eventually got lost. It was getting late and the sun just went down. Afraid to stop, she kept riding and riding. Her horse neighed, sensing danger.

"Easy, girl," she cooed, "'Tis only the wind."

Her horse got spooked, reared up and galloped away, bucking the princess off. "Come back, Snowy!"

Her white mare kept running away and didn't even look back. When Relena stood up, she knew why and shrieked in fear and horror. She had came way too far from the castle wall and she was in the wilderness. She heard wolves howling and eventually saw the hungry wolves coming into view. They growled as they came closer and she gasped, "oh no. Someone, help!" her plea for help was but a whisper.

A wolf lunged toward her and she covered herself, just as the wolf howled in pain and fell to the side. "Wha-?" she mumbled. She looked up to see a stranger in black attacking the wolves. He had two swords and many ninja stars. He cut through the hungry animals and threw his ninja stars at them.

Relena watched the mysterious, but handsome stranger fight off the animals. They growled and snarled but left to find their meal somewhere else. "Thank you," she said. "Can you help me find my horse? She ran from me."

The stranger looked at her while sheathing his swords into the sheathes on his back. In the darkness, she could see his eyes, a cold, blue. Cold enough to pierce her soul. He held his hand out to the side and her horse came running back to her.

"Snowy!" she shouted, rubbing he horse's neck, "good girl," she raised her head to thank the stranger, only to find him gone, "hello?" she sighed, "I am Princess Relena," while holding onto the reigns with one hand, she held out the other, "what's your name?"

There was a girl, close to Relena's age name Hilde. She was a peasant and a thief. In the middle of the night, she stole apples from the market place while foolish people left their carts unguarded. She began running away and heard footsteps, "thief!" the guards yelled

"Oh no!" she whispered, picking up the pace.


Hilde tripped over a rock and fell on her face, she forced herself up to put the fallen apples back her bag and run again. Her guards came closer and brought their clubs close to her. "Do you know the punishment is for stealing?"

"Go away!" her eyes began glowing as she stepped back. Lasers shot from her eyes and she torched one of the soldiers. After the attack she did, it left her weak and her legs wobbled but she remained standing with her eyes glowing.

"What the--?" one of them gasped, "she's a demon!"

"You fool!" they were about to raise their weapons to strike her when a wanderer heard her cries and came to them, raising his weapon and slicing through them. They fell to his feet and others ran away when they saw their attacker. "Shin-Shinigami!" they gasped. "The God of Death, run!"

Hilde looked up and saw a figure wearing a dark cloak, the hood covering his head. He held a long scythe and the blade dripped blood, more afraid than ever to even fight back, she gasped and fell to her knees, holding his feet, "please, don't hurt me!"

"Sweet lass," the stranger murmured, pushing his hood back, revealing a handsome kind face and a long brown braid "I won't hurt ye."

"I stole food from the carts, I'm to be punished," she cried.

"Then ye are forgiven." He muttered, "I have also stole some food to stay alive." He smiled, "now, I am hungry, tired, thirsty and lost. Can ye help me?"

"I can't, I have nothing," she murmured.

"Ah, but there's some place you stay, isn't there?" he gave her his hand.

She nodded and gave him hers, "I don't have much, but you're welcome to stay at my place for the night."

"I thank ye," he pulled her up as she led him to an old deserted cottage.

"What brings you here, traveler?" she asked, setting him down on a chair. She handed him an apple.

"I'm going to the Sank Kingdom," he answered.

"The tournament?" she gasped, "the tournament for the warriors of Gundania?"

"Aye." He bit into his apple. "But I'm not quite sure where it is."

"It's south of here," she murmured, "I can take you there." She poured him some water. She noticed is arm was cut, "you're hurt."

"'Tis nothing," he murmured.

"I can heal it for you," she put her hand to it and it healed up. No scar.

"Sorcerery," he mumbled. "How did you do that?"

"I don't know," she said, "I've always had this strange power I can't handle or even begin to explain. Some people think of me as a demon."

"Demon? What rubbish!" he said with a laugh, "you're more like an angel to me."

"An Angel of Death," she corrected, "people say I've got the kiss of death. I even took a mans heart right from his chest."

He smiled, "you can use it do defend yourself. Just not on me, all right?"

"Who are you?" she asked, "the guards called you…"

"Shingami, the God of Death," he explained, "but you can call me Duo."

"I'm Hilde," she said. "Thank you for helping me back there."

"Some people don't realize that there are others less fortunate than themselves." He yawned, "I've been traveling for a long time, where can I sleep?"

She pointed next to the fireplace, "I know it's a bit dirty, but you will stay warm."

"Again, I thank ye."

"Goodnight, Duo," Hilde whispered, "you will need your rest for the journey."

"Trowa, have you lost your mind?" Catherina demanded, following him outside of the tent. "You can't go to the Sank Kingdom! It's dangerous!"

"Don't worry about me," he said, "I have a way with animals"

"That's not what I'm talking about," she groaned, "I know your talent with animals; the lions love you."

"I have to go, Catherina," he said, saddling his horse, "I can't hide in the circus and I can't keep bullfighting for the rest of my life. There's something better out there for me."

"But Trowa," she pleaded, "the tournament is very intense, unless you're not a real warrior, you'll die in the tournament!"

"Then I'll just have to fight harder," he smiled. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck and be careful. Wait, let me come with you."

Trowa almost began to leave and he stopped, "I guess you don't want to hide in the circus either."

She shook her head and walked to him, "maybe there will be a celebration. We can do a dagger throwing show."

Trowa smiled and took her arm, "of course, let's go then!"

"Master Quatre, your camel is ready," Rashid said, walking into the tent. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, Rashid, I'm sure," he said, putting on his slippers. He wore a vest and Arabian pants and a small little hat. On his pants was a gold magic lamp. (Think of him as a blond-headed Aladdin, except he's rich.)

"Shall we come with you?" he asked.

"I'd like that," he smiled, "I'm sure the tournament would good for the others to see."

"Then let's go," Rashid looked outside, "the Sank Kingdom is pretty far away, we'd don't want to get caught in a storm."

"Quatre, I want you to take these herbs with you," Iria said, "incase of a snake bite."

"Thank you, Iria," he took the herbs and went to his camel.

"Good luck!"

Quatre waved to his people and began traveling to the Sank Kingdom with his Magunacs.

"Are you excited, Master Quatre?"

"Yes, Rashid, I've been waiting for this for a long time."

Wufei Chang traveled to the Sank Kingdom on foot. He got lost and somehow wished he really knew where the Sank Kingdom was (I don't even know where it is!). He stopped, because he heard something. Sensing danger, he pulled out his sword and followed the noise. He was relieved when he saw a peaceful Chinese spiritual dragon resting in a cave. {Oriental, (East) dragons are mostly good and they grant wishes and stuff, some Western dragons are evil and they eat people, I read it in a book!}

The dragon stirred and asked him what he wanted.

"I'm looking for the Sank Kingdom," Wufei said, "Can you take me there?"

The dragon nodded, walked outside and let him mount his back. Wufei looked down at the land and smiled as the air hit his face. The dragon was a spiritual dragon that could control the wind and the rain. It was a light blue, like the sky and he was generous, wise and he told Wufei about the Sank Kingdom. When Wufei offered payment for the ride, he refused, saying that he had already received payment and flew away after taking Wufei to the Sank Kingdom.

All kinds of barbarians, merchants, knights, paladins, monks and magicians came to see if they were the ones to find the the city of Gundania. It was like a great festival, people showed off their talents and others watched, oohing and awing over their skills. People from afar came to watch the tournament, just to see if it were real. A group of Amazons came to watch the tournament, hoping that they would find and meet the warriors and maybe even help them in some way. There names were Lady Une, Lucrezia Noin and Sally Po. They were dressed in leathers and carried spears and short swords.

"Out of this group of a thousand men, only five will be left," Lady Une muttered.

"And those five are the warriors of Gundania," Lucrezia agreed.

"I can't wait to meet them," Sally said thoughtfully.

They were all practicing in a large field, sharpening their weapons, exercising and talking to the others. Prince Milardo went to the podium and raised his voice so all could hear (they didn't have microphones back then!). "Welcome to the Sank Kingdom. Let the tournament begin!"

The soldiers shouted with excitement and joy, all hoping to be one of the warriors of Gundania. Milardo looked around and the Ninja caught his eye. He pointed at him, "you, we'll start with you."

"It's him," Relena whispered, covering her mouth, "the ninja who saved me last night."

The Ninja walked up to the front, "yes?"

"How many men can you fight at once?"

"I can fight every man here if I wanted to," he reached his hands to his katana blades. "Even you."

The prince was moved by his bravery, "what's your name?"

He was silent and then, "they called me Silent One back home."

The Prince walked out and picked ten men to fight with the stranger, four barbarians, two monks and four paladins.

"These look like the strongest men here, let's see how well you can fight!"