The Warriors of Gundania Part 5: Home Free

The Warriors of Gundania Part 5: Home Free

The journey the warriors were taking was tough on them. They traveled through mountains, deserts, swamps and barren lands. They fought monster after monster until they couldn't fight anymore. They came to a forest where they stopped to hunt for food.

Duo began rubbing his feet, "even on a horse, my feet are sore!"

Quatre nodded, wrapping his wrists, "my hands never felt so bad before. I think I better think twice before turning a monster into stone again. They still hurt from turning the dragon into stone."

"We've got to keep moving," Wufei pressed, "we can't afford to stop now!"

Trowa and Heero brought a dead deer for food and they began to talk. "What else did the jinni say?" Trowa asked.

"After we go through the trees that glow, we keep moving until our hearts tell us to stop," Heero answered vaguely.

Duo stretched, "well I don't know about ye, lads, but my heart is telling me to stop right now!"

"You're all too weak!" Wufei growled, standing up from the rock he was sitting on.

Heero mumbled something and walked away. He set up six candles in a circle around him, closed his eyes and tried to kick and punch the flames out, but without much success. He only put out one flame. Wufei followed him and watched him.

"We did that at the Shaolin temple too," Wufei said when Heero finished.

"I've been trying to get the flames out for years and I still can't do it," Heero looked up at him, "what did they show you in the temple?"

"Light the one candle you put out," Wufei said, taking off his breastplate and helmet. He stood in the center as Heero lighted it. When Wufei closed his eyes, he said, "when you strike, feel the heat of the candle, or you won't get all the flames out." Then he put his palms together for a moment, took a breath, and in a circle, kicked every single candle out in three seconds.

"How did you do that?" Heero asked, amazed. "I can't even do it with my eyes open!"

"It's simple, you just need to see the candle," Wufei replied with a sure smile, "not with your eyes, but with you heart."

Heero pulled off his mask, and raised an eyebrow "what? My heart? How?"

"I don't know how, I just do it." Wufei lighted the candles for Heero and stood outside the circle.

Heero began to put his mask back on.

"No, leave your mask off."

Heero shrugged and did what Wufei told him. He let out a breath, closed his eyes and began kicking at air, not at the flames.

"With your heart, Heero!" Wufei shouted.

Heero stopped, opened his eyes and put his hands on his hips, "I can't."

"Feel the warmth around you. Close your eyes."

Heero closed them.


Heero breathed.

"See the flames in your heart."

"I can't do it, Wufei." Heero said, eyes still closed.

"Don't give me that, weakling!" Wufei grumbled walking on the outside of the candles, "you can fight ten men at once, stand in the dark and not be seen, but you can't kick out six flames with your eyes closed? A child could do this!"

"How can I see it with my heart?"

"Concentrate!" Wufei snarled, then his voice became calm as the wind, "Concentrate, Heero. Picture the flames around you in your mind and in your heart."

Heero did his best to concentrate on the circle of the candles, he could see them in his mind, but not in his heart. See them in my heart? What does he mean by that? Heero wondered.

"Be one with the fire. Let go of all negative thoughts."

Heero stood in the center for about five minutes, concentrating, trying to do what Wufei told him.

"Now, put the flames out. Do it!"

Heero took a breath, he could feel the fire around him. "Ya!" He kicked at each flame in the circle and they all went out, not as quickly as Wufei did, but he got them all out in ten seconds.

"Now, open your eyes."

Heero opened them, blinked, "I did it!"

*******************Back at the Sank Kingdom**************

Princess Relena sat on the edge of the fountain, throwing coins in the water. Then she looked out in the distance. She wore a beautiful blue satin dress.

"Making wishes, Princess Relena?" Dorothy asked, walking up behind her.


Dorothy sat next to her, "do you think that the five young men yesterday are truly the warriors of Gundania? Could they actually find the lost city?" she wore a green silk and lacy dress.

Relena turned to Dorothy and made an angry face, "what? You doubt their abilites?"

"They're the same age as we and it's dangerous out there."

"Oh, but I believe that they are still alive." She splashed the water.

"You're in love with one of them, aren't you?" she asked with a nosy smile.

Relena made a smile of her own, a coy one, "yes."

Dorothy giggled, "that's exciting. Which one? Aww, or do I need to ask?"

"you are a gypsy, Dorothy."

"It's the ninja, isn't it?"

"There's soemthing about him," Relena said, "I cant' explain it." She looked at Dorothy, finding her smiling about something, "I don't need to be a gypsy like you to know you're in love with one of them too!"

Dorothy stopped smiling, "excuse me?"

"You're in love with the sorcerer, aren't you?"

Dorothy blushed, "he embarrassed me in front of thousands of people."

"Would you have had kill you instead?"

She shook her head, "no."

"They all are wonderful, aren't they?" another voice said.

They both turned to see a girl with short black (or is it blue) hair wearing a black shirt and pants and cape (I never seen Hilde wear a dress!).

"Who are you?" Relena demanded.


"You know one of them?" Dorothy asked.

Hilde nodded, "the shepherd, Duo."

"Oh, the Scotsman?" Relena asked.

"That's right."

Dorothy stood up, "the princess is mistaken, she thinks that they are truly the warriors of Gundania. I need a second opinion, do you think they could really find the lost city?"

"I have to agree with her majesty," Hilde crossed her arms, "there's no doubt that they are the Warriors of Gundania."

Dorothy looked back at the princess, who smiled and stood up, "I guess the you're voted out, Dorothy."

"All right, so maybe they really are the warriors of Gundania," Dorothy said, noticing her defeat, "but how would we know that they'll find it?"

"You're a gypsy, Dorothy, you figure it out!"

Hilde smiled, "oh, I'm sure they'll think of something."

Relena nodded in agreement, "yes, something."

************Back in the forest*********

They went on searching, still talking about what the jinni told them. Then in the distance, Quatre saw something. "Look! Do you see it?" he cried, pointing ahead.

Duo stood beside him, "what do ye see, laddy?"

"It looks like a cave."

"De jinni said nothing about a cave."

Quatre galloped his horse to the cave. He gasped and turned his head, "Come quick!" He shouted, "I've found something!"

"what could it be?" Duo asked Heero.

"Let's find out," he follwed the trail Quatre led behind.

The cave was between two mountains, a large boulder covered the mouth of the cave. It looked like a heart. Quatre dismounted and went to the boulder, "we stop when our hearts tell us to stop, but our hearts must be one," he said, remembering the jinni's words. He saw something on the heart-shaped boulder. It was his name! "Good God!" he ran h is hand across it, "come, look!"

The others came to him and they saw their names on the boulder, "our hearts are one," Wufei whispered.

"The city must behind this cave," Quatre stepped back, "these mountains."

"No wonder why nobody could find it!" Trowa shouted. "It was behind these mountains."

"How do you supposed we open the 'gate' to our home?" Duo asked.

"With a key, of course," Quatre said, balling his hands into a fist, "and I happen to have it." His hands began glowing a brilliant white, "stand back." He held his hands forward and began moving them to his left, making the boulder move slowly. When the boulder rolled away completely, Quatre pulled his hands apart, the mountains moving with it.

"Strong lad he is to be able to move mountains," Duo whispered admirably.

"With enough faith, you can move mountains," Wufei stated.

As the mountains moved, the first thing they saw on the other side was a waterfall, flowing down mountains and hills. Quatre pulled his arms all the way out until they were in a form of a T, revealing the rest of the other side. They stood in awe. "What are you waiting for?" Quatre asked, "this is our home!"

They laughed and ran though the opening and saw the beautiful lost city of Gundania. "It's just like I saw in my dream!" Trowa shouted.

"Our dream, laddy." Duo corrected, "Don't forget, we all had de same dream."

The city looked like it was made out of diamonds and emeralds. A huge castle, larger than the one in the Sank Kingdom was in the center. Everything was lush and green like in their dream. Heero went to a stream, took off his mask and bent down to wash his face. It felt wonderful, cool and fresh. He never felt so alive.

"Now that we've found it, what do we do?" Trowa asked. He looked up and saw five big statues. "Look, it's the statues!"

"Just like the jinni had said!" Wufei cried. The five statues (the gundams) stood in front of the castle. They were about 60 feet tall (how big are they anyway?). They had gold ornaments on the heads.

Duo walked right up to one and knocked on the leg, "made out of indestructible material, all right." He looked up the statue and saw it too carried a scythe. It was blue (or is it gray?), black and white. "Like stone, but something else."

Heero stood in front of the one that was in the center, it was red, white and blue. It had a red shield and the chest was blue. It held a sword that looked it had a blade green fire.

The one Trowa stood in front had big gray attachment on the left arm. It was white, red and orange.

Quatre stood in front of a statue that was gray and white. It too had sickle words, only much bigger.

A yellow, red, blue and white one stood in front of Wufei. It's right arm looked like a dragon's head. On it's back was a long gray staff made out of strong material.

"What are dese dings?" Duo asked.

"I don't know, but they look so, strong," Quatre mumured.

"I think since this is our home," Trowa said, "we're supposed to call them something."

A pile of metal like material, probably used to make the statues lay near the foot of the statue infront of Heero. He went to pick it up. "I've never seen anything like this before."

"What should we call it?" Wufei demanded.

"It's stronger than metal," Heero stated, he looked around. The mountains looked to be covered with this material, "I think we should call it….Gundanium Alloy."

"Gundanium Alloy?" they all said at once.

"And we'll call these statues….Gundams."


"I kind of like that," Duo whispered, he looked at his, "and I think I'll call this one Deathscythe."



"Nataku." (actually, in the series it's really called Shenlong, but he likes to call it Nataku.)


"Now we've found Gundania," Duo muttered, "how are we supposed to let the people in the Sank Kingdom know?"

"we write them a letter," Quatre said with a smile. He clicked his fingers and a piece of paper and a quill appeared in front of him. He wrote the message, snapped his fingers and the message was gone.

*******Back at the Sank Kingdom****

Dorothy was in her tent, making necklaces when princess Relena entered, holding a scroll, "I have a message for you," she said with a smile.

"What is it, your majesty?"

She gave the scroll to her, "you'll be surprised."

Dorothy read the message: "Found the city, signed, the warriors of Gundania." She said, then looked up at the princess who was laughing. Dorothy crumpled the message and threw it away with an angry scream.

"I told you they'd find it!" Relena shouted.

"They did?!" Hilde cried, walking in the tent. "We must tell everyone!"

Relena picked up the crumpled up message, grabbed Dorothy's hand to tell her brother and Treize.

"They found it?" Millardo mumbled, looking over the message.

"Then they truly are the Warriors of Gundania," Treize said with a nod, "I was sure about them."

They put up posters and signs all over the Kingdom, people looked at them and chatted over how they knew it was those five all along.

Relena let out a sigh, "I wish I could see it."

"Me too, because I still don't believe it!" Dorothy hissed.

"Well, I believe it!" Hilde hissed back, lunging at Dorothy with her knife.

"Stop it!" Relena ordered, "right now!" As she got between them, they began fading away.

"What's going on???" they all shouted.


"I wish that our friends and family could see us now," Quatre said to the Jinni.

"It is granted," the Jinni snapped his fingers and Hilde, Relena, Dorothy, Milardo, Treize, Lady Une, Sally, Iria and Catherina and Lucrezia appeared. Hilde and Dorothy were still grappling while Relena tried to pull them away.





Relena looked around, "So this is Gundania," she smiled as a tear fell down her cheek, "it's so beautiful."

Hilde pushed Dorothy back, "I told you they'd find it!" {AN: I've never really liked Dorothy, but I think Hilde's cool. I've also thought they'd have trouble getting along.)

"Why you!" Dorothy sneered.

"Stop it!" Quatre and Duo pulled them away.

"Well, she started it!" Hilde snarled, "she didn't' think you'd find the city!"

"Well, now we have," Duo said to her.

"It's an illusion," Dorothy said.

"No it isn't," Quatre murmured, "just look."

Dorothy looked around and her expression changed, "It is beautiful."

Relena found Heero standing in the waterfall. He was without his mask or shirt. His dark hair damp with the refreshing waters.

"I knew you'd find the city," Relena said, removing her shoes to step in the river. It was surprisingly cool and fresh. "I never doubted you for a moment."

"Thank you, your majesty," he told her.

As she walked closer to him, her foot slipped on a stone and she fell in the water. Heero chuckled and immediately turned red for his rudeness, "I'm sorry about that…are you all right?" he stepped away to help her up, only for her to lose her balance again.

"It's fine," she laughed, "I'm all right…ooh, slippery."

Listening to her laugh made him laugh too and he lost his balance and fell down. Every time they tried to stand up, they'd fall down again, so they laid in the water, (it's not too deep) laughing.

"I've never laughed before," he said, "until I came here."

"Gundania is so beautiful, isn't it?" she looked into his intense blue eyes.

"Yes, more beautiful than any place I've ever been," he agreed, then sat up, able to regain his balance. He reached for her head, "but now that you're here, it's even more beautiful."



Their voices were nothing but low sweet whispers. They closed their eyes as they leaned in for a kiss. Their lips only touched for a few moments when they slipped and fell again. They felt a splash.

"Hey you two!" Duo said, "are we going to celebrate or what?"

Hilde took his arm, "let's leave them alone, Duo," she said with a smile, "show me what those statues are."

"But we are going to miss the celebration!"

She pulled him away and hid behind Deathscythe, "no we're not!" then she kissed him.

He mumbled and reached his hands to her back.

"I saw a mermaid," Trowa told Catherina over glasses of wine.

"You did?" she gasped, nearly choking on her drink.

He nodded, "I was making a flute while watching the waters. It looked so beautiful. I went for a swim and I was attacked by a shark."

"You didn't get hurt, did you?" she asked in concern.

"No, that's when I saw the mermaid, she saved me. She and these other mermaids with dolphins came out of nowhere and they saved me." He smiled, "she was the most beautiful thing I've seen."

"Did you see anything else?"

"We've seen things you couldn't' even imagine," he said enthusiastically, "dragons, unicorns, trolls, monsters."

She sighed, tucking hair behind her ear, "that's wonderful, Trowa. Sounded like you and the others had some adventure."

"It was, Catherina, it really was." He smiled and they clicked their glasses together.

Fireworks crackled as everyone was dancing and enjoying their drinks around the beautiful grounds of Gundania. It truly was the adventure of a lifetime.

The End

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