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Chapter 1

Inside Tsunade's Office

Naruto and Hinata are called in for a mission.

Tsunade says, "The two of you have a lot of potential but you are not applying yourselves well enough! Instead of being just borderline good, both of you should rate an above average in terms of skills!"

"I have prepared a scroll of jutsus and history/knowledge scrolls. I want both of you to go into the woods area and TRAIN!"

"Do not return until you have completed the scroll and can show me the results of your training!"

When Naruto and Hinata reached the woods, they settled down by some tall tree to look through the scrolls. They were utterly amazed at what they saw on the scrolls, both were actually puzzled by some of the jutsu that they saw.

"Naruto-kun do you think we can complete all of these jutsu?

"Of course we can Hinata-chan!" The jutsu scrolls had 30 jutsus that just HAD to be completed! Though these jutsus had awesome names and came with instructions, both were a bit doubtful as to whether or not they could actually complete the scrolls.

However, nothing could ever deter Naruto and he confidently proclaimed that they would be able to complete it in no time!

As both of them knew NONE of the jutsus in the scrolls, they began with Number One, "precision chakra control and how to achieve it".

"Precision chakra control, I don't need to do this stupid scroll. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage and I"

"Ano, N-Naruto-kun"

"What is it Hinata"

"Ano, I-I was just thinking that maybe w-we should just t-try the exercises on the scroll like H-Hokage-sama said, it is a mission after all."

"Humph! Fine, what does the scroll say about how we're supposed to achieve precision chakra control?"

They started practicing the precision chakra training but Naruto being impatient kept screwing it up. After two days, Hinata managed to get the hang of it and Naruto seeing her improvement, decided to seek some advice.

"Hey Hinata! How about some pointers?"

Hinata was stunned into silence at having been spoken to by Naruto. Moreover, he was actually asking her for advice! Though she was feeling extremely self-conscious, she gathered as much courage as she could to try and impress him.

She made the hand seals and demonstrated for Naruto, explaining as she demonstrated, the hows and the whys. Naruto tried as per her instructions too and was amazed that it was actually working!

"Whoa" thought Naruto, "just from that one explanation from Hinata I can make progress! Unlike my wasted two days!"

"Hinata! You're cool! I thought you were weird at first because you don't talk, but you're actually kinda cool!"

Hinata's face turned red and she could feel her pulse quicken. She had absolutely no idea as to what she should say to that! Naruto had stopped the training to talk to her, so she said the most logical thing, "N-Naruto-kun, um we should start the next jutsu. S-so we can complete the quest as soon as possible." She stared down at the floor just when Naruto's eyes met hers.

Naruto snorted "erm... Fine..." But to himself he said, "I hate this stupid mission it probably just retarderizes your brain."

They continued the training process and suddenly unaware to Naruto and Hinata, there was the flash of something shiny and a few kunai were seen flying towards them! They managed to dodge this sneak attack, but in the midst of the action, they got separated from each other!

Naruto wondered if Hinata was all right and started calling out to her as loud as he could, but there was no response. "Where could she possibly have gone off too?" Naruto suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. On the ground were some strands of blue hair and a small piece of cloth that was from a forehead protector. Slightly further down, he could see small drips of blood.

"Hinata..." Naruto said looking at the newly found evidence, and feeling frantic, he yelled, "HINATA!!"

Picking up the evidence and noting where he found it, Naruto prepared to start searching for Hinata.

Just as he was about to produce a clone to report what had happened to Tsunade, a man materialized behind Naruto and put a blade against his throat.

A rush of anger flowed through his body. "I will never forgive you if you hurt her!"

"Just what do you think you're gonna be able to do about it? As you can see, I have the upper hand here." Said the masked attacker as he pushed the blade even harder against Naruto's throat.

Naruto concentrated and the thought of Hinata being in danger made him act even more rashly than normal. Ignoring the blade against his throat, he gathered as much chakra as he could into his elbow and swiftly elbowed his attacker in the chest. This force caused the blade to cut into Naruto's throat, and blood trickled down his neck. But was finally free to move.

He charged at his attacker who was gasping for breath and was about to land a punch on the attacker but he dodged it making Naruto go for a leg attack this time, which was also dodged by the attacker. Naruto backed away and prepared his favorite jutsu.

He summoned three Kage-bushins to hold down the enemy from behind, while another prepared the rasengan by his side.

As he prepared his Rasengan, Naruto grinned at the masked attacker, "Are you going to tell me where you have taken Hinata?"

"I'll never tell you... NEVER" the attacker replied, Naruto moved in for the Rasengan as the 3 bushins kicked the attacker in the air and shouted, "U-ZU-MA-KI NARUTO AIR RASENGAN!" In mid-air he connected the Rasengan with the attackers body, blowing it away.

When Naruto got to the landing spot he found out that the attacker had used the replacement technique and managed to escape.

Naruto was now tasked with tracking Hinata. Without a dog summon such as Pakkun that Kakashi has, he had to do it the normal long-winded way - SEARCH by himself.

Executing a Tajuu Kage bunshin, about 1000 clones appeared and set out to locate Hinata, he also sent one back to Konoha to inform Tsunade.

They followed the bloody trail located near the evidence at first, but the trail didn't lead very far. After some time, a few other clones located a fresh set of bloody trails that went on for quite a distance. He made all the clones disappear and decided to sneakily follow the fresh bloody trails, "I hope this blood isn't from Hinata. If it is..." He looked away for a bit and his eyes got a bit misty, but he pushed away his feelings and continued following the bloody trail, "I hope this leads right to her." He thought to himself.

Part of Naruto hoped that the blood he was following did belong to Hinata as that would mean he was going in the right direction, however, part of him was worried that it was his attacker's blood leading him away from Hinata.

It was getting dark and the anxiety in his heart was getting heavier. "I must find her tonight!"

Further inwards he saw the glow of a campfire and crouched low. There he saw an unconscious Hinata tied against a tree and her torn clothes covered with slouches of blood. Anger surged through him at the thought of the enemy having injured Hinata.

He felt Kyubi's chakra swelling within him, but surprisingly, he knew he had to keep calm and formulate a plan. Something that he has been forcing himself to improve on. Backup would soon arrive, but the question was if Naruto could be patient and wait until than.

Naruto was slightly worried to approach Hinata. What if it was a trap? He decided to approach anyway and get Hinata away from this place. She was obviously in pain and breathing was sure to be difficult due to the tight ropes tied across her chest.

He approached as stealthily as possible and pulling out his kunai, he started slicing at the rope. Suddenly, he found himself falling down a dark black hole. He was so doltish.

"How stupid am I? I knew they wouldn't let me get her so easily!" He was covered in filth and sweat was dripping down his face. He stood up from the trap he had fallen into and tried to find a way to get out the hole before the mysterious attackers came back and discovered him.

"There must be a way out of here!" Naruto thought to himself as various escape methods ran through his mind. "I GOT IT!" He yelled in satisfaction, "Kage-bushin no jutsu!" He commanded his clones to form a human ladder and he climbed them to get out of the hole. But when he got to the surface, Hinata wasn't there! Someone had taken her!

"HINATA! I will NEVER forgive the ones that are doing this to you!" He shouted to no one.

Naruto started to look around for clues to lead him to Hinata once more but none where visible at the moment. He was caught unaware as a kunai landed at the ground near him; unconsciously he turned and gazed upon the kunai that had an explosive tag attached! Naruto snapped into attention just as the tag exploded! He managed to jump some distance into the air and escaped the immediate impact, but was blown away by the sheer force of the explosion.

Picking himself up, he found his way back to the explosion site and from there, started looking for clues with crossed-fingers, as the blast would have disturbed whatever evidence that was there in the first place.

He moved in the direction from which the exploding kunai had been thrown towards him. Moving onwards, he sensed something weird, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. It took him some time to finally realize what was wrong, he was going in circles.

He was stuck in an illusion. He tried to dispel it the usual way, but it seemed that he still couldn't dispel illusions very well. Concentrating hard on where the exit is, he finally managed to walk out of the illusion and complimented himself, " haha they cant beat me so easily! How dare they underestimate me!"

Suddenly, someone sneaked up and captured the cocky Naruto.

"LET ME GO" Naruto yelled at the attacker who used a imprisoning jutsu.

"Now now... didn't you want to see your friend? You are going to see her right when you wake up" the enemy Shinobi said with an evil grin.

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at his attacker right before the shinobi hit him unconscious.