By Lady JenDragon

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Awakening Kagome

Kagome woke the next morning consciously aware of Sesshomaru. Had her dreams of the previous night not been so…erotic, she would not have any problems this morning making breakfast and cleaning up.

As she packed up her things to continue on their journey, she made sure not to take her eyes off him. Not that he seemed interested in her anyway. But, being so self-conscious she would inevitably make some kind of stupid mistake or say something weird. She must not let him know what she dreamt.

Still, it bothered her. The dreams were far too odd. She never dreamt of this stuff. Kagome sighed silently to herself, scolding that she was being foolish. Sesshomaru hated Humans and regarded them with disgust.

'But why did I have these dreams last night then?'

Kagome asked herself is Sesshomaru was capable of 'touching' someone human. She dismissed the thought quickly. No way! He would never do that. Still, she had some nagging doubt about that conclusion.

If that demon, Grimmick, indicated that sex might be a way to remove the Bounder, she could understand that someone might 'do that'. Still, this was Sesshomaru she was discussing here. He detested humans and would never sink to that level.

Aware of the Human's obvious change in thought pattern, Sesshomaru leaned against the tree waiting for her to complete her deconstruction of camp. Her body remembered him and conveyed that through her dreams.

Dreams that made her uneasy about him this morning as her body language indicated. He would take heed and not provoke more 'awakenings' until more was known about the true purpose of the Bounder.


A darkened castle loomed over the small hill on which it sat, no villages or persons visible. The landscape around it was drowned in white light from the morning sun. But the castle appeared deserted for some time.

His little followers and loyal infiltrators caught everything. He watched the miko in the mirrored water as she scrambled to gather camp. Sesshomaru touched her during the night to learn more about the invisible tether that bound them.

Naraku sat back against the cold wall, the darkness of the room hiding his male human form with the exception of his eyes. He looked as a man just recently crowned king, happy in his possession of lands. The news could not have come at a better time.

"So, Sesshomaru and the Human are bound together." He smiled. "A revelation indeed."


Kagome walked in silence as Sesshomaru walked ahead of her. He preferred to keep her behind him. The old tradition of men first, women last. She fumed that he was insulting her sense of equality. Shaking her head, she could not let the little things get to her. A few more days and she would find the Jewel and return home.

She had to keep her mind focused on the big picture.

Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru, her eyes setting on his long white hair. 'Looks just like Inuyasha's hair.' She heaved a silent sigh. Her jaw tensed as she diverted any thought from veering towards the younger brother, or half brother as it were. They were so different.

Sesshomaru seemed to walk without hurry, almost a stealth and seamless movement as they walked towards the south-southwest. His back never showed weariness nor did he exhibit signs of restlessness.

Sesshomaru stopped then turned to his left. She halted, almost tripping over her own foot. Shifting her gaze from the forest and back, his eyes seemed set on the thick forest here. Shrugging slightly, she waited quietly for him to decide what he would do while trying not to appear too bored.

Kagome lifted her head from thought knowing something was wrong. Sesshomaru would not stop unless there was a possible threat lurking. Then she felt it. There were five of them…

And they were HERE!

Sesshomaru merely levitated off the ground, landing where none of the five demons could reach him. The tether barely reached the distance, slightly tugging at the neck. The woman below him fell off her feet, just missing the out-stretched claw of the shortest demon.

Sesshomaru committed that moment to memory.

Tenseiga came out from its sheath. Now that Totosai altered his father's legacy to fight battles, he found the sword more to his liking. These mere inferior demons believed they could destroy this Sesshomaru bound to a Human.

They were quite mistaken.


Kagome knew that her options were limited being attached to Sesshomaru like a pet. He already made it clear that he would do all that was necessary to evade his opponents during battle. She would have to defend for herself if she wanted to find the Shikon Jewel and return home. And she lost her backpack somewhere by the trees when she lost her footing upon the demon's arrival.

They came so fast and furious!

Seven of them all together, two arriving seconds after the initial five landed. Within seconds, she had her arrow aimed at the nearest one, a lowly little worm demon eagerly making its way at her. Kagome pulled back on the bow.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a massive wall of demon coming at her from the side. She pivoted to take a good look then fear froze her. She threw up her arm and cringed. No scream escaped, knowing Sesshomaru would not come to her aid as Inuyasha once did. No, she was alone here.

Then she felt the pain in her neck from being swept off her feet. Her arrows fell from her carrier, her bow dropped to the ground. Sesshomaru must have forgotten she was tethered and preceded to engage in battle as he saw fit.

'Jerk!' Kagome's eyes widened.

Sesshomaru's long slender fingers gripped her throat, his armor at her back. Kagome looked up at his face frozen with the glimmer of battle in his eyes. He was patiently angry, his amber eyes never leaving the demons momentarily dazed from battle.

"Never take your eyes off the enemy!" Sesshomaru growled.

Then he let her go and leapt towards he second largest demon aiming for them. He did not see Kagome's eyes blur then her body grow limp. She fell to the ground unconscious.


Kagome opened her streaming eyes, the blue sky above her with large puffy white clouds. The sound of clashing swords brought her back to reality. What happened after Sesshomaru let her go? Did she get hit? Somehow she lost consciousness. How much time had passed since then?

She looked around, finding Sesshomaru on one knee, Tenseiga held tightly in his left hand. Two demons lay dead, another huffed from serious struggle with the Dog demon. Even with one arm, Sesshomaru fought bravely and with courage. He did not use the new arm in battle, probably so used to not having one in the past. It would take some time integrating the new arm.

'Or he doesn't want to use it on principle.' Kagome thought. 'He's probably stiff miffed he got suckered into the trap of getting a new, he won't use it cause he got caught wanting his arm back.'

"What the…"

Kagome lifted her head, her eyes widened. Two of the demons had her pinned to the ground by her ankles. Her hands were stuck to the ground with some kind of gooey substance and spread far apart. The worm demon inched his way towards her feet, it's tongue hanging out like a dog about to drink water after a hot day. Fear rose in her.

'What the hell is it doing?' Kagome frowned.

The worm demon stopped at her feet then inched forward. The varied species demon holding down her right ankle nodded and growled something. Then the worm demon crawled between her legs. She squeezed her eyes closed tightly.

Only when her briefs ripped open, she realized what the demon's true intention was. She tried to struggle but found the demons merely laughed at her feeble attempts. Her chest felt heavy, she found it difficult to breathe. The worm's tongue found her…

Kagome's mouth gaped open.


Fire in his loins alerted him to Kagome's plight.

The human was easily over powered by two demons with the worm demon attempting to feast on her flesh. Demons knew the only way to weaken him was through the Bounder. As the Boundee, he had no choice but to relent and would be defeated if they succeeded.

The demon worm spit out a greenish-yellow substance from its mouth then glued Kagome to the ground at her wrists.

Sesshomaru turned towards his opponent, the large demon of many origins that came at him with such ferociousness he had not fought in many years. Never had one opponent challenged with him with such raw physical power that seemingly had no end. Brute strength it had, but no ability to apply tactics and strategy against him.

This Sesshomaru would defeat such inferior demons with little effort.


His arrogance had proved there was one flaw. The human woman was his only weakness. These demons were using everything at their disposal to weaken him then defeat him, awakening the needs of the human miko's flesh. They would wait until the woman found pleasure then wait for this Sesshomaru to fall to his needs.

The Bounder could be truly terrifying.

Responding to basic needs was a natural response for inferior beings, not for beings of noble breeding. To give to such emotions went against all he learned. Insulted that he, too, would be subjected to such animal instincts, Sesshomaru knew that to avoid becoming a victim of the Bounder, the woman would need to be rescued immediately. They were close to breaching her…innocent needs.



Kagome found her body responding in such… 'Oh crap! This can't be happening!'

Her brain screamed for everything to stop. She writhed against the substance that held her hands, against the demons that held her ankles. Part of her cringed while the other part liked…she felt a shiver shoot through her. The demons were so engrossed by her situation, they failed to notice anything else happening around them.

Suddenly the attack on her body stopped.

Her body shivered once the demon was removed, her lungs seemed to have trouble working properly. Is this was sex was supposed to feel like? Kagome suddenly panicked, it could have gone on longer…she cringed.

She opened her eyes to find Sesshomaru standing over her, staring down at her with disgust, casting her in shadows from the sun. Her eyes looked him up and down, finding that he had more than apt opponent in battle. His kimono was ripped at the right cuff. Both swords were sheathed at his waist.

It was then she noticed something different about Sesshomaru. There was a bulge…where one should not be, at least not on Sesshomaru. Kagome found herself staring at it, her brain short-circuited momentarily. He was male…but she never really imagined him to be…the bulge was rather large.

Kagome blinked then realized that Sesshomaru continued to stare down his nose at her. She shrunk back slightly at his lingered stare then he turned from her and walked away as if she was only a momentary interest.

She gulped finding her hands were now free from the demon sticky substance. Her ankles were loose from the demons that bound them. Their remaining body parts were strewn across the field. It was then she realized her briefs were…well…wide open. Her face burned brightly from the embarrassment.

'And he didn't even look.' Kagome realized.

Was she annoyed he did not seem interested or embarrassed that he might have seen her? But then he did have that bulge in his pants. Perhaps he already saw her coochie region before she opened her eyes and decided to save her some humiliation by walking away? Would Sesshomaru actually do that? Walk away? Let alone save her some humiliation?

Kagome quickly got to her feet.

All was well, Kagome concluded for the moment, deciding that to linger on what just happened would only cause more harm than good. Shaken but not defeated in her eyes. Still, her body quivered a bit, her legs shaky from the ordeal. The worm may have been ugly…but what it did to her…well. Would she be able to forget this ever happened?

'Don't think about it!' Kagome ordered herself. 'Just get past it. Do what you need to do to get home and never come back!'

All in all, she did not really lose anything in the battle. Yeah, her briefs were ripped apart, but she had a sewing kit for that and an extra pair just in case. Sesshomaru would not speak of what happened here to anyone. And all the demons here were dead.

Finding her backpack again, she retrieved it and went off into a thicket of tress. Minutes later she emerged with her briefs changed and joined Sesshomaru who stood waiting where a trail began at the forest's edge.

Kagome did not bother looking at Sesshomaru, seeing as the demon walked off ahead of her anyway. 'No manners at all! Honestly, like he's some sort of important person or something.' She hoped they would find Totosai soon. She wanted some answers. And some solace with someone she considered a friend. She really needed a friend right now.

Sesshomaru was too much a stranger.