One: The Treasure

"But Al! It's the greatest treasure known to man!"

"Whatever, Iago," responded Aladdin without looking at the parrot who flew beside him. "I'm sure the rumors of this treasure were overly exaggerated."

"No, I'm telling you, it's the world's greatest treasure. Cross my heart and hope to…" Iago paused, not willing to say the word 'die.' "…not eat lunch."

Aladdin chuckled. "Yeah, that really convinced me. Now stop talking about this so-called greatest treasure and help me finish shopping."

Iago would not relent. For too long he had searched for the location to the world's greatest treasure, a treasure he had learned about long ago, when he had first become the familiar of the royal grand vizier, Jafar. It had taken years for him to find the exact location, and now that he had it, he was not about to let this sweet opportunity go to waist.

"I will not stop talking about it!" he cried out defiantly. He flew in front of Aladdin, effectively blocking the path. "For years I have searched to find the location of the treasure, and now that I have it, I have to go find it!"

"Then go by yourself." Aladdin tried to brush Iago away, but the parrot would not be so easily subdued.

"C'mon, Al, you know I can't do it by myself. I'll need your heroics to get me past the first barrier. You know us parrots aren't good at death-defying situations. I'll clam up, probably get killed, you know how it is. Besides, I'll split the treasure with you fair and square. Fifty-fifty, right down the middle."

That gave Aladdin pause. He raised an eyebrow. "Fifty-fifty? Gee, that sounds a bit generous, Iago. Must be some treasure if you are willing to forgo your greed just to get my help."

Iago went back to flapping merrily at Aladdin's side, basking in the knowledge that he had him, hook line and sinker. "Only the greatest treasure in the world, Al. One that will make even the Sultan green with envy."

Aladdin smiled. "I don't know, still sounds pretty risky to me."

"Oh c'mon, Al! It's be fun!" cried the voice of Genie, who popped in front of them without preamble. He wore a big grin on his face and his eyes sparkled with thoughts of adventure. "We'll make a day out of it! You know Jas and the Sultan are busy today doing royalty things, so why not go out and have us a grand adventure. Just you, me, the monkey, the parrot and Carpet. I'll even pack a picnic lunch." In his hands appeared a brown picnic basket which he held by two handles, and over his arm drapped a red and white checkered cloth.

Aladdin skewed his lips and furrowed his brows in thought. Sweat dripped from Iago as Genie bit his nails in worried anticipation. Finally, Aladdin adopted a toothy grin and said:

"All right! Let's seek out the greatest treasure!"

Abu scampered up Aladdin's body to rest on his shoulder. "Oh boy!" cried the monkey.

"All right!" cried Genie, and gave Iago a high-five.

Aladdin whistled to call upon Carpet. Once they took to the skies, he turned to Iago.

"Lead the way, Iago."

Iago's eyes narrowed as he rubbed his wings, thinking only on all the pretty sparklies they would collect. "With pleasure."