Proto Zoa and Zee

By AviatorAllie

Disclaimer: I do own Zenon, Proto Zoa, or any of the Zenon Movies characters.

Space Stay

1:00 pm

Zenon was depressed as usual. She was seventeen with the big eighteenth birthday coming up. Her parents didn't know what was wrong with her. All they knew was the last time she was fully happy major was when Proto Zoa came to visit a year ago.

"Zenon, sweetie, are you all right?" Asked her Mom, Astrid Karr.

"I'm fine Mom, really." Said Zenon with a sigh.

"Your dad and I have a present for you…"

Zenons dad walked in carrying a medium sized box.

"Here you go" said her dad.

Zenon opened the box and took out the new Digi camera Z had been wanting.

"Zetas Lipedus" exclaimed Zenon.

"Wait theres more…" said Astrid.

Zenon took out two tickets to the Galaxy Caribbean Cruise.

"This is stellar major! Who is going with me?" Asked a excited and confused Zenon.

"I AM!" said Proto Zoa walking through the door with arms open for a hug.

"AHHH" said Zenon running into his arms.

"Zetas Lipedus, you're here!" said Zenon.

"Yea and Im going with you on your birthday cruise." He said.

Zenon looked down and realized for the first time that this cruise was for the whole week of her 18th birthday. Zenon was excited major and even more excited that her crush,

Proto Zoa was going to be going with her.