Zenons Birthday Cruise

By: AviatorAllie

CRUISE BEDROOM after unpacking

"Hey Zee, do you want to go swimming?" Asked Zoa.

"Umm yea, I need a 30 minute nap major, then ill meet you by the pool."

"Okay, well ill see you by the pool then!" said Zoa.

Zenon said to give her 30 minutes because she needed the time to think things over. She knew she liked Proto Zoa, actually she was in love with him, but she didn't even begin to think he would have a crush on her. Boy, was she wrong major!


When Zenon got down to the pool, she looked for Proto Zoa. When she saw him, he was on a lounge chair surrounded by girls who looked about 20. When he saw her, his smile brightened. He got up when she reached him.

"Hey sweetie, are you ready to swim?" Zoa said while giving Zenon a long kiss.

"Uhhhhh…" was all Zenon could say at that moment.

All the girls by Zoa's lounge chair walked away upset that they didn't have a chance with him. Zoa led Zenon to the chair next to his.

"Look Zee, I'm sorry, but those girls wouldn't leave me alone." Explained Proto Zoa.

"Its okay, really!" said Zee adding in her mind 'More than okay actually'.

"Would you like to go take a dip? And wow you look great!" said Zoa.

"That would be stellar and thank you very much!" Said Zee wearing a lime green bikini.

Zee and Zoa splashed around for about an hour or two. The same girls came up to them.

"So is this your girlfriend?" one of them asked.

"Yea I'm his girlfriend." Said Zenon, putting her arm around Zoa's waist.

"I don't believe it. Prove it!" a girl said.

"Fine!" said Zee.

Zenon wrapped both her arms around his neck, and started kissing him passionately. Zenons tongue darted out trying to gain access to his mouth, and he readily obeyed.

They kissed until they ran out of air, and looked around. The girls weren't there anymore.

They took a step back and let go of each other.

"Why don't we go back to our room." Said Zoa, seeing people staring at them.

"Okay." Nodded Zenon.


Zenon entered ahead of Zoa and sat down on the bed in just her bikini. Zoa had a hard time keeping his eyes on her face. He stepped up to her and pecked her lips. Zenon was not expecting that, but soon stood up and pushed him down on the bed. Zoa was surprised but still liked it. They made out not even thinking for about 40 minutes, until the dinner bell rang telling guest the dining rooms were now open with food. They parted and stared at each other.

"Proto Zoa…


They both said at the same time.