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Angel of San Francisco



He was leaving.

Inwardly he had left a long time ago.

As much as the world had needed Christopher Halliwell – now there was no one to remember it.

No one other then Chris, to be precise.

He had changed the world; had changed it by giving the ultimate sacrifice – his life.

And he surely and truly had been rewarded for that.

He got his life back.

With everything he had ever dreamed of. A happy childhood with not more demons involved as the charmed sisters could handle. A brother who was loving and caring and couldn't be turned evil, no matter what fate threw at him, and best of all: A mother who was still alive.

Everything could have been perfect and it wouldn't even have bothered the young whitelighter that no one except of him remembered the old cruel timeline and the heroic deed of one certain green-eyed boy if not for one fact.

Fate had once again played cruel against him.

It had taken from him what he needed most at the time – love.

And there was nothing Chris could do against it. No one he could blame for it then truly time itself.

He had lost the most precious thing he ever had.

His friend, his confident and loved fiancée.

Time had robbed him of Bianca.

No, she was not dead, with that he had learned to live a long time ago.

But he had lost her anyways to the one person he couldn't bare to loose her. Wyatt!

It wasn't her fault, nor his older brothers. Things just happened differently in the changed timeline.

Chris wasn't the poor captured rebel he had been in the old timeline as he had met Bianca for the first time, and Wyatt – now good to the core had been the most charming, gorgeous and caring man that any girl could hope for when he met Bianca – not the evil heartless tyrant. And yes, once again HE had to be the first one to meet her.

Who could you blame that they fell in love with one another – they were the perfect couple and seemed to be made for each other, and…

…as anyone else they were totally unaware that not so long ago yet a lifetime away, things had been different.

Only Chris knew. There were some things that hadn't changed in the now oh so good future. The young Halliwell was still one hell of a silent and cagily boy.

Everything he knew- everything he felt was neatly bottled up in his own heart and mind – ready to erupt one day.

But not today.

No, he would anyhow get through this day just like he survived everyday of his life.

That was the plan.

You know what happens with best considered plans…

They fail…