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Chapter four: Angel


He simply had to keep on moving!

Damn, did somebody tell that it never rained in southern California? Bullshit! It was as if all floodgates of the heavens had opened to pour their years stock of the, professedly sparse amount of rain on one certain miserable whitelighter.

A steady growing wind made Chris misery almost perfect.

"Cold!" was the simple word to describe his predicament. His frozen body matched the icy feeling inside of him.

The only thing that helped in his situation right now was moving. He walked on without really caring where he went.

And so he found himself at the waterside, staring up to the building that had all his life a strange calming effect on the youngest Halliwell.

Tired eyes arose to find rest in the majesty of the nightly illuminated golden-gate-bridge that lay wrapped peacefully in hazes of rain like pure silk.

Chris watched the cars pass by – appearing out of the darkness to lighten his place on the, at that time of night tourist free parking line at Fort point, just for a second only to disappear in the blink of an eye to head for an unknown destination.

Where was his destination? What should Christopher Halliwell do with his life…his new life?

Water dripped out of Chris drenched hair and found its ways in small rivulets down his cheeks.

No one could have certainly said if they mingled there with some salty tears to silently seep into the already dripping wet T-shirt.

The young whitelighters eyes wandered over the calm darkness of the San Francisco Bay as the sudden realization hit home that he had just left home without anything! But the feeling of overwhelming dread only lasted for the fraction of a second – blissfully numbed by the cold.

Suddenly a light on the bridge caught his eye. Something was definitely not right upthere. The steady movement of bypassing cars had been interrupted by a lurching light. Someone was desperately trying to get his skidding car back under control. Maybe a burst tyre´ the young whitelighter thought.

A fatal thing to happen on a bridge, even without a road slippery wet with rain. The car hit the bridges balustrade several times before it crashed hard into the safety-steel cable above, to fulfil a stunt-like sideward flip over the complete bridges-rail.

Seconds seemed to stretch as Chris watched the car falling into San Francisco Bay.

Just slowly Chris mind started to process what was happening right before his eyes.

There were people in the vehicle that he watched sinking in slow-motion. The young whitelighter did not waste anymore precious time – he simply orbed.

Fuck all the exposing-magic-speeches´ of his family! There were things more important than that!

The life of the two little children he found in the backseat of the car for example. Chris managed to squeeze himself between the back- and the front-seats as he reappeared in the cramped space of the cars interiors.

The older of the siblings hung unconscious in his seat-belt. The cut on his temple told the story of hitting his head hard on the side window. The little girl beside him in contrary sat securely tucked in her child-safety-seat, watching the boy who had just appeared in blue white lights with growing fascination.

Chris checked the two adults on the front seats and let out an relieved sigh as found them too only unconscious.

But the water started to flood the car merciless. He had to act fast if he wanted to save all of them.

First he tried to get the little girl out of her safety seat. Chris tried hard to open the seat-belt, but the system was damn complicated.

Where is that goddamn fastener!´ He cursed inwardly as he felt a small cold hand touch his face.

"Are you an angel?" A tiny voice asked in awe.

Chris was startled but then answered slightly smiling "Sometimes….maybe" as he orbed the girl into safety. At that moment Chris Halliwell felt an ease overcoming his heart he hadn't felt for ages.

Second he orbed the unconscious boy out. Right in front of St. Mary's Medical Center he placed him on a patch of grass besides his sister.

"You'll watch out for him sweetie, will you?" A broad smile told Chris that the girl wouldn't walk away. Chris winked a last time at the little girl, before he orbed away again. He found himself in ice cold water that meanwhile reached his chest, as he entered the wreck again. He had to orb both parents at once, or there would be no second chance of coming back! The water was dangerously close to the faces of the unconscious couple. He was so weak by now that he did not know if his power would suffice to orb the three of them. But he had to try. Chris would never forgive himself if his inability left two children without one of their parents, or worse as orphans.

So he did the unthinkable and three people crashed hard on the soft green grass besides their children only seconds later.

Chris lay heavily panting besides the family. Need just one second´ he told himself, before he stumbled to his feet. Walking unsteady in the clinic he called for help.

"Are you hurt, sir?" A young nurse asked the young whitelighter who looked himself the worse for wear.

"No…not me…family…outside...!" Was all he panted while pointing outside.

To disappear in the tumult that broke out only a moment later was an easy task for Chris…

Even if he had been wet before, now he was literally drenched!

"Taking a midnight bath in the bay fully dressed – great idea, Chris!!!"

Where to go now? ´ Was the main question. He had to find a warm place where he could stay at least till his clothes had dried and a thermometer put in his mouth would at least rise up to the scale titled human´ again. But if he was right, the hypothermia wouldn't be a problem anymore in a few hours. There was a major flu looming. So the cold would soon be replaced with fever.

All right, he couldn't go home – No way!!!

Frustrated the youngest Halliwell stuck his hands in his pockets and felt a tiny, very wet something between his freezing fingertips.

Should he really…? NO!