If I was Your Vampire

Chapter 1

-Still in Love with all Your Sins-

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Axel dropped the small pink tablet into a glass of water and watched it slowly turn into a bright red liquid. He stared at the glass boredly and sighed. Today was the first day back from Summer break, which meant new classes, new teachers, and new freshmen. Those newbies always asked so many questions, and half of them would get beaten up by seniors by the end of the first week.

Axel quickly gulped down the red liquid with a grimace, licking a drip away from the corner of his mouth as he set the glass back down on the table. He slipped on his converses and grabbed his bookbag off the floor. After waving 'goodbye' to his mother, he darted out the door and down the street. Today should be fun...


Roxas, Sora, and Riku hurriedly darted down the street towards the school. 'My first day and I'm late?!' Roxas thought. As they neared the school gate, Sora tripped over a rock and landed face first on the sidewalk. Riku quickly ran to his side and helped him up. Roxas stopped running and leaned over, putting his hands on his knees and gasping for air.

After pushing past crowds of kids and finally finding their lockers (which, by the way, were several locker rows apart from eachother), they were finally able to receive their schedules. Unfortunately, Sora and Roxas had only a couple of classes together. Riku was a junior, so he couldn't share a class with them anyway.

Roxas quickly ran to his locker to pick up his books and binder. "See you in homeroom, Sora!" he called out as Sora and Riku headed towards their first classes. Roxas opened his locker and fished inside for his binder and history book. He slammed the locker shut, and walked to his next class. Axel, on the other hand, was walking with his hands in his pockets, his Ipod headphones plugged into his ears. He was walking towards his first class as well, which just happened to be in the direction Roxas was coming from...

BAM! The two boys rammed right into eachother, falling to the floor along with their books and binders. Roxas sat up and rubbed his head, while Axel quickly gathered his things and scrambled to his feet. "Sorry about that," he said, helping the little blonde up. Roxas picked up his things and dusted himself off.

"That's okay!" he said with a smile. Axel flashed him a quick grin before digging his hands into his pockets, carefully balancing his books under his arm.

Roxas' smile slowly faded as he studied Axel's appearance: bright red hair spiked wildly in the back, two little black triangles tattooed under his eyes, a small silver loop hugged around his bottom lip, and silver chains hanging from his neck and black studded belt with cross pendants hung at the ends of them. He also wore a black hooded sweatshirt that looked a size too big and a pair of dark-coloured jeans that looked a size too small. Roxas winced at the thing in front of him before absently running a hand through his hair. "I...uh...guess I'll see you...later?" he said, carefully beginning to walk past Axel.

"Sure," Axel said as he walked off, getting lost in his music once more.


Each class quickly melted into the other until finally, the school bell rang. The students quickly rushed out of their classrooms and into the halls, where they made a run out of the building. Roxas walked down the halls at a slow pace and somehow managed to avoid being knocked over several times. He was pondering about his encounter with Axel, and how there was a strange yet familiar aura Roxas felt from him. His thoughts quickly shattered as a hand gently grasped Roxas' shoulder. He slightly jumped at the touch and quickly turned around to see Sora, Riku walking closely behind him.

"Hey, Rox! Guess what?!" Sora said happily, he and Roxas now walking together in unison. Roxas scratched the back of his head.


"This girl named Kairi asked me out on Saturday! Isn't that great?!" Roxas gave Sora a congratulatory smile, and couldn't help but notice the disappointed frown on Riku's face. Sora turned and grinned at him, that frown quickly forming into a nervous grin. Roxas laughed to himself. He knew Riku had liked Sora since the two met; it was just so obvious. But unfortunately for Riku, Sora was much too clueless to notice.

Roxas opened the front door as Sora waved 'goodbye' to Riku, who walked across the street to his own house. "What a great first day, huh?" Sora said, throwing his backpack on the table, "Except for when I almost got beaten up by that senior for running into him...or when I was running in the field at P.E. and almost knocked you into the puddle of mud..."

Roxas rolled his eyes and dragged his bookbag upstairs to his room, reminiscing on the unfortunate event of him almost falling into a giant puddle of mud. As he walked into his room, he picked up a small remote from his nightstand and flicked on his C.D. player, the song 'Scars' by Papa Roach leaking from the speakers. He absently sang along as he dug his phonebook-size mathbook out of his backpack. Settling in his seat, he leaned over his desk and began trying to decipher the homework he had been given.


Axel leaned back against the headboard of his bed, absently singing along to the song playing on his stereo. His sketchbook was sitting in his lap, and he ran a hand through his hair as he tried to figure out what to draw. He had already finished his homework, so there was really nothing better left to do. Axel began to think about his encounter with Roxas, picking up his pencil and sketching out what he remembered of the blonde; spikey hair, big round eyes, short in height. Axel then sketched out what Roxas had been wearing that day. When he was finished, he sat back and smiled at the picture with satisfaction.

For some strange reason, he felt attracted to Roxas. And though the blonde gave the brightest smile you could ever see, Axel felt an aura of melancholy and depression around him. Axel smiled slightly, somewhat feeling as if something he did was causing Roxas' hidden pain...


Roxas heard screams, saw people running and shrieking for mercy. A hand quickly grabbed his and dragged him away from his home, his life as he knew it. He looked up at his mother's panic-stricken face as she held on tightly to his father's hand while he tried to drag her and Roxas to safety. Roxas then felt his mother's hand being yanked away, a scream quickly following. He quickly turned to see the beast holding his mother's neck, slowly biting into it. Roxas stood and stared as his mother cried in pain, his father rushing towards him. His father tried clasping a hand over his eyes in an effort to prevent Roxas from witnessing the dreaded sight, but it was too late. Roxas saw everything.

The beast looked up at Roxas and grinned, blood dripping from his mouth and fangs. He then lunged at Roxas, the blonde clasping his eyes shut and preparing for the attack. When he heard a loud hiss, he looked up and saw that his father had taken an iron bar from a broken pole or something and held it in front of the vampire, blocking his attack.

"Daddy!" Roxas' shrill voice cried out. His father struggled to keep the vampire away.

"Roxas...go," he managed, the vampire hissing at him and forcing him back. "It's not safe...you must go." Roxas felt tears swell up in his eyes as he nodded and ran off.

Once he was a distance away, he looked back and saw the vampire attack his father to the ground, mercilessly beating him with the iron bar before sucking in his blood. Roxas turned away and clasped his eyes shut in an effort to disappear...



Roxas woke in a cold sweat, his dream slowly fading away as memories of his past flooded his mind mercilessly. He found his breathing to be heavy and shaky, and tried his best to calm himself down. This hasn't been the first time Roxas dreamt of his past, and he was sure it wasn't going to be the last, not until he fulfills his destiny to kill a vampire.


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