If I was Your Vampire

Chapter 5

-Broken Wings-

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Axel slowly opened his eyes, squinting from the bright sunlight leaking through the window. He glanced down and met his gaze with the small blonde laying in his arms.

"Morning, Axel," Roxas said, poking Axel's cheek. Axel turned his face away and yawned. The two of them had been watching a movie around 10:30pm, and apparently they fell asleep. Axel's eyes then shot open and he quickly jolted up from the bed.

"Oh, shit..." he said, running a hand through his hair and slumping forward, "My mom's going to kill me..I was supposed to be home by 11:00 last night.." Roxas frowned and patted his back.

"Will she be worried if you stay for breakfast?" he asked curiously, cocking his head to the side. Axel smiled and kissed his cheek, then patted his head.

"Trust me, she should already be having a cow by now." Roxas laughed and Axel stood up from the bed, stretching his arms out as high as they could go. Roxas picked up his cellphone on the nightstand next to him and checked the time.

"What time is it?" Axel asked, taking a piece of chocolate out of the box on the dresser. Roxas blinked at his phone.

"It's 1:00pm.."

Axel choked on the chocolate and started coughing aggressively. Roxas just stared at him with a blank expression. He continued coughing uncontrollably, leaning his arm against the wall as he tried to stop himself. He made himself gag and pulled the chocolate out of his throat. Roxas made a sick expression.

"Ewwww!! Axel!!!" He whined. Axel put the chocolate back in his mouth.

"1:00pm?!! I am so fucking dead! I have to leave right now." he said, running out of the room. Roxas blinked in disgust and shook his head, chasing after Axel.

Axel ran downstairs in a rush, and ran right into Roxas' dad. The two fell to the floor with a thud; Axel cursing to himself and Cloud checking if any of his weapons broke when they fell. Axel stood up quickly and helped Cloud up.

"Please, try to be more careful," the older blonde said boredly. Axel backed away slightly and nodded.

"Sorry..I just need to get home..wanna come with me Roxas?" Roxas then looked at his dad, as if asking for permission. Cloud nodded and the two boys ran out of the door towards Axel's house, leaving Cloud behind to pick up his stuff by himself.

"Damn..I am sooo dead..." Axel trailed off as they ran down the block, when suddenly a sharp pain hit his side, a feeling of pain as if someone were stabbing him in the side of his stomach. He stopped running and winced at the pain.

"Are you okay, Axel?" Roxas asked worriedly, putting a hand on his shoulder. Axel knew what this was. He forgot to take blood tablets, again. But this time, the effect was upon him even worse than before. His eyes glowed red, and he began to feel extremely hungry; the thirst growing with every second.

"AXEL! Are you okay?!!" Roxas shook him lightly to try to snap him out of it. Axel began to back away from him.

"Uhh..I..I gotta go okay, Rox?" He said nervously. Everytime he tried backing away, Roxas just came closer forward.

"Axel, is something wrong?" Roxas asked again. The red-head soon began to feel extremely dizzy. He clutched his head.

"I'm fine Roxas, really. Please go."

"Tell me what's wrong!!" The blonde demanded. Axel clutched his head tighter. He felt everything spinning around him, the colors of the trees and buildings soon blending and becoming blurry. He could barely make out Roxas' figure standing in front of him. He then collapsed, falling on his knees. Roxas rushed to his side and lifted Axel's chin to meet his gaze. "Axel come on snap out of it!" Axel soon felt the dizziness worsen, and he could barely hear the sound of Roxas' voice.

He slumped forward, leaning on Roxas, then everything went black.


Axel's mother slowly poured the red liquid into his mouth, Axel swallowing in his sleep. He then quickly sat up and choked, his mother patting his back.

"Are you alright, Axel?" a familiar voice asked. Axel looked to his right and saw Roxas standing there, giving him a worried look. He looked in front of him at his mom, who was holding the glass of synthetic blood from the tablets. His eyes widened and he jumped out of the bed, pulling his mother into a nearby bathroom.

"WHY DID YOU TELL ROXAS I WAS A VAMPIRE?!!" he whisper-shouted. Axel's mother stepped back and shook her head.

"I didn't, Axel. I put the tablets in the glass when he wasn't looking and when he asked me what it was I said it was dark red Gatorade." Axel breathed a sigh of relief, and Roxas knocked on the door.

"Uhh...would someone care to explain what's going on?" he asked sheepishly. Axel looked at his mother and she nodded.

"Maybe it'd be best if you told him, Axel." He walked up to the door and opened it, Roxas staring at the two of them confusingly. Axel led Roxas into his room and shut and locked the door.

"Roxas...can I tell you something?" he asked nervously. Roxas quirked up an eyebrow and nodded.

"Of course you can...I was really worried about you earlier." he said. Axel took a deep breath and looked down.

"Well, Roxas...I'm a...a..." Roxas motioned for him to continue.

"...a...vamp..ire.." Axel winced and stared at Roxas, who's expression was blank. The blonde then stared him right in the eye.

"You're lying..." he said. Axel looked down and shook his head.

"I wish I were, Roxas. I really do." Roxas stared up at him and shook his head.

"You're lying..." he said again. Axel bent down so he was eye level with Roxas and lifted the corner of his mouth, showing his left fang as proof.

"I'm not lying, Roxas." the blonde backed away.

"That's why the alarms went off in the store...that's why you were arguing with my dad...that's why you collapsed! You needed blood...and that..." he stared at the glass on the dresser. "That's blood..."

"It's not real blood, Roxas!" Axel said. Roxas glared at him.

"But its not 'Gatorade' either!" he growled. Axel stared at Roxas in disbelief. He felt rejected and judged based upon what he was, a pain much worse than the pain he had felt earlier when he collapsed. Roxas began to back away from him, and he stepped closer.

"Roxas, I'm not going to hurt you..." he said sympathetically. The blonde shook his head and glared at the older teen.

"Why should I believe you?" without waiting for a response, he ran out of the room and down the staircase. Axel's mother watched as he pulled open the door and ran out. She sighed and ran upstairs to Axel's room.

Axel let him go. He sat on his bed and held his legs up close to his chest, burrying his face in his knees. He felt the warm tears begin to fill his eyes and run down his cheeks. He suddenly felt a hand grasp his shoulder, and looked up to meet his mother's gaze.

"Axel, it's alright. If he can't learn to accept you the way you are, then he doesn't deserve you." she said, sitting next to him and patting his back comfortingly. Axel wiped his eyes and leaned against her.

"No one will accept the way I am...I'm just a monster...a creature that doesn't even deserve to live in hell." he buried his face back in his knees and began to sob. His mother leaned her head on his and patted his back.

"That's not true, Axel. Demyx and Zexion accept you," she said optimistically. Axel shook his head.

"Yeah, but not someone who's been brought up by a vampire hunter..." his mom's eyes then widened.

"What?!!" she yelled. Axel stared at the floor and she forced him to look at her. "His parents are vampire hunters?!!"

Axel nodded.

"Oh great..." she stood up from the bed and began pacing around the room. "I can't believe this...Axel, you are in serious danger now."

"Teh...it wouldn't matter...I'm in more danger just sitting here.." his mother quirked an eyebrow at his comment, and he wrapped himself up in the blanket on his bed and sighed. "...mom?"

"Yeah, Axel?"

"Wake me up when you've found a cure for me."


Roxas slowly walked toward his house, thinking over the whole vampire situation with Axel. Why did he lie to him? Why didn't he tell him from the beginning?

Probably because he was afraid you would react the same way you did earlier.

Roxas pushed the thought out of his mind. This whole thing was just too much for him to handle. He felt, deep down, guilty for leaving Axel and judging him. But he knew Axel didn't feel guilty when he fed off innocent humans...

IF he fed of innocent humans...

He once again pushed the thought out of his mind. He didn't want to have the thought of 'nice vampires' in his mind, in case there really weren't any of the sort. He approached his house and unlocked the door, walking cautiously inside. He looked around, but there was no one.

''They must be out...' he thought. He walked upstairs and heard his dad talking to someone on the phone. He glanced inside the study, watching the older blonde sit down at a large chair in front of a desk. 'Maybe...Dad could help me with this situation...' He thought about it for a moment.

Bad idea.

He sighed and walked to his bedroom, jumping in his bed and snuggling in the blankets. 'I'll just sleep for a while,' he thought, 'Maybe I'll wake up and this'll all have been a dream...'


Sunday morning finally came about. It was surprising to see that Axel had slept the whole entire day...

That is, until 3:00 in the morning.

Axel groaned and sat up in the bed. "Why did I have to wake up now?" he mumbled to himself. He knew that if he tried going back to sleep, he'd just feel more and more awake every second. He stumbled out of bed and limped to the bathroom, turning on the faucet and splashing cold water in his face. When he looked up, he saw his mother standing right behind him.

He screamed.

"Mom, what the hell!" he yelled, snatching a towel hanging behind her. She laughed and smiled.

"I suppose you couldn't sleep either?" Axel nodded in response.

"Too busy wondering when I'll be sent to hell."

She shook her head. "You have terrible language," she teased. Axel threw the towel at her and she laughed, dodging it. "It's early enough...wanna go get Starbucks?" Axel nodded happily and followed his mother out of the bathroom and down the staircase.

They walked along the sidewalk towards the small coffee shop, Axel occasionally bumping his mother off the sidewalk.

"Mom...do you think he'll actually tell his dad that I'm a vampire?" he asked. She glanced at him with a worried expression, then looked down.

"I..I don't know..." she began, "He was probably just upset that you kept it from him, so he kind of went off on you yesterday. I don't think he'll tell."

"Teh...I sure hope you're right..."


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