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"What ye do t'me, Acushla." A deep, harsh voice coming from the cool, hard body of the vampire groaned. "Y' make me mad fer ye, y'do."

"Yes," a young gypsy moaned, thrusting up against the reassuring weight. "Want you. Promise…."

"What, dearling?" The deep voice questioned, hands roaming feverishly as he looked deep into the others eyes.

"Promise me that you will still want me after."

Ready to promise anything, the vampire buried his face in his lover's neck, rutting mindlessly. "Aye, promise," he muttered. "Anything ye want. Always want ye, dearling."

"I'll hold you to that." The gypsy's whisper was broken, fevered.

"Enough talk." The vampire rolled to his feet just long enough to shuck off his pants and strip the gypsy of his, then returned to the bed. Moving so quickly that the gypsy gasped, he reached down, gripped his lover's thighs and spread them urgently. A rough, hasty finger found a hole still slicked and open from the last go and the vampire wasted no more time, lunging forward to bury himself to the hilt inside his boy's hot, welcoming body.

"My Angelus…" the gypsy sobbed, forgetting everything in the flood of sensation.

"Yes, dearling. Yer Angelus, who's never goin' to leave ye again." He pinned the gypsy with his intense gaze and thrust hard into the sweet heat of him. "Wrap yer arms and legs around me, sweet. Want to feel you all wrapped around me."

Eagerly, the gypsy complied, winding his limbs around the big body driving into him. God, it was so good. Especially when a big cool hand wormed its way between their bodies to curl around his aching cock, stroking him in rhythm with the vampire's thrusts.

Within seconds the gypsy was screaming, pumping his seed onto their bellies. Angelus followed him soon, fangs sinking into his boy's neck as he came.

The hours that they had been given passed like flash fire. All tongues, fangs and fingers, hard cocks, sweet kisses and tender words. Before the gypsy knew it, they were lying nose to nose, whispering to each other, waiting out the last hours. "Sleep, dearling. Sleep my precious Luca." Angelus' voice rumbled out between purrs, hands stroking him anxiously.


The alarm went off as Xander woke up gasping. He reached over and hit the off switch as he lay in his bed trying to figure out what the dream was about and why he would dream such a thing.

'Another dream with the same people, but this time it was more sexual. Why am I having these dreams? And why is Angelus one of the stars in them?' Xander wondered to himself.

"Boy, you better get off that bed and get ready for school if you know what's good for you." Xander heard his father's voice booming from his room. He quickly got up off the bed and hit the shower. After he had taken his shower and threw on some clothes for school, Xander quickly took the stairs two at a time, still in deep thought.

'Just a few more months of school. Then I can move out of this place,' Xander thought as he ran his hands down one of his arms and over bruises, remembering what had happened the night before. Shivers ran down his spine with the thoughts of what his parents did to him for not coming home on time. Grabbing his skateboard, he raced out the door without a word to his parents, still in deep thought about his dreams as he skated to school.

'Maybe my demon magnetness is now affecting me and I'm being attracted to demons as they are attracted to me? I mean the dream did turn me on, but why did I dream of Angelus? Maybe I'm more jealous of Buffy and Angel's relationship, even though it's over? Or maybe I'm just going crazy?' Xander thought to himself as he reached the school and his friends.

"Hey Xander. How was your night after the Bronze?" Willow asked.

"Oh, same old, same old. Just watched Star Trek and Babylon 5 like usual. That was before I stayed up and finished that report that's due in English." Xander spoke calmly, flashing his report, trying hard not to let Willow know the truth.

"What?! That's due today? I thought it wasn't due till next week. Could you help me write mine, Wills?" Buffy exclaimed.

"You thought it was due next week?!" Willow asked. "I can't let you see my paper since I still have to print it, but I can help you with the research." She smiled as Buffy gleamed at not failing another assignment.

"You've been too busy with Dead boy to remember any of your assignments again, haven't you? Next time you're in class, try getting your head out of daydreams about Angel and into your textbook!" Xander growled at her forgetfulness. Buffy stared daggers into him, but he refused to budge. Willow shook her head as she thought, 'Here we go again.'

"At least I have someone to daydream about. All you have is your hand after what you did," Buffy replied angrily. She was still ticked off by the memories of his betrayal of Cordelia.

"Buffy, I was there too. It takes two to have an affair and I'm to blame as well," Willow said. "Besides you two aren't really together anymore."

Buffy glared at them, feeling betrayed by her friends, then walked off to the library. Willow and Xander looked at each other and rolled their eyes, then hurried to catch up, both thinking that this was going to be another "great" day.

Giles was busy at work putting books back onto their shelves after researching more about a prophecy that involved Angel's curse when Willow and Xander chased Buffy through the door, both still nagging. Buffy let the door slam, just missing Xander and Giles looked up.

'Oh, dear lord. Here we go again,' Giles thought. "Good morning, everyone. So what is it that brings you in here today?" he asked, annoyed at the fact that he couldn't get more research done.

"Oh…" Buffy said airily.

"Oh, just wondering what's up for tonight," Xander cut in, "and when Buffy is going to finally understand that she and Angel are not together anymore and she can get a real life." Buffy glared at Xander for interrupting and was growling by the time he had finished.

Giles blinked.

"Well, we can wish for the second part of that to come to pass, but the first part I can help with," Giles said carefully. Buffy switched her glare to him.

"What is with everyone being against me and Angel?" she whined. "Why can't everyone see that Angel and I are meant to be?"

"We don't have anything against you. We're just wondering when you'll see that Angel broke up with you and nothing you can do will ever change it," Xander answered. Buffy started to reply, but ended up stalking out of the library instead, pushing brusquely past Oz and Cordelia.

"What just happened?" asked Oz.

"Oh, just a simple case of Buffy Summers' denial getting loose and almost running over us," Cordelia said as they entered the library, quickly focusing on the Watcher and his books. "So, are we patrolling, again, tonight?" she asked, hoping that she wouldn't have to go fighting vampires after that miserable gala opening her parents were making her go to. "'Cause if we're not then I'm so out of here and heading to the Bronze tonight."

"Actually, I could use your help tonight. I think I found a prophecy that predicts a great evil arising and it's going to happen soon."

"Great - just what we need, another apocalypse," Cordelia huffed. "So, we meet here after class and Xander will get the donuts."

"Why do I always have to get the donuts? Why can't someone else get them?" Xander asked.

"Because…" Cordelia began.

"'Cause you're the only one that remembers which ones everyone likes," Willow spoke up, interrupting Cordelia.

"Also you're the only zeppo," Cordelia mumbled. Xander heard this and stared at her sullenly, hardly believing that she still only saw him as a zeppo after trying to prove himself to her over and over again. Before he had a chance to retort, the school bell rang.

"Off you go, all of you. We will meet back here after class. Also, will someone please inform Buffy as well?" Giles ushered the group of teens out of the library.

"Oh good god, those children will be the death of me," Giles grumbled as he pinched his nose, trying to alleviate his oncoming headache.

(Later That Day)

The small group of Scoobies ha just entered the library with Cordelia, Oz, and Willow separating the furious slayer and glaring boy. Angel was waiting for them, patiently sitting in the back of the library as Giles finished his call with Wesley.

"Yes, that's exactly what I said…Okay, I will see you and Faith in a few days then," Giles finished as Buffy made her way to Angel in what she thought was a seductive sway.

'Good lord, she doesn't know when to stop,' Giles thought.

"Angel," Buffy said softly, giving him a coy look under her lashes. "I was kinda hurt that you didn't call or anything." She stared seductively into Angel's eyes, slowly licking her lips as she walked to him with a deliberate roll of her hips.

"I was busy," Angel said shortly.

"Busy? Busy with what?" Buffy asked curtly.

"Giles asked me to try to find some books on ancient G'nesh demon cuneiform so he could try to translate some verses of a prophecy, since he was unable to translate all of the prophecy." Angel replied, hoping someone would pull Buffy off of him.

"Speaking of which, that is what we need to discuss. From what I translated, it involves his curse," Giles spoke, getting Buffy's attention.

"You mean that Angel's soul could be anchored?" Buffy asked, thinking that this was her way to get Angel back.

'Great. Now we'll have to listen to how Buffy needs to kill some demon to anchor her dead boy's soul,' Xander thought begrudgingly.

"As a matter of speaking, yes it does. But there are certain conditions that have to be figured out before we can anchor his soul."

"Just point me to what demon to kill and he'll be good and dead," Buffy exclaimed.

"Well, it's not that easy. There isn't a demon to kill. We must find someone and… Why don't I read the prophecy to you?" Giles spoke as he cleaned his glasses.

"Why couldn't you do that in the first place?" Cordelia blunty asked.

"Well, it wouldn't be acceptable for me to just say the prophecy without telling you what it means. Now would it?" Giles replied.

"Exactly. Now tell us what this prophecy is, G-man," Xander spoke, wanting everyone to get to the point.

"Oh right, well, the prophecy." Giles cleared his throat and began to recite.

"Ancient one reborn in night
Slave of evil, Champion of Light
Bound by vengeance of slaughtered love's kin
Redemption found at arduous trial's end
Gift be claimed by moon's occult
Else world find end at crimson bolt."

"Wait a minute, occult is like magic and demons," Buffy interrupted.

"Occult does mean that of the supernatural, but it also means to cover or to darken as in an eclipse," Giles explained. "So the prophecy means that Angel will claim a gift by the next eclipse."

"Oh, well, that's a good thing then. So what does he have to claim and what's this crimson bolt thingy?" Buffy asked airily.

"Well, I imagine a crimson bolt would probably be a meteor or streak of fire of such, since the line does say 'else world find end at crimson bolt'. I was about to get to that before I was interrupted. So if you don't mind, I like to continue reading the prophecy.

"Seek the one born in strife
Who finds dark in purest light
Affairs of love burning hot
Dreams of being long forgot
Seductive demon, usurper of mate
Destroyer of lovers, bringer of hate

One to walk in dark alone
One to wait 'til love is known
Flesh anew and soul revived
Hearts converge through space and time
Ritual of blood, fire and passion
Fated union formed by their actions
Penance be paid and cursed soul absolved
Free to answer the heart's fervid call
Ardent lovers in passionate embrace
Find treacherous thoughts in ally's false grace."

"Okay, I'm completely confused by the whole entire thing. I mean who heard of someone who finds dark in purest light or a seductive demon, usurper of mate. Why couldn't they write in normal English?" Buffy exclaimed.

"Buffy, they were an ancient demonic civilization, not a high school prom committee. It took me..." The rest of Giles lecture to Buffy was drowned out of Xander's thoughts. He kept thinking about how the lines about the one born in strife matched him a lot. It wasn't 'til he remembered the lines about affairs of love burning hot and dreams of being long forgot that he connected everything. He remembered all of his dreams from the past months and how they seemed more like memories instead of dreams. Realization dawned on him.

"Oh crap," he whispered.