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"Is it good, pretty?" The demon was almost purring.

"Yeah," Luca was panting, so aroused he had almost forgotten his fear. It came rushing back as Angelus withdrew his finger and began spreading lube on his own painfully swollen cock.

The vampire caught the gypsy beneath his knees, pulling his legs up on his shoulders, then came forward, bracing his arms on either side of the boy. Luca's heart raced as he felt the broad head of Angelus' member at his slicked hole.

"Relax for me." The vampire bent to kiss him reassuringly. "Let me in, pretty."

Luca made a conscious effort to relax as he felt the intruder pressing in on him.

"That's it. My good boy. Now bear down."

Luca felt a burning ache as the vampire breached the ring of muscle. Angelus moved slowly and Luca caught his breath at the sensation of fullness.

Angelus stopped moving once he was fully inside the boy, their bodies flush together. Luca lay wide-eyed, getting used to the sensation of the vampire filling him. The burning soon abated and Luca began to move beneath the vampire, needing more. Angelus took his cue and began to move, slowly at first, bending low for more kisses. He wanted to make this good for his lover and it was taking all of his control to hold back. His boy was hot and velvety and tight around him and he could barely resist plunging in.

Senses overwhelmed, his body bent almost double under the vampire's weight, Luca whimpered his submission into the plundering mouth and wrapped his arms around the demon's powerful neck.

The vampire began to set a steady pace, angling himself to prod the gypsy's sweet spot with each stroke. Luca moved with him, arching up to meet each stroke, hands now caressing what he could reach of the vampire's big body.

"That's it, touch me." Inflamed by the boy's shy touches, the vampire growled low near Luca's ear. "Beautiful boy." A series of quick kisses to his jaw, throat and mouth. "Talk to me, pretty. Tell me…."

Angelus' low voice at his ear was exciting, compelling, and Luca found himself obeying without thought. "Yes… so good, feels so good."

"Tell me you like it… tell me you like me fucking you." The vampire was tense, insistent, stroking harder, his raptor's eyes fixed on his boy's face.

"Yes. God, please. Don't stop," Luca panted with complete abandon. "I love feeling you inside me."

Thrusting hard and fast, Angelus arched low to press Luca's drooling member between their bellies with each stroke.

Luca cried out, thrashing on the pillow. His fingers scrabbled at the vampire's shoulders, his knees flexing for leverage to slam his body up to meet the vampire's pounding strokes.

"Like that, do you, pretty?"

Luca answered with a soft keening cry as he bucked up to meet the vampire's hard thrusts, his cock crushed between them.

"Come, pretty. Come for me." Angelus flashed into game face as Luca shot his hot seed between their bellies, his muscles spasming, clenching hard around Angelus' thrusting cock.

It was good, better than Angelus had imagined, and he came, howling out his pleasure as he filled his boy with his essence.

Angel shot up straight in bed, panting heavily. Suddenly he became aware of the laughter in his head. Angelus was laughing.

'Come now, Angel. It was only a dream,' Angelus purred out. 'Plus you can't deny that it was a good dream.' Angel shuddered as the dream replayed in his head. 'It would have been more fun too, if he wasn't so stubborn.' The words seemed more like a growl and that's when Angel started to get suspicious. He knew Angelus could influence his dreams; he had done so on many occasions, more often than not making them about the demon himself and any number of the many partners that seemed to be all the older of his two spirits was interested in.

'What do you mean?' he asked, hoping it sounded like every other question. He got an image of the demon smiling in his mind. 'What do I mean about what, Angel?' He loved playing mind games with the soul. Angel always tried to seem disinterested when he was trying to get information. He seemed to forget that Angelus knew everything about him. Angel sighed and shook his head. It was early in the morning and he didn't have the energy to argue with the demon, so he quickly fell asleep.

Angel woke in the early evening, a cold breeze caressing his face. Opening his eyes, he looked around the room, noticing the open window and that some of the papers on his desk had been blown onto the floor.

'So, you're going to see that group of mortals that help the Slayer again, aren't you?' Angelus said quietly, his voice filled with something that sounded much like longing.

'Angelus, is everything okay?' As much as the older spirit annoyed him, Angel worried for him sometimes.

'Yes, it's fine. I'm just remembering your dream before you woke up.' Thinking about it, the only dream Angel could remember was the one that had woken him up during the night. Angelus sighed loudly. Angel's mind was suddenly filled with bits and pieces from his dreams. He stiffened as the erotic display playing out in his head.

'Angelus! Stop it!' he all but yelled in his head as he felt his body starting to respond.

'Don't worry Angel, just let this happen, you know you'll enjoy it.'

Angel gasped, as his mind was yet again flooded with images of Luca in many sexy positions, some of which he was included in. Then it slowly turned into images of him and Xander. Moaning , Angel shuddered as another wave rushed through his body. This wasn't fair. Ever since he had met the dark haired youth, Angelus had taunted him like this. He knew what the sex addicted demon would do. He'd get him aroused to a maddening pitch and then he'd withdraw totally, leaving Angel frustrated. Panting slightly, Angel couldn't stop himself from reacting. Beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead from the strain of trying to hold back his bodies reaction.

'Angelus. Ahhh. I swear if you stop, I'll kill you.' Soft laughter was his only reply. The images increased, in turn increasing the pressure in his groin.

'And why would that be a bad thing?' Angelus purred, filling Angel's mind with images of past fantasies. Taking a few deep calming breaths, Angel climbed out of bed and walked into his adjoining bathroom. Turning on the cold water, he quickly got his stuff ready. Angelus had yet to cease his erotic mental slideshow and it was driving Angel mad. Fully undressed, the vampire stepped into the shower, gasping as the cold water hit his flesh. Fighting back the urge to draw away from the cold water, he let it wash over him.

Angel leaned his head against the wall of the shower. The cold water wasn't helping him in the least. It didn't help that Angelus had yet to stop flooding his mind with images.

'Stop it.' he demanded. It was beginning to be too much for him.

'But you said not to. Give in and enjoy it.'

Angel shook his head determinedly. He didn't really have a problem with relieving his discomfort, but he knew that Angelus would use it as something to taunt him with and right now he'd had enough of the demon. With a sigh, the images stopped.

'You're just no fun, Angel. I wonder if you'll ever get his attention. You certainly wouldn't get mine. You're too much of a stick in the mud.'

'Just shut up.' was all Angel said, not wanting to get into this topic. Ever since Angelus had found out about his feelings for Xander, he had baited him about it. He couldn't ever tell Xander how he felt. Angel could feel Angelus withdrawing and this confused him. Usually he'd pick moments like this to say something cheeky.

Shrugging it off, he quickly finished off his shower. Walking back in his room with the towel around his waist, he quickly found something to wear. Making his way to the library, Angel's thoughts were on the prophecy that Giles mentioned to him. He had heard of the Shanshu which told him he would have to save the world after many trials, but he never thought there was one to free him of the curse. Barely making his way into the library, Angel heard the near end of Giles conversation.

"Yes, I thought the same thing," Giles spoke into the phone. Giles waved his hand at the table, telling Angel to sit down somewhere. Angel made his way to the back of the library after smelling the scents of the small group of teens heading towards the library. "Okay. I will see you and Faith in a few days then," Giles finished as Buffy made her way to Angel in what she thought was a seductive sway.

"Angel," Buffy said softly, giving him a coy look under her lashes. "I was kinda hurt that you didn't call or anything." She stared seductively into Angel's eyes, slowly licking her lips as she walked to him with a deliberate roll of her hips.

"I was busy," Angel said shortly.

"Busy? Busy with what?" Buffy asked curtly.

"Giles asked me to try to find some books on ancient G'nesh demon cuneiform so he could try to translate some verses of a prophecy, since he was unable to translate all of the prophecy." Angel replied, hoping someone would pull Buffy off of him.

"Speaking of which, that is what we need to discuss. From what I translated, it involves his curse," Giles spoke, getting Buffy's attention.

"You mean that Angel's soul could be anchored?" Buffy asked. Angel smelled the desire coming off of Buffy, knowing that she was thinking that this was her chance to get him back.

"As a matter of fact, yes it does. But there are certain conditions that have to be figured out before we can anchor his soul."

"Just point me to what demon to kill and he'll be good and dead," Buffy exclaimed.

'That eagerness of her's will be the death of her,' Angel thought.

"Well, it's not that easy. There isn't a demon to kill. We must find someone and… Why don't I read the prophecy to you?" Giles spoke as he cleaned his glasses. Angel drowned out the rest, remembering the prophecy from when Giles told him most of it back a few months ago. He returned his thoughts to the dream he'd had this morning. He had never dreamt of that part of his past before, so what had brought it on? He was brought out of his thoughts when Buffy interrupted Giles in the middle of his reciting.

"Wait a minute, occult is like magic and demons," Buffy interrupted.

'You dated this girl? She's dumber than some of the bar wenches that I had back when,' Angelus laughed.

Angel ignored the comment from his demon and continued to muse about why he dreamt about Luca. It had been over 100 years since he had meet the gypsy youth. He was once again brought out of his thoughts, but this time it was the scent of nervousness and desire that assaulted him. He looked around the room, trying to locate the scent. He finally looked at Xander and his eyes grew wide from the realization that he was where the scent was coming from.

"Oh crap," Angel heard the boy barely whisper. Before he had a chance to think why would Xander say such a thing, he turned to hear that Giles was done reciting the prophecy.

"Okay, I'm completely confused by the whole entire thing. I mean, who heard of someone who finds dark in purest light or a seductive demon, usurper of mate. Why couldn't they write in normal English?" Buffy exclaimed.

"Buffy, they were an ancient demonic civilization, not a high school prom committee. It took me several months of figuring out what language it was, getting the books, and trying to translate it, and all you can say is, 'why couldn't they write it in English,'" Giles exclaimed.

"Well, she has a point. It sounds more like a poem or a song than a prophecy, since it does rhyme a lot," Oz pointed out.

"It translated into a rhyme. G'nesh demons tend to translate into rhymes, but to them it sounds like a normal conversation," Angel spoke up.

"Precisely. So, now we know what the prophecy is. We now have to find what we must do before the next eclipse," Giles replied. "We can start tomorrow when Faith and Wesley arrive. So, until then, you may all go."

"Finally. I thought we would never get out," Cordelia exclaimed. "So, who's up for the Bronze?"

"Well, I'm heading there since the band's playing tonight. Anyone else want a ride?" Oz asked.

Buffy and Willow raised their hands.

"Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I've got my own ride to get there," Cordelia replied.

"What about you Xander?" Willow asked.

"I can't. I have to get home. We're having family over," Xander lied, picking up his bag.

"Oh, well. Maybe next time you can come with us." Willow smiled sadly. Xander quickly nodded his head and said goodbye to the group. Making his way home as quickly as he could, Xander was still in deep thought about the prophecy.

'Okay, maybe they meant some other person that was born in strife and has visions of a past life. They can't really mean me, the Zeppo, to be claimed by Dead boy of all people. I mean sure, he's good looking and has a body to die for, but Buffy would kill me if she found out that I'm pretty much marrying Angel.' Xander sighed. "Everything always happens to me," he mumbled as he entered his house.

"Where the hell have you been, boy?" yelled his father from the kitchen.

"I was out studying at the library," Xander shouted to be heard. "What's it to you? Like you care?" he mumbled as he glanced at the kitchen, disgusted by the sight of his father drunk again.

"You think I'm stupid?" Xander's father shouted as he stomped up to Xander and punched him. The hit was instant and too hard for whatever transgression his father thought he had committed. The hit to his jaw took him down to his hands and knees. Xander tried to suck in some air, but all he was getting was the taste of his own blood. His lip was split or worse. Now he had no choice but to cough up the blood and all he could think was, 'Great, now I'll have to clean the floor.'

The kick that came next hit his ribs. The pain in his right side was unbelievable. He was sure he must have at least one cracked rib. Xander was still on his knees too with his right arm cradling his ribs as his father was readying another kick to his ribs . Xander screamed as loud as father's foot coming down hard on his ribs again. Suddenly the front door crashed open. In the doorway stood Angel, a look of molten fury on his face.