Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, story plots, and so forth and so on belong not to me but to Stephanie Meyer.


I lie here on the hard, cold ground. The rain pouring, pounding on my face. His harsh words echoing in my head. I always knew he was too good for me; that some day it would come crashing down. I, however, did not expect today to be that day. I want to get up, to go away from this place, yet some invisible force is keeping me here. I want to scream for someone to help but no noise escapes my lips. I truly am a useless, pathetic human. With that the tears come again. The next moments, minutes, seconds, hours, days whatever they are blend together. The rain pours on and on. It slowly becomes night. I again try to move but am stuck here. The green and darkness slowly creeps on on me. If I don't move it will swallow me, suffocate me, kill me.