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Take time to realize

That your warmth is crashing down on in

Take time to realize that I am your side

Didn't I, Didn't I tell you

But I can't spell it out for you

No, it's never gonna be that simple

No, I can't spell it out for you

I couldn't help but smile when I heard my phone ringing. Milo had heard me singing that song nonstop since it came out and took the liberty of setting it as my ring-tone for him.

" Milo! Hey, I was starting to get worried about you!" it had been two days since I went shopping with Alice so about 3 days since I had arrived here in London. And not only had Milo not shown up yet, he hadn't even contacted me once before now.

" Is, why would you be worried about me? You are the one who is having to face a reality so harsh it once sent you into total shock. Yet, you still decided to worry about me? A perfectly capable person miles away?"

"Yes, Milo I worry about you whether you are miles away or inches… and I wouldn't say you are always perfectly capable hence why I worry. And anyways you can never be away from me for too long. Then your guardian instincts kick in and you think I have gone and gotten myself killed. So I was worrying because not only had you not shown up yet, you hadn't even decided to call me!"

"Whoa! Calm down! Sorry to have you so worked up with worry. But it is kinda funny you know. The roles are swapped now. See, you were worrying about me because you hadn't seen me in days….oh the irony! Anyways there was a reason I called you. Our flight is scheduled to land at 4 in London. So I better be seeing you at the airport on time or else…"

"You're finally going to be here. See I was right you are going to be here earlier than you said. I had assumed earlier but I guess no."

"Well you know what they say about people who assume: they make and ass outta U and Me. Hahaha. I crack myself up. And actually you're wrong. I said I would be there around 10 on the fourth day. Well you have been gone for 4 days now. So actually I'm coming in late. I wanted to be here earlier."

I thought about it for a moment. I had left four days ago. The first night here was just so hectic I didn't really count it. Then we went shopping and I have been hanging here since. I hadn't realized I had actually been gone that long. "Milo, I think this is a first but I'm going to admit that you are right. But I want to know if you aren't early, why are you late?"

"Well you see Is, there is this problem where I can't control when they schedule flights. This is the only flight coming in today. But anyways they are calling for us to board. Lane says hi and we will see you in a few hours!" Click.

I looked at the clock. It was just now coming to be around 1:30. It took about 30 minutes to get to the airport so I should leave her by 3:30 giving me about 2 hours to clean the place up. I know I had only been here for a few days but in the 76 hours I have had possession of this place I have only left a few times. I just couldn't stand it much more at the Cullen residence. I love that family dearly, but things there have just been so tense. I would assume it had been similar to it before I was there but now I had added a new element. It was like everyone wasn't sure how to act to go back to normal. Especially Alice.

Alice is my best friend. She always will be. We have formed a connection that cant be broken, but it seems she wont just understand that. She still feels so guilty about everything. And on top of that she is trying to make up for the missed years and more. And well, it can just be overwhelming. I just wish she would understand that I don't hold a grudge against her, and that I just want for us to be normal.

Then there is the rest of the family:

Emmett is still a hoot and a half, but I can sense the tension between him and Rosalie. He says it's nothing I should worry about but I can't help but feel horrible that I am the reason for a rift between them. And I have to be. I mean every time I'm over, Rosalie either disappears or makes sure to give me the most disgusted and condescending looks she can if she decided to hang around. He always said that she was only jealous because I was human, and that her dislike was only because she couldn't see why anyone would willing choose that life. But what now? I don't even get to be human either yet she has to blame everything on me still.

Then on the opposite side of the spectrum is loving, caring Esme. And I just can't help but feeling for her. 3 years ago she lost two children: her first son, and me. Now here I am back. But also with me came the news that her son was now apart of the Volturi and everything that came with that. I can sense her torness. She wants to be happy to have me back and care for me yet, she wants to grieve still for her son. And also I know that I am eventually going to have to leave again. And leaving again means hurting her again.

Because of all of that I had decided it was best if I only when to their house when it was absolutely necessary. They were welcome to visit me here, which Alice, Jasper, and Emmett had on occasion. It was easier that way. Then it was only one or two of them at time and it was as close to normal as it could be.

Really the only one that was anything like normal was Carlisle. I tended to visit him at work. During his breaks we would just sit in his office talking. He has been really interested in the history of witches and how he had gone so long without knowing about us. I tried to fill him in on everything I knew but I had to tell him to just wait until Milo and Lane got here. Since they were so much older and more expiernced they knew way more than I did. After things all settle down for good, may be in a few years, I want to do all the research myself.

After finishing cleaning I saw that it was about 3:15, in the remaining minutes I decided to go ahead and clean myself up. Since I didn't have much time I just put on some more acceptable clothes than my cleaning rags and re-applied some make-up. After getting to the airport and making sure everyone had everything, we were packed in the car and back to the apartment by 4:45. I showed them to their rooms and told them that the Cullen's were expecting us at their house at 8. Carlisle had called while I was cleaning. Apparently Alice had seen me picking my family up at the airport. Since they were here we might as well start. Tonight we started the plans on how to beat the Volturi.