Author's Notes: Yay for crackish love triangles and humor! Of course, angst is my best genre so we'll add pinches of that here and there.

Disclaimer: If I owned Mermaid Melody, LuciaxKaito would not be the main couple; I would either have HippoxYuuri or CarenxSubaru.


Aurora Wind - Chapter One


"I wouldn't eat that if I were you, Coco."

The yellow pearl princess stopped staring, googly-eyed, at the slice of heaven. "Why, Caren?"

Caren clicked her tongue as if it were obvious. "Too much saturated fat in cheesecake."

"Ah, can't we indulge every once in a while?" Hanon jabbed the purple mermaid in the ribs, making her twitch.

"But, it's something more than sixty five percent daily value in one slice - "

"I'm back!" Noel called, entering the kitchen.

"Noel..." Rina cocked her head to the side. "You look happy."

"Too happy," Coco agreed. "What happened?"

A pink that would've made Lucia jealous, if the mermaid was present, laid itself over Noel's face. "I, um...I met a guy..."

"Is he good-looking?!" Caren demanded at once, wanting only the best for her 'nee-san.

Noel nodded, the pink deepening at least five shades.

"Ooooh, how old is he?" Hanon asked. The aquamarine princess was known to have a strange fetish for older men, and was no doubt wondering if the deep blue princess shared this...quirk.

"He didn't look that much older than us - but how would I know, he didn't tell me.."

"So are you two going out?" Coco was blunt and to-the-point. "Or did you just see him walking by and said hi and you're never going to see each other again?"

"He invited me to lunch on Saturday, and -"

"Has he betrayed you yet?" Rina's gray eyes were narrowed.

"No! No, how could he have betrayed me yet, we haven't even gone out and - "

Caren pressed on. "You said he was good-looking, and guys with pretty faces tend to be heart-breakers, 'nee-san."

"Nuh-uh, look at Hippo," Hanon argued. "He's really pretty, but he's only loyal to Yuuri."

"Which is a shame, considering I wouldn't mind going out with him," she added as an afterthought.

"Nagisa won't be happy to hear that," Coco teased.

"Why you - don't you dare!"

Caren, Rina, and Noel left the room for the two to argue. Sub-conciously, Caren realized they'd never gotten a name...



"Yes, Caren?"

"'s sort of this weird feeling, but, um, I you want to spy on 'nee-san during her lunch on Saturday??" She finally blurted out.

Rina tilted her head. "Why would you want to do that, Caren?"

Caren looked away. "I just...she's my 'nee-san, you know, and I don't feel right leaving her to fend for herself...I mean, she might be a mermaid princess, but still, they only met today and she doesn't know much about him. There are perverts and stuff out there, and I just don't feel like this is something I should, you're one of her best friends, and seeing as Coco's busy right now, you...Rina, you're the only one - "

Holding up a hand, the green mermaid princess grinned. "Of course. Don't worry, I'll help you."

"Thank you so much," Caren's cinnamon brown eyes shone with gratitude. "Now, all we have to do is wait until Saturday!"