Kyo Meets the Warriors

Well, I'm back with a new FanFiction! This time, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru have graduated high school, and it's time for Kyo to meet his fate. Things don't go exactly as planned, though...By the way, if you read my previous FanFiction, "Furuba Our Way!", then these characters are not portrayed by my friends! And I will also be making up these warrior names because I wanted this story to be original! (Actually, I'll be using our clan names, so it will be in RiverClan with our own names instead of the ones in the books.)

Disclaimer: I own no part of Fruits Basket or either of the Warriors series. Natsuki Takaya and Erin Hunter own each respectively.

Two figures stood in the middle of a very dark room at the Sohma estate, one of them pacing around the other.

"So, Kyo," the pacing figure murmured. "Have you managed to beat Yuki? After all, the terms of our bet were for you to either get locked away in the cat room for the rest of your miserable life or to join the zodiac. That depended on whether or not you could beat Yuki by the time you graduated high school, did it not?" Akito smirked evilly and continued, "Go on, Kyo, answer me. Did you or did you not beat Yuki?"

The orange-haired teen didn't respond, but his thoughts were racing. He had not managed to defeat that rat at anything, and he, Yuki, and Tohru had all graduated from high school the previous day.

"Kyo!" Akito snapped impatiently, bringing Kyo back to earth. "You must answer me when I ask you a question. Did you beat Yuki?!" Kyo couldn't bring himself to respond, and Akito lost her temper. She slapped Kyo so hard in the face that she had left a handprint on it and screamed, "ANSWER ME, MONSTER!!"

Kyo glared at her, almost losing it, too.

"You are so ungrateful!!" Akito shouted. "You're lucky I've let you have your freedom for this long!"

At that moment, another person entered the room. Even in the darkness, Kyo could tell that this person had silvery-gray hair. At the sight of this person, all of Kyo's rage exploded out of him, and he demanded, "What are you doing here?!!"

Akito slapped him again and ordered, "Shut up!" When she saw Yuki, all of her anger was suddenly forgotten. She said kindly, "Hello, Yuki, I see you're doing well. You're just the person I wanted to see."

"Good afternoon, Akito-san," Yuki greeted her calmly, his eyes betraying his fear.

Akito embraced him warmly and said, "So formal." Yuki looked absolutely terrified now. "Anyway, Yuki, as you probably noticed, Kyo is here with us as well." She gestured at Kyo, who was behind her, and Yuki acknowledged him with a slight nod. Akito continued, "He's being such an insolent little monster, but since he won't answer me, maybe you will. Has Kyo managed to beat you at anything at all?"

Yuki glanced at Kyo, making eye contact. Yuki felt a twinge of pity when he saw the terror in Kyo's eyes.

"Well?" Akito demanded.

"Er…," Yuki stammered, still looking at Kyo. Now he was silently and desperately pleading with Yuki, his greatest rival.

"Why won't you answer me, Yuki?" Akito asked angrily. "You're being just as insolent as he is!"

"Akito-san," Yuki said. "I will only give my answer on one condition."

"Oh, really?" Akito answered, sniggering. "And what is that condition?"

"You can't lock Kyo up in the cat room." Yuki was shocked at what he just said, and, apparently, so were Kyo and Akito.

"Well, what would I do with him then?" Akito said. "If I can't lock him up, how can I punish him?" There was a pause while Akito was thinking of a fitting punishment.

After a few moments, she gasped and cried, "I know what I'll do!" She smirked evilly again at Kyo and asked them, "Did either of you know that I have a power that no one but God can receive?" They both shook their heads slowly. Akito smiled and said, "I can make any member of the zodiac change permanently into their animal." There was silence, the two boys too shocked for speech.

"Haven't you ever wondered why you were followed by certain animals, Yuki, Kyo?" Akito asked them innocently. "It's because God had changed them all into animals, doomed to live forever and to never change back into humans. Until the curse breaks, that is. They are the ones that follow you around. This will be your punishment, Kyo. Or would you rather be locked up for the rest of your life in the cage?"

Kyo thought that it would be better to be a cat forever because he would be able to stay outside and stay away from this horrible place. Making up his mind he said defiantly, "Change me into a cat. I never want to see that room, ever!"

"Very well, Kyo," Akito muttered, placing her hands on his head and closing her eyes. Kyo braced himself, afraid that there was going to be extreme pain. There was only a flash of light, and an orange cat took Kyo's place.

"There you go," Akito said. "You can still understand humans, but you will also be able to communicate with other cats as well. This doesn't really seem like a punishment, now does it, Kyo? Now go, and I never want to catch you going near any other members of the zodiac. Or in fact, that monster, Tohru Honda. " Without another word, Kyo dashed out the door and away from the house, away from the person that had tortured him so much…

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