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"So," Kyo began awkwardly, "where am I, exactly?"

"Right now, we're at the edge of RiverClan territory," Bluestar replied emotionlessly. "We will have to pass through it in order to travel to ThunderClan territory. Be prepared for any patrols that come our way."

"Patrols? You're all really protective of your territory, huh?" Kyo asked.

"Yes. It is the land given to us by StarClan. We must protect it," Bluestar meowed.

There was a momentary awkward silence, then Kyo said, "But can't you just-"

Bluestar suddenly hissed, her fur standing up on end. "RiverClan scent. Look sharp!"

Kyo sniffed the air curiously. "I smell cat…mixed with…-sniff-…fish, moss, and something else…."

"I just told you. It's RiverClan. Remember that scent. It'll come in handy if an intruder appears in ThunderClan, or if some cat is attempting to steal territory."

Kyo nodded, searching in the bracken for a hostile cat. Suddenly, a slight breeze from behind him carried that same smell of RiverClan. He spun around to see a pair of bright blue eyes glaring at him. He gasped, then saw that it was a young gray she-cat, fluffed up like cotton candy.

"Who are you?" she hissed with as much power as she could muster.

Kyo smiled at her effort. "Kyo."

Her fur deflated, and her glare changed to confusion. "Kyo…paw? Are you an apprentice?" She shook her head, thinking, "What in the name of StarClan is a 'Kyo'?"

"Um, no. Just Kyo. I'm new here. Hey, d'you know where I can find Thun-"

The little gray cat hissed again, backing away. "Trespasser! Get out of here! Go back to Twolegplace!"

"Back to what now? I'm not from there! Look, I'm trying to find-"

"Mistyfoot! Come quick!" the gray she-cat yowled, never taking her blue eyes off of Kyo.

"No! What the…what're you doing?"

"Kyo," a familiar voice floated in on the wind.

"Bluestar! What do I do?" Kyo freaked out.

"Stay calm. Mistyfoot is a good cat; she'll hear you out…."

"But you said be prepared!"

"Just stay where you are. It'll be worse if you run…."

"Mistyfoot! Here!" came the little she-cat's voice.

"Featherpaw, what could it possibly…." An older, dark gray she-cat padded up to the scene. She paused, looked at Kyo, and unsheathed her claws suspiciously.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she hissed.

"My name is Kyo. I'm looking for ThunderClan."

Mistyfoot looked confused for a few seconds. "Why, if I may ask?"

"I dunno. A cat named Bluestar came to me and-"

"Bluestar? No, it couldn't possibly…." she trailed off in thought.

"You know her?" Kyo asked hopefully.

Mistyfoot paused, then continued, "She was…my mother." Featherpaw looked up at her in shock.

Kyo gasped, then realized that Bluestar must be dead in order to send him messages and speak to him in dreams. "Oh, I'm…I'm sorry."

After a long silence, Mistyfoot sheathed her claws and meowed, "I'll take you to ThunderClan. Feathertail, go back to camp with Stonefur and say I've gone hunting. You absolutely cannot tell any cat about this, understand?"

Feathertail nodded respectfully in response and bounded away.

"Now then, Kyo," Mistyfoot said, turning toward the orange cat. "Let's go."

The two cats, dark gray and bright orange, padded alongside each other deeper into the forest. After a few minutes of walking in silence, Mistyfoot suddenly stopped in her tracks. She looked at Kyo and quietly hissed, "Don't move. It's Mothwing."

Kyo peeked around his companion and saw a golden, sleek she-cat methodically picking some blue berries off of a low bush. Suddenly, a small gust of wind ruffled his fur the wrong way, sending his scent hurtling toward Mothwing. She immediately turned her nose up, sniffed, and turned to stare directly at Kyo and Mistyfoot.

Oh noes! Kyo and Mistyfoot are in danger of getting caught! WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO? Find out next chapter.