This is pure fluff. Seriously, it's ridiculously cute. You've been warned. This was written for the ebony-silks drabble challenge (250 words), to the theme "silk." (it won second place!). I tweaked a word or two but it's otherwise unchanged. Enjoy!

Alternate summary: For dogs, certain things are just hardwired.

"Who's my tubby kitty?" Kagome cooed, ruffling his ears. "It's Buyo! It's Buyo!"

Rumbling like a broken motor, Buyo flopped onto his back.

"Does he want a tummy rub?" Kagome clapped her hands in delight. "He does! He does!"

"Disgraceful," Sesshoumaru muttered.

Kagome peeked at him under her bangs. Declaring boredom, he'd haughtily turned away when she began lavishing attention (and baby-talk) on her cat. But the telltale flash of gold in the corners of his eyes gave away his interest.

"Aw, I think somebody's jeaaalous," she sang, eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Certainly not," he huffed. His eyes flicked over them again.

Kagome giggled. "Who's my grumpy dog?" she playfully coaxed.

He went rigid. "Woman, if you—"

Kagome launched, toppling them into the grass. "It's you! It's you!" she crowed, straddling him. She kissed his nose. "Does he want a tummy rub? Does he?" Grinning at his wide eyes, she vigorously scratched his chest through his kimono.

A gasp was her only warning before the world heaved and blurred beneath her. The silk under her fingers frayed, becoming masses of soft, downy fur. It curled all around her, a field of white.

He'd lost control and transformed.

Kagome blinked, perched atop his massive canine chest, stunned speechless. He watched her warily, awaiting her reaction.

Slowly, a huge grin sketched itself across her face. Sesshoumaru's tail thumped the ground. Laughing, she dug her hands through fistfuls of cloudy fur, burying her face in it.

"He does!" she squealed. "He does!"