This was written for the dokuga_contest weekly perfection drabble challenge (200 words), to the theme chest. Won third place. Enjoy!

Summary: He's an attention-starved dog at heart.

"Mister Buyo, I am going to give you the kisses!" Kagome bent over the armful of cat and planted a kiss on his whiskery nose. Buyo sniffed delicately at her mouth and then burrowed deeper into her lap, kneading as the purr in his chest rose from a low thrum to a vibrating thunder.

Delighted by this, she played with his paws, singing, "And I shall kiss his kitty nose; and I shall kiss his kitty toes—"

And then the kitty nose and toes and all the rest of the cat were lifted up out of her lap. Kagome blinked up at Sesshoumaru's unexpected appearance and serious expression. "What are you doing..?" she asked as he carried Buyo into the hall, dropped him unceremoniously, and shut the door before returning.

Wordlessly, Sesshoumaru knelt before her armchair and put his head in her lap. "Continue."

"Still so jealous?" she murmured.


Kagome knew a major sulk when she saw one. The corners of her mouth quirked up. "Does he love the kisses? Does he?" She bent her head over his until her dark hair curtained around them and her lips touched his.

"He does," he sighed against them, "he does."