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Roxas: (sighs) " again? "

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Well, anyway, before I went on vacation, I was getting really obsessed with Kingdom Hearts 2. Especially with cute, cute Roxas and totally DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS Axel.

You know what I mean, ne?

And on vacation it got even worse! Gah, poor me…

Then I decided to do something with my 'obsession' and I ended up writing AkuRoku stories on pen and paper (the good old way, hehe. But it's good to have my computer back…)

But now I got a new, even bigger problem: I can't stop thinking about new AkuRoku stories! Really, I have so many ideas…

This is one of them. Please read and leave a comment, onegai!

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The Comic of Life's Love –

Chapter 1

Today's the day.

I'm going to that shop at the edge of town that everyone's talking about but no one ever entered.

They say the neighbourhood is scary. They are all scared over some stupid neighbourhood.

But I'm not. I'm not scared of anything.

Except heights. I hate heights. And blood. Much blood. I pass out if I see blood. I don't know why. Some childish habit, I guess.

But those are the only things I'm scared of. But not of a neighbourhood that looks like all dead from the outside. I mean, come on. That's just plain stupid.

And I wanted to check that shop out anyway. It's a comic store, and since I love comics, I couldn't refuse.

So I make my way down the street, but stop for a moment to look up at the sign above me.

"Hollow Bastion" it says. Or so this place is called. It sounds kinda depressing. And on top of that, it's at the edge of Twilight Town, where I live, and on the beginning of Halloween town.

Talking about weird.

I pass the sign, entering the small place between two towns. Trying to remember every street name so I won't get lost, I make my way to where the shop should be.

Man, this place sure is depressing. It's all darkish and… well, really depressing.

And there's no one on the street. I mean, NO ONE. Almost like those ghost-towns that appear in most horror movies.

Somehow this reminds me of a comic I once read. And the ending wasn't that good…

Gosh, I really should stop reading comics.

…But I can't.


Finally I found it.

That shop is so small it's barely noticeable. Only a small sign that reads; 'comics here' says it's here.

I pass the empty street and stood for the shop to take a better look at it.

It's so small and… dark. Just like the whole town. It fits right in. Only some colourful posters of Superman are showing through the window.

Argh. I hate Superman. He's so… gay.

With a sudden suspicion forming in the back of my mind I enter the shop boldly.

A monotonic beep is heard when I closed the door, as a token that I'm a customer I guess.

Then I take a look around.

Holy crap.

Everywhere I look I see posters. Superman, X-men, Superman, Spiderman, Superman, Fantastic Four, Superman…

The ceiling and walls are filled with posters of marvel comics. And far too much Superman to me. It makes me dizzy.

Then my gaze met the comics at the back of the shop.


I walk to it and take a look around. Wow. This shop has pretty much everything. Almost all episodes and even special ones whom I wouldn't guess to ever get my hands on. I feel the munny burning in my jacket.

So much to choose, so less munny…

I thumbed through a few comics before making my decision and walking to the pay desk.

Behind it sat a really long person, a big comic book covering his face as he reads, his legs crossed over the pay desk. Again I felt that same suspicion since this is the first time I meet a living creature in this whole dead-like town.

"Err… Hi. Can I buy this ones-?"

The shopkeeper, I supposed, threw the comic book on the desk and grinned at me.

"Well hello there! You're the first customer I got in ages!" he says on an ironic tone.

But I don't really hear him. I can only look at him in surprise and… horror.

That's the weirdest guy I've ever seen in my whole life.

His hair is flaming red (no, seriously), styled in long spikes that's all layered up and down over his shoulders. He has flashy green eyes, like emeralds, which are heavily done with eyeliner. Not to mention his superpale skin and the really weird triangle-ish tattoos right under his eyes.

And he has really sharp teeth. And he grinned at me.

He looks like a goddamn devil.

At least his clothes seemed normal. Black trousers and a white shirt.

Wait a minute… what's that ON his shirt…?

Oh my fucking god.

It's blood.

I felt my knees becoming heavy and before I knew it, I fell to the ground, my head hitting the edge of the desk before my eyes started to roll back in my head and everything became black…


Whew. I'm sorry I used 'neighbourhood' so much. I just couldn't think of a better word. Gomenasai!

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